LOOP: Trump visits wounded Congressman in hospital



CONGRESSIONAL SHOOTING // President Trump visited House Republican Whip Steve Scalise in the hospital following the attempted massacre at the GOP congressional baseball practice shooting. Heroic members of the Capitol Police were also shot but were able to stop the shooter. A bullet hit Scalise in the left hip, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. As of 9 p.m. ET, Scalise remained in critical condition. Join CV in praying for all the victims. http://cvote.it/2s3fM2j 

CIVILITY // CatholicVote calls for a return to solidarity and subsidiarity: “If we feel like we’re losing a sense of solidarity perhaps it’s because we’ve fostered a culture of isolation and dependency by giving to politicians what rightly should be vested in our local communities, churches, and families.”  http://cvote.it/2s3rtGj

CIVILITY // Freshman congressmen Jack Bergman, R-MI, says the media is not blameless for the spread of hateful rhetoric. While he didn’t say the media should ignore hateful comments, he noted: “I just think you need to make sure that you think twice about how your words, inflections and phrases are going to affect all the people who might see it.” http://cvote.it/2s3nadW

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // Two federal appeals courts are considering whether elected leaders throughout the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions must abandon the 200-year-old practice of opening local meetings with an invocation. The cases could reach the Supreme Court by the end of the calendar year. http://cvote.it/2s32P8G  

MEDIA // Why is it “sexist” to interrupt Senator Kamala Harris, but not sexist to interrupt Education Secretary Betsy DeVos? http://cvote.it/2s3qeXT

TRAVEL BAN // Trump made changes to his travel ban, extending the expiration date to prevent Supreme Court from rejecting case. http://cvote.it/2s35aAA

CATHOLIC // No, Father James Martin, not every lifestyle is sinful. http://cvote.it/2s3ficw

CATHOLIC // U.S. Bishops pledge to continue fighting Trump’s immigration proposals. http://cvote.it/2s3Auzd

CATHOLIC // But a Cardinal from New Guinea says to immigrants: “Show respect if you want welcome.”  http://cvote.it/2s3xlj2

SAINT // Saint Marguerite d’Youville – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “The glory of the Lord will dwell in our land.” (Ps 85:10) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

SOLIDARITY // As he laid in a hospital bed in Washington, Catholics in Metairie, Louisiana, gathered together at St. Catherine’s to pray for their friend and fellow parishoner Rep. Steve Scalise (pictured below with his wife and two children.) http://cvote.it/2s39y2l

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