Come, let your voices be heard!

Two days ago, Matt Walsh wrote an article for The Blaze on how gay marriage hurts him personally. In it, he states his concern that too few of Christians and conservatives are voicing their opinions over last week’s SCOTUS decision. CV has done an excellent job of it, however, with their video that has gone viral. And, they have already seen the backlash.

Now, it is your turn.

Yesterday, I posted a video about marriage by Brian Kolfage on my Facebook page. Loads of comments ensued, and I discovered that loads of people were listening!

Me: “I am against denying a child their natural right to a mother and a father.”

Acquaintance in California: “Until the thread, I wasn’t aware of the pervasive problem of homosexuals out in the world kidnapping babies from heterosexual [couples]and depriving them of ‘natural parents.’”

Me: “No one said anything about kidnapping children. Actually, with the SCOTUS decision, homosexual couples will be free to adopt. Children can be loved by many people, and surrounded by many people who love them, but biologically they only have one mother and one father [and no one has the right to take away from children their natural right to their mother and father].”


Acquaintance in London, originally from the U.S.: “Homophobia is already relegated to the likes of racism and will only continue to do so in the history books.”

Me: “Sexual orientation is not race. I already respect you [as a gay man]and your dignity as a human person. LGBT people are already respected as human beings. It is their sexual orientation that is being discussed, right? Not their humanity. African-Americans were not respected as humans, they were viewed as dogs and treated as slaves.”


Walsh says that if we do not speak out, three things will ensue:

1.) It will start with the churches. Already in Time Magazine, there is a public push to “End Tax Exemptions For Religious Institutions.” Due to tax burdens, churches would be pressured to close their doors.

2.) It would attempt to force Catholic priests to marry persons of the same-sex, or legally suffer the consequences. Gay “marriage” advocates say it is a human right; and, when viewed this way, they can argue that priests cannot deny a person his or her human right.

3.) It will allow all forms of corruption to enter into marriage (in some cases, we already see it surfacing: zoophiles, incestual relations, pedophiles, polygamists, and more…) because now marriage is defined by who or what a person loves, instead of the richer understanding that marriage is an institution designed to protect children.

Walsh says he is not being dramatic, but a realist.

“Finally, when the churches have been financially blackmailed and legally punished, and marriage has become an institution populated by all forms of depravity and corruption, all that’s left is the end of America, or what remains of it.”

As another article points out, the cause for religious liberty needs financial support in the wealthy secular sphere to protect religious liberties and True Marriage. But, we need voices as well.

And yours is a voice we need.

Freely post your opinions on your Facebook walls, in your Twitter accounts, and in your blogs. Start the conversation with others. Email editors and anyone who has access to the public domain. Ask if you can write articles for them. Speak out to those around you. Make YouTube videos. Post video clips in Snapchat. Send pictures via Instagram. Create a board on Pinterest. Above all, act and speak the truth with love, remembering the dignity of every human being.

Share Your Voice. #OneVoice

America needs you.

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Ashley Sheridan Fox is a director of religious education in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia.  She has an M.A. in Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, and specializes in Catechetics.  In her spare time, she writes on dating at Verily Magazine.  Follow her on Twitter @ashleyspfox.

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