LOOP: Key senator asks justices to retire ASAP



SENATOR REIGNITES COURT BATTLE  Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley suggested that Justice Anthony Kennedy (or any other Supreme Court justice) who is consider retiring to do so now, to enable their replacement to get confirmed while the GOP still holds the Senate.  READ 
JUDGES, JUDGES, JUDGES  The Senate confirmed Michael Brennan 49-46 to the 7th Circuit on Thursday, one day after confirming Kurt Engelhardt to the 5th Circuit. The Senate set up votes on four more judicial nominees for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Here’s a profile of these six judicial nominees. READ
LGBT GROUPS PRESSURE OKLAHOMA  The Oklahoma Legislature passed legislation to protect religious-based foster and adoption groups. National LGBT groups are on the attack — threatening to boycott the state if Republican Gov. Mary Fallin signs the bill. READ
LET’S LEAD, NOT BE LED  Reflecting on the retirement of House Speaker Paul Ryan, R.R. Reno remarked: “We’re experiencing a crisis of solidarity in America, not a crisis of prosperity.”  READ
“COMPROMISE” ON TRANSGENDERISM?  Scott Greer fires back at so-called ‘conservatives’ who call for compromise on transgenderism. “The Left knows the cautious conservative’s eternal desire to be left alone is an asset ripe for exploitation. Leftists will make their lives hell if they oppose the progressive agenda. Ban gender-neutral bathrooms? Prepare for an economic boycott of your state. Speak in favor of that idea? Prepare to be doxed and harassed by left-wing journalists and activists. Use the wrong gender pronoun? Prepare to lose your job. Compromise sounds so much easier than standing up for your convictions. You can still play golf and focus on the big game when your son’s school is indoctrinating him with gender theory insanity.” READ
THE SKILLS GAP  At this vocational college, you pay no tuition until you land a $50,000-plus job. READ
NOT BRAVE. NOT FUNNY  Saturday Night Live isn’t brave. They’re suck-ups to the elites. Peter Wolfgang’s latest at the CV Blog. READ
NEVER TRUMPER DILEMMA  Philip Klein was a conservative critic of Donald Trump in 2016. But even he admits that “NeverTrumpers” will have a tougher time in 2020. “NeverTrumpers won’t be able to make the argument that Trump is a liberal anyway and thus there’s not much cost in refusing to support him. He’ll have a record with a number of conservative accomplishments, and it’s quite likely that any Democratic nominee will be to the left of Clinton.” READ
QUOTE OF THE DAY  “If you say ‘I oppose abortion but…,’ it rarely matters what follows ‘but.’ You probably don’t oppose abortion.” -J.D. Flynn, editor-in-chief of the Catholic News Agency. 
WHAT THE CULTURE CRAVES  People are yearning for confident Catholicism, says Michal Davies. “Mainstream culture may mock the Church. But secretly, our contemporaries are craving Catholic truth, beauty and goodness.” READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Ignatius of Laconi spent 40 years begging for the friars. He endeared himself to the local people and inspired them by his virtue. If it hadn’t been for an accident, Ignatius might never have become a Capuchin friar. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “God is king of all the earth.” (Ps 47:2)  READ
SERVICE  The Sisters of Life are moving to a new residence in Manhattan that will allow them to provide assistance, education, and housing for pregnant women. READ

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