The ACLU continues its attack on Catholic hospitals


The ACLU is back.

Today they filed a new lawsuit demanding all documents related to complaints against Catholic hospitals.

This is a blatant fishing expedition for “proof” that Catholic hospitals are ‘harming’ women.

You and I know the ACLU is engaged in a shameless propaganda war against Catholic healthcare. In fact, it is entirely possible they knowingly set up certain hospitals with patients seeking abortions who then filed complaints that could be used against the hospital.

This cannot be tolerated — and must be stopped now!

Can you chip in $5 to help us fight back against this assault on Catholic health care?

Remember, the ACLU has publicly called for the following:

    • A federal mandate forcing all Catholic hospitals to provide “emergency reproductive health care” (code words for abortion).
    • A “systemic investigation” by the federal government of Catholic hospitals and “all necessary corrective action where violations are found.”
    • Changes in federal law to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.

And the ACLU has a friend in Hillary Clinton…

Hillary has proudly warned: “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

We need to warn Catholic voters that Hillary Clinton and the ACLU are on the march. Their plans are out in the open. The groundwork is being laid to force Catholic health care workers everywhere to take part in performing abortions — or be fined, fired, or closed down.

PLEASE HELP us push back against politicians like Hillary Clinton. Donate $5 now to expose the truth about this new assault on our Church!

It’s not enough for anti-Catholic bigots like the ACLU to defend the legality of abortion. Now they are on the march to force us to pay for it — and to force our nurses and doctors to participate directly in the brutal procedure.

It’s time to fight back.   Brian

P.S. Meanwhile, the Obama administration announced new directives last Friday by the Department of Health and Human Services demanding that non-religious hospitals perform abortions and ‘sex changes’ or they will no longer qualify for Medicare reimbursements.

This new rule exempts Catholic hospitals — for now. But don’t be fooled. We are next.

P.P.S. If you, or someone you know, is a Catholic doctor or nurse willing to speak publicly about this threat, please contact us.


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  1. You say “the ACLU has a friend in Hillary Clinton. How do you know this? Did Hillary make a statement I missed? I think it would be absurd to for a candidate, who wants the post more than anyone, to align with any organization trying to defeat Catholic healthcare. A sure kiss of death.
    Finally, I have experience from the past where a friend with a ectopic pregnancy and in an emergency, was denied help from a Catholic hospital back home in the 1960s. Is it true that NO Catholic facility will perform an abortion under any circumstances?

    • From the article-Hilary, quoted:

      “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

    • FKieliszewski on

      Surgically repairing an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion. The embryo is already dead. I had one, performed by a Catholic Ob-gyn and in a Catholic hospital.

        • Removing a fallopian tube that contains an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion and has always been “allowed”. Catholic theologians reject procedures that would cause a direct abortion, like using methotrexate to kill the growing embryo. If there was an emergency situation, methotrexate would not be the treatment anyway. Removal of the tube is the treatment of choice.

          Your friend may have had a bad experience not because she went to a Catholic hospital, but because the doctor that was on call that night made a bad decision. This can happen at any hospital.

          Otherwise, an abortion is generally not needed to save the life of the mother. Early delivery of the live baby may be indicated to save the life of the mother (like in severe eclampsia).

    • How deep do you have to have your head buried in the sand not to know that Hillary Clinton is a friend of all pro-abortion groups? She and her then-president husband were taken to task by no less a public figure than Mother Theresa when she visited this country for their public support of abortion. Hillary is no friend of the Catholic Church and anyone with an uncle of sense can see that.

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