LOOP: Pope announces 4th path to sainthood



HEALTH CARE // Senate cancels the first two weeks of August recess to continue work on the Senate health care bill. To win Republican moderates, Senate GOP leaders are now planning on keeping Obamacare taxes on the wealthy (investment income and Medicaid surtax) to order to help more low-income people get insurance. http://cvote.it/2tcQYSY

WHITE HOUSE // Donald Trump Jr. released emails regarding his 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer with connections with Putin’s government. In the wake of this development, Democrats are calling for Jared Kushner to resign for allegedly not disclosing his meeting with Russian officials before getting top secret security clearance. http://cvote.it/2tcmNv5

CATHOLIC // Pope Francis issued a new apostolic letter approving a fourth pathway to possible sainthood: giving one’s life in heroic act of loving service to others. http://cvote.it/2tckQyL

CATHOLIC // Melinda Gates says she is “optimistic” that Pope Francis will change teaching on contraception. Gates, and her husband Bill Gates (of Microsoft fame), have given millions of dollars to support contraception and abortion in Africa. http://cvote.it/2tchjjY

EDUCATION // No wonder the right distrusts academia. It has turned downright hostile to conservatism. http://cvote.it/2tGDZfX

CULTURE // The Washington Post publishes a review of what they are calling a ‘feel-good’ play. It’s called the Abortion Road Trip and it’s yet another wicked attempt by our sick culture to make abortion “funny.” http://cvote.it/2tbYuNZ

POP SEWAGE // Parents beware: In the new Spider-Man movie, a primary character uses “I was watching porn” as an ‘acceptable’ excuse for not getting caught doing something else. http://cvote.it/2tGX1mb

CATHOLIC // Fr. Paul Scalia’s new book That Nothing May Be Lost helps us to hand down the faith whole and entire. http://cvote.it/2tcevDG

SAINT // Saints John Jones and John Wall – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.” (Ps 33:22) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings



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  1. If the Senate Bill needed modification to provide for the health needs of low income Americans, how did you, as Catholic writers at a Catholic website, support the original iteration of the bill? There is no Catholic part of this website. You’re a Republican front.

  2. Ryan Schroeder on

    I have the partisanship here. Is it really just Democrats who are upset about the ongoing revelations about the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia? As an Illinois voter, I am getting sick and tired of this website pretending as if this is a partisan issue. The Russians tried to delete voters like me from the registration rolls! This is an assault on MY basic rights. We now know factually the Trump campaign was happy to work with the Russians. It’s there blatantly. DO YOU CARE?

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