Pro-Marriage Student KICKED OUT of ‘Catholic’ Providence College


After student Michael Smalaskas posted pro-marriage literature on a bulletin board at Providence College in Rhode Island, he was met with LGBT protests and threats of rape and murder. Rather than come to the defense of their student and the Catholic teachings on marriage that he espoused, college administrators reprimanded Smalanskas for alienating the campus’s LGBT community.

But now it’s gone from bad to worse: A college administrator filed a restraining order against Smalanskas after he told her she ought to be “ashamed” for not taking threats against him more seriously. In this interview, he discusses the whole ordeal.


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  1. Rob Schroeder on

    Didn’t Michael graduate from Providence College in Spring 2018? In that case, I fail to see how he was kicked out of Providence College. Assuming he voluntarily applied for graduation, it seems he left on his own accord.

  2. The flip conversation about the rape and murder “threats” give a good indication as to why they weren’t taken seriously. Obviously, he felt no threat.

  3. John Gleason on

    He graduated in May 2018, and then was banned from campus. What a way to treat an alumnus! Providence is a good college to stay away from, though.

  4. These comments above are bogus. I went through much the same thing as this student did: we paid for advertised courses thousands of dollars.. and it does stop at the buck.. if this is a registered Catholic College and advertises also in its catolog, which it certainyu does to be authentically Catholic, then the student was right. We all know of the homosexualism in the clergy.. they leap to cover it up, defend it, ,they’ve been doing it for decades. The admnistration of this Catholic College has taken a gay stance… maybe more to the story,,, but I know this stuff goes on all over N.AMerica.. Catholic colleges scamming their conscientiously Catholic students, and telling us to ‘get out if you don’t like it/ ‘. The Bishop should be saying more! Why go there…? all young people who can afford Providence College, should sign up for Steubenville U. .. let Providence College dissolve by its own fidelity. I support the student on this one, because imm very very familiar with anti-Catholic Catholic colleges taking millions of dollars of funds for failing to deliver a Catholic programme and openness which they do not deliver. Good Luck , Michael, ill pray…and for our local Church, inundated with homsexulaity. .(as is the case with the clerical scandal, it was another ‘gay overtaking of our seminaries and parishes, and diocesan offices..they will be less help going to the poor as long as clergy are getting away with their agenda with the Church. The optics on Rome re: Fr.j. Martin, is a massive slap in the face to all the abused victims. Victimizer put right back in high position. mmmmmmm?! i always learnt from Church history that when the clergy is weak, so goes the Church..the clergy is very weak today. Until they own up to the reality of sin, our need to be cleansed, ouor need to be instructed and shepharded from sin, and then only can a life of divine love happen.. but the clergy never talks about sin. .. makes the Church meaningless. .. im not a bit surprised church attendance and vocations are dowwn. Wheh the Church crumbles before the culture. this is what happens. We need a new Council! a Reformation. Go lMIchael Go!!!