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CatholicVote.org is a lay-led movement of committed Catholics who are passionate about living out the truths proclaimed by Christ and His Church in the modern world. We are joined in this mission by many individuals of other faith traditions (and no faith tradition) because the common good we seek is universal to all men and women of goodwill. As patriotic Americans, we believe that life, faith, and freedom are precious rights, and that the family is the foundational unit of society.


    • Barb Fitzgerald on

      Thank you fir speaking truth. Many of our misguided Catholics are list sheep, supporting abortion because the Democrat Part is their God.

  1. Sorry to say… we have two wolves in sheep’s clothing… one a She Wolf and the other a Alpha-male wolf. For the single issue voter, one is Pro-choice and the other has belatedly switched to Pro-life. Pro-choice is quite clear leaving the decision to abort to the woman and her family. Pro-life may be more challenging. Reason is it is less well defined. Trump is an anomaly when it comes to Christianity. When it was convenient for him he switched to PL,.his flavor of PL is with the usual three exceptions of rape, incest and to save the mother. That is the flavor we have chosen as have many current and former politicians.

    Several weeks ago Chris Matthews interviewed Trump and asked if he was PL. Trump said yes. Then he was asked if a woman having an abortion should be arrested and jailed along with her doctor? Trump hesitated and said “YES”. Matthews repeated the question and after a long pause Trump said “NO”.

    After watching the primaries, the rallies and the three debates we have reached a reluctant, but well informed position. Because of his visible mental deficiencies that display symptoms of bipolar dysfunction which is a mental condition that cannot be left un-medicated, we will not vote for Trump. What this nation needs now is a strong temperament and an even hand at the helm. Trump, who robbed the IRS and you and I from hundreds of millions of dollars in the 90s, who blatantly refuses to release his Federal Tax data, cannot call Clinton “Crooked” given his jaded past that included his stiffing of his construction workers of salaries he owed them. We want a president that is not constantly cynical and is big enough to say that they are SORRY! NO TRUMP!

    • Are you a supporter of violence towards your neighbor? Evidently Hillary was directly involved with coordinating violence at her political opponents’ (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) rallies. I agree, Trump isn’t the best candidate, but Hillary’s systemic corruption, pathological lying and support for partial birth abortion is repugnant.

      Stiffing workers on their salaries is a schmuck move that can be handled by a lawsuit, but Hillary’s disdain at stealing the people’s treasures from the White House is contemptuous. And claiming poverty while raking in millions for backhandedly supporting Wall Street is a classic Clinton play.

      As everyone knows Hillary has a drinking problem, I’m sure you realize how dangerous of a situation that makes our national security.

      I endorse Donald Trump for the presidency because I am opposed to all bullying (especially violent bullying) and I want our president to be sober in times of crisis.

    • “Pro-choice is quite clear leaving the decision to abort to the woman and her family.”

      Well, then I can choose to own slaves or kill others if they pose an inconvenience to me. Any issues, Morgan?

      Thought not.

      Can you pass along your medical credentials RE: your oft-repeated screed about bipolar dysfunction?


      • As I may have said Trumps flailings of constantly calling people names, mimicking a disabled person and not being able to admit responsibility when he makes a mistake would indicate a minimum of manic depression. We have a relative with BP. I have no medical degree, however,dealing first hand with BP and knowing what medications are needed places our family in a unique position of knowledge. What makes the picture even darker is that we have close friends where the husband shows those signs. He will not seek professional help and continues to punish his wife by not accepting medication. Does that sound like some candidate you know?

        • “I have no medical degree”.

          Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, or are you in the habit of passing off anecdotal personal observations off as medical diagnoses?

  2. MorganB…”Pro-choice is quite clear leaving the decision to abort to the woman and her family.” Ah, if it were only that simple. But what you have coneniently left out is one candidate’s commitment not only of herself, but of your tax dollars, to an organization which makes most of its income by killing children, and also sells their parts for a profit. “When it was convenient for him he switched to PL.” Well, welcome to politics: It sounds a lot like another candidate’s switch from the position that marriage was “a sacred bond between a man and a woman” to her support of same-sex marriage.

