LOOP: Poll: Democrats more positive about socialism than capitalism



POLL: DEMOCRATS PREFER SOCIALISM   A new Gallup poll found that 47% of Democrats view capitalism positively, down from 56% in 2016. But Democrats’s support for socialism remains strong at 57%. Gallup writes: “Attitudes toward socialism among Democrats have not changed materially since 2010, with 57% today having a positive view. The major change among Democrats has been a less upbeat attitude toward capitalism, dropping to 47% positive this year.”  READ
TERRORISM CAMP IN NEW MEXICO   It really isn’t getting enough media attention. But last week, authorities in New Mexico discovered 11 children living in a compound who were being trained for school shootings. READ
SUPREME COURT  This is pathetic and desperate. ProPublica is asking baseball fans to look at their cell phone pictures to see if Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh is in their photo. Why? So they can see who attended ballgames with him.  READ
CHINA AND TRADE   The Trump administration says that other nations might have to kick China out of the World Trade Organization if China continues to flout intellectual property rights.    READ
PROTECTING CATHOLIC ADOPTION   Russell Moore, a prominent Southern Baptist leader, writes in the USA Today: “Let Catholic adoption agencies be Catholic. We should focus on finding every child a home.” READ
CATHOLIC IDENTITY  A Catholic school in Indianapolis is well within their rights to terminate a female guidance counselor who is legally married to another woman.  READ
GAY CATHOLIC CONFERENCE   A super creepy poster for a “gay” Catholic conference reveals their not-so hidden agenda.   READ
ACCOUNTABILITY   Catholic journalist Jon Allen writes about Vatican insider Cardinal Angelo Sodano (the current dean of the College of Cardinals) and his apparent lack of good judgment: “There’s little question that the cumulative weight of Sodano’s career suggests an official who’s been unwilling, or unable, to take on board the real nature of the clerical abuse crisis, and he hardly inspires confidence in terms of a robust commitment to reform.”  READ
SAINT QUOTE  “Be a Catholic: When you kneel before an altar, do it in such a way that others may be able to recognize that you know before whom you kneel.” -St. Maximilian Kolbe  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe, a Conventual Franciscan, is best known for volunteering to take the place of a condemned prisoner in the death camp. But he also worked tirelessly for the spiritual welfare of people through a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother. His whole life seemed to revolve around Mary as the path to God.  READ
DAILY READINGS  “How sweet to my taste is your promise.” (Ps 119:14)  READ
LOOKING UPWARD   In August, you might be able to view a meteor shower named for a saint.  READ

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