LOOP: Trump backs bill to cut legal immigration by 50%



IMMIGRATION // President Trump endorsed a bill sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton, R-AR, and David Perdue, R-GA, that would reduce legal immigration levels by 50% over the next decade. The bill would also scale back so-called chain migrations, where immigrants bring relatives, who bring more relatives in return. Senator Cotton said: “The law of supply and demand applies to the labor market, just like it does every other market. There’s just simply no doubt that people who come here who are unskilled and low-skilled, have a direct impact on the wages of Americans.” http://cvote.it/2v0DcW1

IMMIGRATION // Bishop Joe Vasquez, head of the U.S. Bishops Committee on Migration expressed his “strong opposition” to the Cotton-Perdue bill, which he called “discriminatory” in a press statement. But Bishop Vasquez did not elaborate or explain how it was discriminatory. You can read his full statement here: http://cvote.it/2v1lt0w

IMMIGRATION // But the real fireworks were between White House spokesman Stephen Miller and CNN reporter Jim Acosta — who proceeded to interrupt Miller and lecture him on the poem associated with the Statue of Liberty. But Miller knew his facts well and got the better of Acosta. http://cvote.it/2v1tfrl

WHITE HOUSE // New White House Chief of Staff John Kelly assures Attorney General Jeff Sessions that his position is safe. http://cvote.it/2v0PhKJ

ABORTION // Liberal groups and the abortion industry are in an uproar over a decision by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to lend support to candidates — even if they were pro-life. Now they have crafted a ‘statement of principles” on abortion. If you want to know how extreme these voices are, simply read this article: http://cvote.it/2v1r7ju

ABORTION // There’s no doubt where the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia stands on abortion. Planned Parenthood’s Virginia affiliate plans to spend $3 million to elect Ralph Northam. During the primary, Northam held campaign events at abortion facilities throughout Virginia. Northam’s opponent in the general election is Ed Gillespie, a pro-life Catholic. http://cvote.it/2v1v9bi

CATHOLIC // Now the New York Times has got involved. The so-called Paper of Record has published a story on the dust-up caused by an article very critical of conservative Catholics in the United States. That article was significant, the Times noted, because it was written by two close associates of Pope Francis. http://cvote.it/2v0JYuV

CATHOLIC // Knights of Columbus pledge $2 million to save Iraqi Christian town decimated by ISIS. http://cvote.it/2v11Dmf

SAINT // Saint Peter Julian Eymard – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord, mighty God!” (Ps 84:2) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

WITNESS // These two early Christian martyrs refused to make pottery for a pagan festival. http://cvote.it/2v1E7pk


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  1. When you act as yes men for whatever the Republicans propose, you’re going to contradict yourself. If we got rid of immigrant workers, wages will rise for American workers. This is a good thing.
    What happened to the CatholicVote that told us raising the minimum wage would decimate business? People will be laid off because of higher wages, remember?
    Shame on your partisanship.

  2. Ryan Schroeder on

    Honestly, is CatholicVote a propaganda wing for the Republican Party? Why do you accept anything the Republicans say and declare it to be true?
    I’m of the opinion that the net results of immigration are deeply complex. I don’t have an opinion on this bill at the moment, I need to read much more. But what you have written here is ridiculous.
    1. If wages are driven by the law of supply and demand, and you’re claiming wages for American workers will rise due to fewer immigrant workers, that implies there is a surplus of demand. But economists flat-out say the exact opposite. America has a labor shortage, since the Baby Boomers are retiring and birth rates are relatively low.
    2. This theory of supply and demand put forward by Cotton obviously doesn’t take into account that immigrants and their descendants have just as much of a chance to create high-paying, quality jobs as anyone else. If you want to reduce legal immigration by half, then you reduce by half the chance that immigrants will start new companies in the US. Google and Apple, for example, are companies started by immigrants or their direct descendants. Would the US be better off economically with these companies located in another country?
    3. CatholicVote is being entirely hypocritical for endorsing this economic theory. Over and over again, your organization has argued against any increase to the minimum wage, claiming it would harm low-income workers. Your own economic theory has been that companies, driven by profit, will simply have to cut labor if they have to pay more for labor in order to maintain their profits. You wrote this over, and over, and over again. Now we are to believe that raising wages across the board for low-income workers is going to be a net benefit? It seems like you must have been lying about the minimum wage before. Why? What has changed? Are companies now willing to take reduced profits? Will the cost of this not be directly passed on to consumers?
    4. Given that you don’t think the minimum wage should be raised at all, at some point you will need to address the cost factors of reduced immigration. For example, immigrant farm workers are often paid below minimum wage. This isn’t morally right, but it’s reality. If we pay all farm workers minimum wage, the price of food is going to rise – dramatically. How will Americans making minimum wage – a wage that has trailed inflation for decades but still you say shouldn’t change – be able to make ends meet in this environment?
    5. In the Republican fantasy land that you so lavishly support, state universities need to have their funding cut. The outcome of this is universities heavily recruiting foreign students, who often pay up to four times the rate of in-state tuition, to help keep tuition rates stable and accessible for in-state students. Reducing the chances of gaining permanent work status in the US is a natural barrier towards recruiting foreign students to American universities.

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