LOOP: New charges filed against pro-life journalists



RUSSIA // Donald Trump Jr., son of the president, met with a Russian lawyer in the summer of 2016 after being promised he would receive damaging information on Hillary Clinton, according to a new report. http://cvote.it/2t3Pjiw

RUSSIA // Even the New York Times admitted that a majority of voters just do not care about the alleged attempts of Russia to undermine our 2016 elections. http://cvote.it/2twK0eN

PP SCANDAL // Remember when a judge threw out 14 of the 15 charges against pro-life undercover journalists David Deleiden and Sandy Merritt? None of that seems to matter to Xavier Becerra, California’s Democratic Attorney General. Becerra has filed new charges against the pro-life journalists. http://cvote.it/2twZn7i

VATICAN // Edward Pentin is one of the most trusted Catholic journalists today. He has a follow-up on the scandalous drug bust and homosexual acts that happened at building owned by the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith at the Vatican last week. A serious member of the Curia told Pentin that the extent of homosexual practice in the Vatican has “never been worse,” despite efforts begun by Benedict XVI to root out sexual deviancy from the curia after the Vatileaks scandal of 2012. http://cvote.it/2twNX3k

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // In light of the recent religious liberty victory at the Supreme Court, Archbishop Lori has called for an end of all state ‘Blaine Amendments’ which discriminate against religious schools from receiving state aid.  “I think we should want them to fall,” Lori said. “They were really born out of an anti-Catholic prejudice, and they don’t treat our children as equals.” A total of 37 states have amendments named after the notorious anti-Catholic 19th century politician, James Blaine of Maine. http://cvote.it/2twseZ6

WHY PEOPLE HATE THE MEDIA // James Hodgkinson attempted to massacre Republican lawmakers at a baseball field in Alexandria last month. But the Washington Post tried to pin the blame on conservative talk radio. Utterly shameless.  http://cvote.it/2twMWs0

SUMMER JOB // “In 1978, a record year in the annals of the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 72% of all teenagers were employed in July, the peak month for youthful ice-cream scooping, shelf-stacking and burger-flipping. But for two decades the traditional summer job has been in decline, with 43% of teens working in July 2016.” http://cvote.it/2twxZpK

INDECENT MATERIAL // Teenage girls are sounding the alarm that explicit material is transforming their boyfriends into sexual predators. This story sheds a lot of light on a disturbing trend. http://cvote.it/2twlPxa

CATHOLIC // The Vatican calls on bishops to prevent Eucharistic abuse (how the bread and wine are prepared). http://cvote.it/2twF5uA

CATHOLIC // Passing on the faith to those with disabilities. http://cvote.it/2twZj7a

SAINT // Saint Veronica Giuliani – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “In you, my God, I place my trust.” (Ps 91:2) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings



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  1. “Even the New York Times admitted that a majority of voters just do not care about the alleged attempts of Russia to undermine our 2016 elections.”
    Actually, the New York Times story profiled North Carolina voters. Who knew they represent all Americans?
    Even if a majority of voters didn’t care – a claim which is an outright lie – does that make Russia’s actions less damaging?
    The lengths you go to to defend Trump are embarrassing for a supposedly Catholic website.

  2. Ryan Schroeder on

    Yes, who really cares about Russian hacking of the election? I mean, as an Illinois resident, I’m not all that concerned that Russian hackers tried to alter or delete 90,000 voters from the rolls before the 2016 election. I don’t consider my right to vote to be absolute – much like your website doesn’t, apparently. As long as the Republicans win, who cares!


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