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In his 28 years as a priest, Bishop James D. Conley has served the Catholic Church in a wide variety of ways—as pastor, college campus chaplain, director of Respect Life ministries, theology instructor, Vatican official and bishop. In all of these tasks, he has seen his life as a priest as a call to service and complete surrender to "God’s providential hand." For his episcopal motto, Bishop Conley, a convert to the Catholic faith, chose the same motto as the great 19th-century English convert, John Henry Cardinal Newman, "cor ad cor loquitur," which means "heart speaks to heart."


  1. Edward Peitler on

    If the Bishop Conley was so concerned about sowing peace, why didn’t he skip all the hoopla of WYD and instead venture any one of the numerous places that he mentioned where peace was driven out by violence and minister to those most in need of healing. Words, just more words.

  2. Wonderful essay. I will save and re-read and reflect. I know this is more about violent conflict, but one thing that troubles me the most these days is related to this quote: “We must win hearts for Jesus Christ. The urgency of the moment is clear. We must trust that baptism brings peace where nothing else does, that the Holy Spirit is at the root of communities of true peace and justice. ”

    The conflict and division (lack of peace) is equally strong among the baptized. So many people I love and respect, and whom I know love Jesus, and are baptized, truly believe same sex marriage is a new movement of the Spirit to proclaim God’s peace, love and justice.

  3. Mr Martin Savage on

    Your Grace, peace of Christ,

    With holy respect, I would wish to contradict what you say: the Heart our Lord would wish the world to convert to is the Immaculate Heart of our most Holy Mother, Mary.

    Right now, today, no form of devotion – not even to the Sacred Heart – will appease his anger or hold back his chastising arm.

    Alas, the promotion of this urgently devotion is not coming from our holy shepherds nor from our Servant of the servants of God, but from the flock.

    Every answer lies in this devotion from Fatima.

    There is no consolation outside the urgent messages of prayer, penance and ammendment of life.

    In Domina

  4. Wow, I’m excited now, on fire for Jesus. But what church do I go to to join the crusade? You forgot to put that in there. And you’re a Catholic Bishop, right? But since you don’t recommend the Catholic Church, then who sent you to bring this message to me? Did you get a call from Jesus Himself? That’s what all the Protestant televangelists claim. So what makes you different from them?

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