LOOP: Trump to give speech after shutdown is over




PELOSI SAYS NO SOTU   Speaker Nancy Pelosi told President Trump that he cannot deliver the State of the Union address in the House chamber if the government remains shut down. President Trump at first said Pelosi canceled the speech “because she doesn’t want to hear the truth.” Later, Trump agreed to deliver the State of the Union address when the shutdown is over. READ
SPEAK IN THE SENATE?   Several GOP senators recommended that President Trump deliver the State of the Union address from the Senate chamber instead. “Senator McConnell is in charge of the Senate. If Mrs. Pelosi refuses to allow the president to deliver the State of the Union in the House, I propose we move it to the Senate and make it happen!” said Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY.  READ
“CATHOLIC” GOVERNOR CELEBRATES ABORTION   Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-NY, ordered One World Trade Center and other landmarks in New York to be lit pink as he signed the Reproductive Health Act into law. Fox News quoted CatholicVote’s Thomas Peters remarking on the pink spire on top of the Trade Center: “Now it looks just like the needle that is used to supply the lethal injection to the living unborn child.”  READ
THOUGHT CONTROL  You can’t say “she” or “he” at hearings before the California Senate Judiciary Committee anymore. In announcing the new rules, Chair Hannah-Beth Jackson inadvertently used the pronoun “her” when describing her old grammar teacher.  READ
MOMS CONCERNED FOR THEIR SONS   “Last year, conservative wives looked at the furious attack on Kavanaugh and thought, ‘That could be my husband.’ Now conservative moms look at the wild attempt to destroy the Covington kids and think, ‘That could be my son,'” writes David French.   READ
SECOND AMENDMENT  The Supreme Court will hear the first court case on guns in nearly a decade. At issue is a New York City prohibition on transporting licensed handguns within city limits to locations other than shooting ranges. READ
FERTILITY PROBLEM  The high costs of college and housing is keeping Americans from having as many children as they want. Ramesh Ponnuru discusses some public policies that could help lift U.S. fertility.  READ
TRUMP NOMINATES 51 JUDGES   A new Senate was sworn in on January 3. Any judicial nominee that wasn’t confirmed last Congress, has to be re-submitted to the Senate. President Trump delivered 51 judicial nominations at once, enough to fill one-third of all court vacancies. READ
TAXING EXPLICIT CONTENT   An Arizona lawmaker has introduced a bill which would require computer users to pay a $20 one-time fee to access explicit material online. Funds would then go to pay for a wall along the Mexico-Arizona border.  READ
AGITATORS AT WORLD YOUTH DAY   A small but well-funded group of LGBT activists are trying to convince pilgrims at World Youth Day that Church teaching is “harmful.” READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Francis de Sales was born into a senatorial family where he was destined to work in government positions of authority. Instead, he felt a call to the priesthood and was ordained for the Diocese of Geneva. Later he became bishop of that diocese and was known for his gentleness and his strong defense against Calvinism. He authored a couple of books and helped found the Sisters of the Visitation. READ
DAILY READINGS  “Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.” (Ps 40:8)  READ
NEAT    Poland’s salt cathedral: The world’s largest underground church.  READ


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