Texas Court: Parents Cannot Force Daughter to Have an Abortion


In a dramatic victory for life, a Texas court issued a long-term injunction Monday against the parents of a Texas teenager who claims that they tried to force her to have an abortion.  The teen, identified only by her initials R.E.K. because she is a minor, is ten weeks pregnant.  The injunction will be in effect until the child is born.

Attorneys from the Texas Center for Defense of Life, who represented the teenage mother, filed a lawsuit on her behalf claiming that her parents “are violating her federal constitutional rights to carry her child to term” by subjecting her to “both verbal and physical threats and harassment,” including taking away her car and her phone, pulling her out of school, and forcing her to get two jobs, all in an effort to coerce her into getting an abortion.

Nice parents.

It should also come as no surprise that in spite of the lip-service to “choice” paid by the pro-abortion groups, Planned Parenthood and NARAL are nowhere to be seen when it comes to supporting a teenager fighting for her “right to choose” life.

At least one might expect the abortion lobby to take the teenager’s side as a way for them to show their commitment to fighting against any and all parental involvement in the decision to have an abortion.  They certainly fight tooth and nail against any parental notification legislation.

I guess it’s just another reminder that “pro-choice” is anything but, and that regardless of the circumstances, the death lobby never saw an abortion it didn’t like.

For now though, it’s a victory for life.  Whatever her full name is, R.E.K. should be applauded for her courage and her commitment to her child in such a difficult situation.

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