LOOP: Twitter censors message from pro-life congresswoman



WILDFIRES IN CALIFORNIA  Wildfires rage in northern California, killing at least 10 and causing thousands to evacuate their homes. Pray for all those in harm’s way. http://cvote.it/2i0vA3i

“WAR AGAINST COAL” IS OVER  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told coal miners in Kentucky that he will repeal Obama’s so-called Clean Power Plan, which forced utilities to reduce carbon emissions. http://cvote.it/2xuWXVq

THE NEW CENSORS  The social media platform Twitter removed an ad from pro-life congresswoman Marsha Blackburn for being “inflammatory.” The offense? She told the truth about Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts. “According to Twitter it’s more offensive to talk about Planned Parenthood killing babies than for Planned Parenthood to actually kill babies,” said Matt Walsh. http://cvote.it/2xvaMD1

BIRTH CONTROL  Washington State is also suing the Trump administration for granting non-profit organizations the freedom to offer health insurance plans without birth control. Feminists are trying to make it seem like millions of women will lose birth control coverage in their insurance. But here’s the truth: Over 90% of employers will still pay for birth control after Trump’s actions. So why did Obama wage war on the Little Sisters? http://cvote.it/2xvlUjz

GOVT SHUTDOWN?  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to rule out shutting down the government in order to win protections for the children of illegal immigrants (often known as Dreamers). Polls indicate that Americans support some legal status for Dreamers, but would they support a government shutdown for it?  http://cvote.it/2xvpNVH

NFL PROTESTS  President Trump thanks Dallas Cowboys owner for threatening to bench players who protest the National Anthem. http://cvote.it/2xvpnhX

TWITTER FEUD  President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker, R-TN, have traded jabs at each other online. Opponents of the President say that Corker is showing courage by warning Americans that Trump might start “World War III.” But Trump supporters note that Corker vouched for Trump on foreign policy during the 2016 election. http://cvote.it/2i0xhxG 

PRIMARY CHALLENGER?  Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-UT, has been a senator since 1977. Now he might face a conservative challenger. http://cvote.it/2hXZLYR 

GRASSROOTS SUPPORT  Small donors from Trump supporters are swamping GOP coffers. The GOP has hauled in $40 million from donors giving $200 or less. Democrats have raised $25 million from small donors. http://cvote.it/2hZjg3a 

GOOD NEWS  Several American seminaries report a modest increase in young men studying for the priesthood. http://cvote.it/2hYgsnc 

FATIMA  Archbishop Cordileone: We can no longer afford to ignore Our Lady of Fatima’s requests. http://cvote.it/2hZjG9K

SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Francis Borgia – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS READINGS  “If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, who can stand?” (Ps 130:3)  –  http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

BEAUTY  Saint Mary’s Basilica in Krakow, Poland.


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