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John White lives in the Chicago area with his wife and seven children.


  1. Deshawn Washington on

    Thanks John,

    I’m a recent convert and am disgusted with these fake Catholics scandalizing the church with their spin, ignoring some parts of the church’s teachings and twisting others to promote a state idol.

    I’m convinced there is a rampant heresy in the church now: Marxism. I think Marxism is the default mindset of EVERY WESTERNER. It has replaced the Christian mindset which has slowly eroded.

    We need to be educated, and call out heresy.

  2. What a lift for the day Mr. Joan of Arc. So true and succinct. Wish I had your writing ability. Thank you and may God continue to use you for His Glory. michele

  3. We need to push excommunication. This is the only tool to separate the wolves from the flock. I’m referring to the public spotlight catholic…Biden, Kaine, Pelosi and the others of their ilk. They need to have their bishop stand up and advise them them to recant their views, which lead many innocent souls to destruction or they WILL be excommunicated. For this I pray. Regards, David Nahm,95946

  4. As a pro-life sidewalk counselor for many years, I wish I could be as optimistic about the Pope regarding pro-life issues as you are. Frankly, I feel greatly let down and practically abandoned by this pontificate. Unfortunately, his pontificate has been a great disappointment and extremely troublesome. He had spoken and acted in a schizophrenic manner since the beginning. He says one thing one day and almost, if not the opposite on another day. For instance the talk about behaving or breeding like rabbits and then the talk of permitting the use of condoms in the case of the Zica virus. There are numerous discrepancies in his spoken and written word/s since the beginning. in the beginning, people were blaming it on a bad or poor translation from his mother tongue. However, that’s been an over used excuse, especially, since his own countrymen hear and read his words and extremely upset and troubled by them! I don’t go by hearsay, but read his exact words.
    Sadly, he recently contacted the bishops in South America, (Buenos Aires, I believe), to note that their interpretation allowing divorced and remarried to receive Holy Communion was the “only” interpretation that he meant to come of his writing in Amoris Laetitia. Heaven help us.

  5. John White, great article, and I think our Pope is learning as he goes, God bless him. I do recall his meeting with Kim Davis during his US visit, which the press took as some sort of betrayal of all that they thought he stood for … and which we conservatives were so happy to see. But then he sort of recanted any orthodox interpretation of the meaning of that meeting … I wondered why he would be apologetic to the press and the media in any way, for meeting with this courageous woman. I took that meeting to mean just what you are pointing out in your article, that he fully supports traditional marriage, traditional family, and all that the Church has always taught….I believe his stance on the Mexican march for marriage shows that he is learning how to face the media with the doctrine of our Holy Mother Church unapologetically and yet with love. Always with love, because that is first for him, not to the detriment of doctrine, but simply as the gateway to it.

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