Mary Landrieu thought this was clever


Not all Senate races are over. (No, I’m not just talking about the close vote still going on in Alaska.)

I mean, no candidate got over 50% in Louisiana. So that Senate race is going to a December 6th runoff. It’s a contest featuring incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat who voted for Obamacare and has a 100% pro-abortion record since 2008. And yes, she claims to be Catholic!

But Louisiana is trending Republican. And her opponent is Bill Cassidy, a doctor who was elected to Congress in the backlash over Obamacare.

So Mary Landrieu wants to emphasize how she’s been there for Louisiana. She sent out the following message on her Twitter account:

Ah, but Bill Cassidy’s response is pure gold:

Here’s the scene from Landrieu Headquarters…


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