    We have two realistic choices. Neither is ideal. One claims to be pro-life, and has promised to appoint pro-life judges. The other supports abortion at any time, for any reason, right up to the moment before delivery, wants tax dollars to pay for it, and apparently sees nothing wrong with selling aborted baby parts. Take your pick.

    • OK, Paul. Let me try once more.

      We are Pro-life, ALL life, even the life of the mother. I am stretching my view of the church by saying that that position varies from church teaching on the subject. It allows for criminal exceptions for rape incest and the mother’s life and health. Most politicians and the public agree with ALL life.

      I must say, slao that I am a bit miffed by the Republican Party’s blocking any and all Obama nominees. From whet I understand Judge Garland’s judicial record is impeccable. Even some Republican Senators are in opposition to Mitch McConnell’s statement of NO hearings during the lame duck period. That indefensible position must be addressed by the Supreme Court. The 4/4 SCOTUS split has caused disruption both in SCOTUS and the lower courts to where SCOTUS passed cases they were unable to hear. Outright disgraceful political wrangling.

  3. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing are dangerous, but worse are wolves in shepherd’s clothing.” Yes, how true and how obvious it is that Trump is this very wolf. Catholics who vote for Trump have hypocrisy written all over their faces. Clinton is not the abortion queen you portray her to be. She defends a woman’s right to choose. She defends the Constitution. Trump will never seek to eliminate a woman’s right to choose. You are kidding yourself if you think so. And, here’s the hypocrisy: some Catholics will vote for a misogynist, a liar, a cheater, a uniquely unprepared candidate for President, a man who does not read nor understand how government works and certainly does not understand the Constitution…a man truly unChristian.

    • “She defends a woman’s right to choose. She defends the Constitution. ”

      Clearly everyone knows that there is no “right” in the Constitution to kill, because that lie has been thoroughly debunked. It may be legal to kill your child in the U. but it will always be illegal in the final court of judgement and every Catholic understands which is the higher court.

      I endorse Donald Trump for the presidency because I am opposed to the killing of the unborn child, the elderly and handicapped.

      • L.B…..Please rethink your vote! Trump will say anything to win….LIES!
        He has proven to be a very unstable when it comes to his words, thoughts, and actions. He is a ticking time-bomb that in no time will have us at war.
        He values no ones opinions and listens no one….

    • Doug Paul manning on

      DM on November 1, 2016

      Because of what I know I can tell you with all certainty, that if Hillary Clinton becomes President–

      The world as we know it will end. If you have family , that you love (Children, grandchildren,

      relatives and friends), just think of the hardship you will bring to them by voting for Hillary. Don’t

      worry about voting in a Woman for President, Eventually we will find the right one, but, now is

      not the time. For so many years we the people have fallen asleep and have developed a serious

      case of tunnel vision by allowing the government and the Media to do our thinking for us. I

      believe if we work with Donald Trump and he sticks to his campaign promises, he will be a good

      President and for all you people that do not vote you will have no one to blame but yourself if

      Hillary becomes the next President. Every man and woman must wake up and join together and

      Take Back this Great Country–This is our last chance.

    • Clinton is every bit the abortion queen, Rich.

      Who was on her stage last Friday in Iowa?

      Cecile Richards.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • You and all Catholics who will vote for Trump do so at your very real peril. He no more supports you and your beliefs than the devil himself. To elect a misogynist, rapist, liar, illiterate “politician” and serial adulterer is everything your faith has taught you to avoid at the risk of your own soul. Again, know this to be true. Trump does not believe you, respect you or even care about what you care about. He is a narcissist and a very unstable man. And you would want him to serve as President of the United States. God help us! God help you!

        • HRC thinks it’s a social good for women to be able to kill their offspring in the womb and she wants it to be easier, cheaper and more available.

          That’s a fact, Rich.

          Based on that, I have no illusion about her “caring” for anyone else.

          • Wrong! She wants it rare, a woman’s Constitutional right to make the very personal decision and safe. Can you honestly state that Trump “cares” for anyone but himself? Seriously?? Have you buried your head in the sand lo these past many months as Trump denigrates vast swaths of humanity. And in the end, do you really believe Trump will support the Constitutional abolition of abortion? Really? Just how blind can Catholics be in this election? It is absolutely astounding and frightening.

