we’re fighting forFAITH

we’re fighting forOUR CULTURE

we’re fighting forFAMILY

we’re fighting forRELIGIOUS LIBERTY

we’re fighting forFREEDOM

we’re fighting forOUR CHILDREN

The President’s Club is an opportunity to take CV membership to a new
level. With exclusive access, quarterly conference calls and free premium
merchandise, this is your all-access pass to the CatholicVote movement.

As a President’s Club member, you’ll enjoy:

Conference Calls

Stay in the loop with regular updates, news and program previews from CV President, Brian Burch.

Attend the CV
President’s Club Summit

You’ll receive an exclusive invitation for two to join CV President Brian Burch at the President’s Club Summit
in Washington, D.C.

Free Premium
CV Merchandise

You’ll get early access to CV-exclusive premiums
and member-only merchandise.

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President’s Club products.

PLUS as a Welcome Gift, you’ll receive:

  • Official President’s Club Member Certificate
  • FREE Proud to be Catholic Bumper Sticker
  • The American Catholic Almanac
    (or other premium CV item)

Thank you for joining the fight
for faith, family & freedom.

Your commitment means so much. It helps support our mission of defending the principles
we all hold dear. And we’re making progress. Together, we can win back the culture.

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