Endorses Pete Ricketts for Governor


Contact: Joshua Mercer, mercer-at-catholicvote-dot-org Endorses Pete Ricketts for Governor

Ricketts is a ‘businessman, philanthropist, and reformer’


CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of, issued the following statement:

We are proud to announce our endorsement of Pete Ricketts in his bid for Governor of Nebraska. Having served as an executive at Ameritrade, Pete can bring his gifts in running a successful large business to state government. Pete has already proposed common sense property tax reforms and has plan to spur further growth in both agriculture and manufacturing.

But Pete Ricketts is also a businessman with a strong sense of social responsibility. When families in Omaha were faced with the possible closing of Holy Name School, Pete led a group of businessmen to form a community foundation to ensure a bright future for the Catholic school.

Pete Ricketts is a businessman, philanthropist, and reformer. He’s proudly pro-life, and is a leader who will put the needs of workers, families, and the poor and vulnerable first. Pete Ricketts will make a great governor and we encourage Catholics and all Nebraskans to support him in the May 13 primary.” is the largest Catholic grassroots organization in the country with 700,000 members, including 3,500 members in Nebraska.



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28 thoughts on “ Endorses Pete Ricketts for Governor

  1. should never post at midnight..what I meant to say I do believe Pete Ricketts will work for all and SUPPORT NOT ONLY CATHOLICS. I do think he will pick up a lot of votes from Lincoln. There was another catholic also running..I think he has worked very hard to understand rural Nebraska…I am a Merrick co resident and he carried our county.We had a lot of good candidates in the race..With work Hassebrook can be taken on in rural areas.

  2. Slats says:

    I would echo several of the other Nebraska commentators here that by Catholic Vote’s own standards, this endorsement is pretty much objectively off-base.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I am proud catholics can reach out to a non catholic as pete ricketts did to help a church and a neighborhood..

    1. Joshua Mercer says:

      Pete Ricketts is Catholic.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Pete Ricketts would represent all faiths and worked to develop foundatiion to save a catholic school. WHILE NOT CATHOLIC

    PETE RICKETTS listens, leads,..

  5. Denise says:

    Please visit Nebraska’s non-partisan Voter Information Project at and search for “governor” to view the direct responses of each candidate on all key issues.
    Pete Ricketts chose not to answer the pro-life question. As a Nebraskan, I sincerely hope that will reconsider its endorsement. Readers of the Omaha World Herald were recently blessed by the courageous witness of candidate Mike Foley who was not afraid to admit that he is a daily Mass communicant. His integrity and success with pro-life legislation is renowned across the state. Our family and parish friends are voting for Mr. Foley.

  6. Donna Buell says:

    I, too, and many Catholics and pro lifers in Nebraska feel Mike Foley is the best man for the job considering his Godly morals and experience to really help Nebraska. I am highly disappointed to see Catholic Vote, a non-Nebraska organization, weigh in on this. The staunch Nebraska pro-lifers and conservatives are working hard to get Foley elected, and this endorsement, obviously, did not help.

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