Prosecutor: “A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that.”


The following memo was written to Senate Republicans by Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (who questioned Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh) last Thursday. Here are five pages of the memo, as retrieved by the Washington Post. (Click here for their story on this memo.)

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  1. my advice for followup…monitor her bank account. i would bet that within a year, she will have a book deal. i also believe that it will not be written “at all” by her. then monitor her income. If, if she suffered an event, I do not believe it was Kavanah.

  2. Where does CatholicVote stand on the Larry Nasser conviction? The evidence seems rather flimsy now, no? Juvenile girls who claimed to be abused with no witnesses? Who couldn’t remember exact dates? Who claimed abuse with witnesses in the room who couldn’t corroborate? Who didn’t report abuse for decades? Whose PTSD symptoms were not consistent?
    Or do we only hold standards like this in politically motivated situations? Stop carrying water for the Republican Party.

    • Nasser had multiple people who could give testimony to satisfy the justice system. The other people named who were in the room or party can not remember such a party, even her good friend.

    • Were I you, I’d be wary of accusing others of “carrying water”, Bernard.

      Your post is a total deflection.

      Do you have any opinion on this matter?

  3. I would like to know if she continued going to such parties after this incident… she stated, she was 15 and probably a freshman or sophomore. She still had two years left of high school, including the prom. Also, how can she remember she had one beer only and not who drove her to the party? Does not add up….

  4. I watched her questioning live, and then again with my wife, a behavior analyst. We were struck by Dr. Ford`s inability to remember even recent events such as the polygraph. She also did not get anxious when answering questions about the assault, which doesn`t add up. That should have elicited a noticeable reaction. My wife was emphatic that none of the Democrats have any interest in Dr. Ford`s well-being. The prosecutor raised an important point at the end of her questioning of Dr. Ford that a forensic interview, rather than a polygraph, would have been the way to get real answers. Strange that a PhD in psychology wouldn`t know that.

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