        • “Rare”


          That’s why she decorates her stages with Cecile Richards as late as last Friday., right?

          If abortion isn’t bad, why make it “rare”, Rich? It isn’t ever “safe” for the unborn child, Rich.

          HRC thinks abortion is a sacrament.

          • She thinks it of such import that she runs on her willingness to expand the availability of it -past 20 weeks-and decorates her campaign stages with the head of Planned Parenthood.

            Fact. Still fact.

  4. “It is incorrect to say that the coming election poses a choice between two evils. For ethical and aesthetic reasons, there may be some bad in certain candidates, but badness consists in doing bad things. Evil is different: it is the deliberate destruction of truth, virtue and holiness.” so true. Evil Clinton/democrats

    • “it is the deliberate destruction of truth, virtue and holiness.” I have seen many arguments (well founded, I may add) that Hillary has embodied this behavior. I have also not seen ANY well-founded argument showing Trump to embody anything less. As for destruction of truth, this is a man who has openly made claims that are untrue (Obama’s birthplace, climate change as a Chinese hoax) in the public forum, and then plainly stated that he never made the claims in the first place. As for destruction of “virtue and holiness,” this is a man who has bragged about ASSAULTING women, and then claimed that it was merely talk. This is a man who also bragged about being able to walk around the Miss Universe dressing room amid naked women “because he was the owner and he had to inspect.” If that does not constitute the destruction of virtue and holiness, then I suppose you and I have differing views of virtue and holiness.

      So, to those who claim a lesser of two evils, I ask you to present a compelling case that this man is not evil. And if your case includes his supposed switch from Pro Choice to Pro Life, please support that claim with actions, and not words. Because if you’re willing to say that his sexual assault claims are “just words,” then you must also withhold your validation of his Pro Life claims until he has acted in accordance.

      In recent American history, there is a fairly strong argument to be made that the Republican party and conservative politics has been more in line with Catholic teaching than have their liberal/Democratic counterparts. That much I will concede. However, my concern is that many are using that fact (along with disdain for HRC) as the reason for casting a vote for Trump. On this site and elsewhere, I have seen no arguments for Trump are based solely on his merits. The case against voting for HRC is a very strong one, and a perfectly understandable one. The case for Trump – for me at least – is incomprehensible, even if it is based solely on his supposed alignment with the conservative movement. It seems very clear that Trump has no trouble what-so-ever switching positions based on what is most beneficial for himself and himself alone. Sure, you can hope that Donald J Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court justices that may overturn RvW. That is a noble hope. But before you vote solely upon that, I just ask that you do a thorough evaluation of DJT’s past, and find any evidence that placing such trust in him is a wise choice.

      For me, the case against HRC is simply is not enough ALONE to merit a vote for DJT. From the evidence in front of me, this is not the lesser of two evils. This is a case of two evils. Catholics have been justifiably outraged over the content of HRC’s emails as they relate to Catholics. A lot of what was revealed was depressing/repugnant. What I fear is that many Catholics are also overlooking the evil within DJT (a man who – by the way – was in very public and open confrontation WITH OUR VERY OWN POPE) due to nothing more than the historical political preference.

      Make a Catholic case against HRC if you like. But a Catholic case FOR DJT – in my mind – is disingenuous. Perhaps someone can convince me otherwise. But again – please: make the case based on his merits alone.

      Praying for a better tomorrow.

  5. Sorry, thus IS a choice between two evils. Neither one of the two candidates is truly PL. They both lie, distort the Truth and malign those that do speak it. Trump is every bit as dangerous as Hillary albeit for different reasons. If wins and Governs like the Progressive he truly is, we may not see a true leader fir decades with the ability to champion a ‘life begins at conception’ bill…if ever. At least Conservatives can actually hope to run a true warrior for life in four years if Hilly wins. In the fight against abortion, we need to think about winning the war…not the fleeting battles. -JOHN

  6. Fr. Rutler is just wrong to say it’s a grave sin to vote for anyone who supports abortion. Cdl. Ratzinger clarified that you may not vote for someone *because* they support abortion, but you may vote for them for other reasons if those reasons are proportionate. (Not saying there is any such proportionate reason for Catholics to vote for Hilary.)

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