New Mega Abortion Law Proposed

CV-Senate-Abortion-Bill-E-300x350Harry Reid and his zealous pro-abortion friends are desperate.

They know their majority in the Senate is in danger.

So guess what? They’ve decided it’s time to dust off the fake ‘War on Women’ playbook again.

Senate Democrats know that the bogus ‘War on Women’ helped raise millions of dollars in 2012 while also bringing abortion supporters to the polls.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee finished a hearing on S.1696, the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.” The bill was introduced in response to the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

This bill declares open war on women and their children.

What would happen to the numerous pro-woman and pro-child protections passed in the states all across the country if this mega abortion bill became law?

  • Informed consent laws? Eliminated.
  • Laws that protect pain-capable children after 20 weeks? Gone.
  • Clinic regulations? All of them wiped away.
  • Conscience protections? Nearly all such protections would be decimated.
  • Ultrasounds for vulnerable women? Banned.

My friend summed it up well: “This bill is the Freedom of Choice Act on steroids.”

The far-ranging scope of this bill and the audacity of the Senate Democrats to push such legislation is terrifying.

The gloves are off. Their full agenda is out of the bag. This is what they would impose on America if pro-life legislators were not standing in their way.

Thankfully, there is absolutely no way this bill will pass the House, which is in pro-life hands. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore this legislation. Harry Reid will use this bill to raise money and get out votes for radical pro-abortion candidates.

We can’t let them have the last word. We need to expose their real agenda.

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Let’s make sure Harry Reid’s lies backfire.


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22 thoughts on “New Mega Abortion Law Proposed

  1. Jack flannery says:

    Check out the listing of Catholic US Senators and then the listing of senators supporting the bill. I know that cardinal O’Malley sent a letter protesting consideration of this democrat party dream legislation. The bill itself has little to no chance of passage but I hope the senators playing this evil card will be granted a dismays moment.

  2. betsy cox says:

    We can’t stop being informed!

  3. Michael says:

    The day is coming when we will have a “Freedom Of Choice Act On Steroids.” Why? Because of extremist “Pro-Lifers” who think a woman who is raped should not be allowed to take a pill 24 hours after being raped that would prevent a single-celled fertilized egg from implanting in her uterus, thus beginning pregnancy. That is just as extreme as supporting legal abortion in the ninth month for sex-selection. Come on, people. One can be Pro-Life without shutting off one’s brain and opposing the Morning-After Pill for women who have been raped, for goodness’ sake.

    1. ML says:

      Medically and morally speaking, a douche is the best treatment for a woman who has been raped. The morning after pill might kill a possible child, but would offer no protection whatsoever against the very real possibility of venereal disease. It would, in fact, only add a second act of violence to the already traumatic and violent act of rape.
      We really have no control over the circumstances of our conception, thus to convict the child for the crime of rape is simply unfair. While humans are capable of evil acts, such as rape, human life itself is a good thing. God works in mysterious ways. If a child is conceived in rape, perhaps it is God’s way of trying to bring good out of an evil act. And this is not meant to underestimate the suffering of the woman. Like Christ, what she has to endure because of the sins of another is unfair, but if she offers her sufferings in union with those of Christ, good can come of it.

    2. Chris says:

      Michael, I know you mean well, but honestly that was crass. A woman who was just raped needs immediate help from either a crisis pregnancy center or any other professional organization whose mission it is to help women in this situation.

    3. Anthony Clifton says:

      So, you would support a bill that eliminates abortion except in cases of rape?

  4. Helene says:

    Stand for LIFE. Stand for CHRIST.

  5. Ted Turnasella says:

    I hope this bill will not be enacted into law. Even if it is not, it just shows how far Democrats are willing to go to divide our country and trample on our rights.

  6. Alejandra says:

    Please stop the killing of innocent life…

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