LOOP: Macron vows to rebuild cathedral in 5 years

RESTORATION  French President Emmanuel Macron pledges to rebuild the Cathedral of Notre-Dame within 5 years. “We will rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral even more beautiful,” Macron said.  READ
PRESERVATIONFrom the Rose Windows to the Crown of Thorns, many treasures survived the fire at Notre Dame. READ 
MORE ON HERO PRIEST   Fr. Jean-Marc Fournier ran into the burning cathedral and formed a human chain to safely remove the Crown of Thorns and other irreplaceable Christian relics and artifacts. But Fr. Fournier also served with the French armed forces for 7 years. In 2015, Fr. Fournier prayed over the dead and comforted the wounded after ISIS murdered 89 people in the attack on the Bataclan music club. “Father Fournier is an absolute hero,” said an unnamed member of the emergency services.  READ
TRUMP VETO #2  President Trump vetoed a bill aimed at ending U.S. Involvement in Yemen. Trump called the resolution “unnecessary.” “There are no United States military personnel in Yemen commanding, participating in, or accompanying military forces of the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis in hostilities in or affecting Yemen.” READ 
NOT A SWING STATE?  The president’s re-election campaign announced that it raised $30 million in the first three months of 2019 – more than all of his Democratic rivals. According to the Trump campaign, 98.79% of donations made were less than $200.  READ 
WISCONSIN  The Badger State, however, remains a swing state. President Trump is again spurning the White House Correspondents’ Association annual black-tie dinner known as the “nerd prom.” He’ll be holding a rally in Green Bay instead.  READ 
MARIJUANA More states are legalizing marijuana, yet the drug has become increasingly potent. And Catholic medical experts are concerned. “The studies are very clear that not only is marijuana addictive in and of itself, but desensitizes the brain to more harmful substances,” said Jeff Berger, the medical director for Guest House, a Michigan rehab center for priests. READ 
DEFUNDING PP  “There are plenty of reasons for Americans to dislike Planned Parenthood, but pro-life politicians need to learn how to articulate them,” said Alexandra DeSanctis. Here are four arguments for politicians serious about defunding Planned Parenthood.  READ 
ASSISTED SUICIDE IN NJGov. Phil Murphy, D-NJ, signed into law a bill legalizing medically assisted suicide. The new law allows patients to administer suicide medication if a doctor has determined that the patient has less than 6 months to live. Murphy calls himself a “lifelong, practicing Catholic.”  READ
DON’T GET ADDICTED TO PHONESPope Francis warns high schoolers not to let their cell phone become an addiction. “Free yourself from dependence on your mobile phone, please!” Francis said. “You have certainly heard of the drama of addiction…This one is very subtle… Be careful, as there is the danger that, when the telephone is a drug, communication is reduced to simple ‘contacts’. But life is not for ‘contacting’, it is for communicating!” READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Benedict Joseph Labre lived a poor life in the ruins of the Colosseum. To the uneducated eye, he appeared to be a pitiable figure, but the people of Rome saw him as a saint. He was known as the beggar of Rome.  READ 
DAILY READINGS  “Lord, in your great love, answer me.” (Ps 69:8)  READ 

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