Rand Paul: Obama Ignores Atrocities Against Christians

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Barack Obama and his administration are turning a blind eye, and in some cases giving outright support, to “fanatics of Islam” that are waging open war against Christians throughout the Middle East.

So said Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky in a speech at the recent Values Voter Summit.

Senator Paul has quickly risen to prominence as an outspoken champion of human freedom and subsidiarity – principles promoted in both Catholic social teaching and in the American Founding.

In his speech, Senator Paul went through a list of atrocities being committed against Christians around the globe and blasted the administration’s unwillingness to voice any opposition to the persecutions:

“Across the globe, Christians are under attack almost as if we lived in the Middle Ages or we lived under early pagan Roman rule…This administration does nothing to stop it and it can be argued that it is giving aid and comfort to those who tolerate these crimes.”

Senator Paul also condemned President Obama’s policy of giving financial  support to the radical Islamist groups most responsible for the attacks of Christians:

“Earlier this year, I forced the Senate to vote to defund the Muslim Brotherhood and every Democrat voted to continue sending your money to the Muslim Brotherhood…I can tell you one thing, as long as I am in the Senate, I will fight against sending any money to the Muslim brotherhood.”

This won’t be the first time Senator Paul has stood up to the Obama regime’s casual disregard for human rights and basic freedoms (see Drones, Twelve-Hour Filibusters in Opposition To), and no doubt it won’t be the last time.

And while I’m sure nobody is holding their breath in anticipation of  Obama changing his policies in response to Senator Paul’s speech, those Christians suffering persecution should know that at least some Americans are still on the side of religious freedom.

So thanks, Rand Paul.


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One thought on “Rand Paul: Obama Ignores Atrocities Against Christians

  1. A.J. Nafso says:

    I thank you for all your efforts Mr. Paul. These atrocities are occurring unchecked and Christians all over the world are suffering. it is about time that this is being championed by someone with your conviction. May God Bless You! It is time to stop being politically correct.

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