LOOP: Summit with North Korea ends abruptly


TRUMP WALKS OUT The US-North Korea summit in Hanoi was cut short over North Korea’s insistence that some sanctions be relaxed before full dismantlement of their nuclear program. https://cvote.it/2SyBFk4

NEW EPA HEAD The Senate confirmed Andrew Wheeler to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, 52-47. https://cvote.it/2SyP6ke

IMPENDING WAR? India and Pakistan are on the brink of a major conflict. The two countries, which both possess nuclear weapons, have fought three wars since 1947. This is considered the largest military escalation in 20 years. https://cvote.it/2SBHDRa

TIME TO GET SERIOUS Some conservative just laugh at freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But she is convincing millions of people to change their views. She is injected new ideas, and national Democrat leaders are playing catch-up. “Today, we may be laughing at her wacky idea, but tomorrow, we could be living with them unless we take them seriously,” writes Casey Given. https://cvote.it/2SzkrmP

2020 Bernie Sanders just hired a new deputy national press secretary, but she’s unlikely to vote for him for president. That’s because left-wing activist Belen Sisa is an illegal immigrant. https://cvote.it/2SAb326

VENEZUELA Vice President Mike Pence met with Venezuela’s self-proclaimed new leader in Colombia to announce new U.S. sanctions on Venezuela in an attempt to unseat Nicolas Maduro. Pence did not back military force, but said all options were being considered. https://cvote.it/2Swa8zH

BIDEN APOLOGIZES FOR DECENCY? Former Vice President was attacked by liberal activist and actress Cynthia Nixon for calling Vice President Mike Pence a “decent guy” during a speech in Omaha. The actress, who is a lesbian, asked Biden to “consider how this falls on the ears of our community.” Biden responded: “You’re right, Cynthia… there is nothing decent about being anti-LGTBQ rights, and that includes the Vice President.” https://cvote.it/2XutGs8

JUDICIAL NOMINEE Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO, had expressed concerns that judicial nominee Neomi Rao’s writings could make her sympathetic to a constitutional ‘right’ to abortion. But Hawley said those concerns have been addressed. “In our discussion, Ms. Rao said she would interpret the Constitution according to its text, structure and history, not according to changing social and political understandings,” said Hawley. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Rao on a party-line vote. https://cvote.it/2XrDbIF

BREAKING FREE A Catholic media apostolate has created a new program to help men combat their pornography addition through an intensive three-week court to address the root causes. https://cvote.it/2XEeJ6W

POPE’S MESSAGE Pope Francis’ Lenten message focuses on the renewal of Creation. “Sin leads man to consider himself the god of creation, to see himself as its absolute master and to use it, not for the purpose willed by the Creator, but for his own interests, to the detriment of other creatures,” said Pope Francis. https://cvote.it/2XsKH5S

SAINT OF THE DAY Saint David of Wales was by legend the nephew of King Arthur. He was educated under the tutelage of Saint Paulinus, whose sight he allegedly restored. He was known as the “Water Drinker,” because he drank only water, and was a vegetarian. He founded 12 monasteries of very strict observance. He lived over 100 years. https://cvote.it/2XnNq0m

DAILY READINGS “Guide me, Lord, in the way of your commands.” (Ps 119:12) https://cvote.it/2XsjlNe

PREPARING FOR LENT   How to bury the Alleluia before Lent: A solemn way to say goodbye to a very joyous word until it is said again at Easter.  SHARE

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