Perform Abortions or Lose Your Medical License


We aren’t there quite yet.

Yet.  But the ACLU, the HHS Department, and all the other demons of the underworld are giving it their best shot, and getting close.

Which is why, in a letter to Congress today, Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Lori urged representatives to pass the Conscience Protection Act of 2016 to prevent doctors and nurses from being forced to perform abortions.

Federal law has already provided such protection for decades, but just recently these laws have been subject to new “interpretations” that have gutted their meaning and rendered them completely ineffectual.

The Conscience Protection Act is intended to shore up those long-standing legal protections so that healthcare providers and employers will not be forced to perform or provide access to abortion against their consciences.

As is becoming more and more often the case, there is much at stake.  Make no mistake – the forces of death won’t stop until every obstetrics doctor and nurse in the country is forced to perform abortions or give up their license.

We can sit back and let it happen, or we can stand behind the bishops and make our voices heard with theirs.

Read the full letter fom Dolan and Lori here.

Contact your representative here.

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