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Pro Life Democrats are, as they say in Oklahoma, as rare as hen's teeth. That makes Rebecca Hamilton a rare find indeed. When Rebecca left her 18-year career in the Ok Legislature last November, she had more seniority than any other member of the legislature. In the 1980s, Rebecca experienced a knock-you-down-in-middle-of-the-road conversion experience that changed her from pro abortion to pro life. Before her conversion, Rep Hamilton had advocated for legal abortion in the legislature. Before her first election in 1980, she was the Oklahoma Director of NARAL. She left office after 3 terms when she had her first baby and was a full-time stay at home Mom for 16 years. She was re-elected to office in 2002 and spent the next 12 years passing pro life legislation. Rebecca is the author of the bill that broke the 30-year logjam on pro life legislation in Oklahoma. She passed the bill ending elective abortions in state hospitals. Rebecca also passed a resolution calling Congress to begin hearings on an amendment to the United States Constitution defining marriage as between one woman and one man. Because of her pro life work, Rebecca came within a razor thin vote margin of being publicly censured by the Oklahoma State Democratic Party at the 2007 statewide party convention. Rebecca blogs at Patheos at Public Catholic where she writes at the intersection of faith and public life.


  1. Edward J. Kurzanski on

    I understand exactly how you feel and why you wrote this piece, but disagree with you when you say: “…However we vote and whoever wins, we need to get ready to fight for our beliefs.” I believe there is a very clear choice in this election, and while both candidates are indeed flawed – only Christ would not be – just one has actually said he would appoint Supreme Court judges from a Who’s Who list of Constitutionalists that would protect our freedoms – individual and religious. I think the choice is clear from ‘CatholicVote’ pamphlets. It was Hillary who said that “…religious beliefs have to be changed.” However you feel about him personally, and please understand that, while many criticisms of Trump are accurate, many more are simply Democrat/Leftist “agitprop”, to borrow a term from the Communists who invented it, and whose Communist Party USA fully supports their and Hillary’s platform. If you watched the RNC, it should have been clear that Trump chose to run because of what he saw happening to America, and as one as one observer stated, “You can’t fake good kids.” We do not have the luxury to hold our noses and our votes in this Presidential election. This is truly a watershed year, and if Catholics do not struggle for their faith being assaulted by a secular cultural Marxist government in the public square this year and vote for Trump, then I fear it is almost certain we will never have the chance to do it again via the ballot box. Even if Republicans maintain majorities in Congress, they have not shown the mettle to stand up to a “Progressive” president with a split Supreme Court, and will be rendered powerless by a decidedly leftist Supreme Court under Hillary. Make no mistake, Hillary – while continuing to enrich herself personally to be sure – will complete the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-Life agenda of Obama and we WILL lose of freedoms. The simplest, most democratic way we can counter that, is to mobilize Catholics to vote for Trump, flawed as he is., and then pray to God.

    • Your response is so true. I cannot agree with you more! I encourage people to research on their own the Democrat and Republican Platforms as well as both candidates. The media is NOT giving a fair and balanced view of both candidates…they are failing us. But if one chooses to listen to both candidates speeches in their entirety and think about the consequences of a Hillary presidency, the choice is clear. Jesus welcomed sinners….can we as Catholics be so righteous that we cannot do the same. Although a sinner Trump is not owned by anyone whereas Hillary is beholden to many questionable people. Nothing will change in the direction our Country is going and will actually continue down it’s perilous downfall if we elect Hillary Clinton and allow her to continue the war on the Church, the war on racial discord, and the war against our freedoms. Trump is a CHANCE to bring our country back to the freedoms that made this Country great. He has taken a pledge to uphold the platform which has many references to God given rights and freedoms for all. Check out the Democrat platform…God is NOT EVEN mentioned! Pray and choose wisely and then pray some more!

  2. John Humphreys on

    Trump is a wildly dangerous, arrogant, misogynistic narcissist. We have to vote for the more experienced, sane candidate, even though we may not agree with everything she says.

    • Edward Kurzanski on

      How can you agree with her statement that we must change our religious beliefs??!! By definition, Top Secret information is that which would cause exceptionally grave damage to national security, and she hazarded it – with exceptionally grave damage to our national security, so that is wildly dangerous to our nation in and of itself. Who said he was a misogynist? Certainly not the women who work for him. Please stop believing the propaganda and spouting the party line, since hers IS officially approved by the Communist Party USA.

  3. Bernard Grabowski on

    Except for the democratic talking points in the first paragraph smearing Trump this is a well writing article. However, you omitted several things in reference to Hillary Clinton. She lied under oath. She has repeatedly lied to the American people. She has committed acts that you and I would go to jail for in regards to her handling of classified information. Her mishandling of classified information has compromised her. She can not be trusted to protect this country and its citizens. Religious liberty is endangered because Christians and Catholics in particular have had their head buried in the sand. The democrats and the left have been chipping way at Religious Liberty since the 1960’s. No one stood up to them. This is truly the most important election of our lifetime. We can save religious freedom and the American way of life but not by moping around but by voting Republican. This is the final battle. If religious freedom is lost its because people like you failed to fight.

  4. Rebecca Hamilton is definitely not a Catholic. If she were she would take the poll on this site and see what we are up against if we vote for Mrs. Clinton.
    Rebecca, stop reading the tabloid magazines. Mr. Trump never had any incestuous wiles on his daughter. He is a loving father and for you to repeat such nonsense is disgraceful. You can see the love in the eyes of his family and he represents a man who shows his fondness for both his daughters and sons.
    As for his wife, she was a model before he met her and I never heard that he promoted her modeling career. That is besides the point.
    As for other countries, they laugh at the president we have in office now. He is a president who has made this country divided. He is a very big disappointment to the many people who supported him. He has gotten us into so much debt and his policies are dangerous to our country and internationally.
    Mr. Trumps platform will raise the middle class up by creating jobs, he is an excellent businessman.
    He is pro-life. (Hillary espouses abortion in it’s latest stages, this alone is the most important intrinsic evil we must vote against. See Archbishop Chaputs’ statement of August 17, 2016.)
    See the rest of Mr. Trumps platform at his web site. He is a patriot and loves America. You can just see it and hear it in his voice. . He was a private citizen and is doing this just because of his love of country and our freedoms.You never will see how he went to Louisiana and helped the people there recently -they have lost everything again and the president plays golf. FYI: Louisiana is a Republican state so he didn’t do it for votes.
    He may be harsh but he is not a liar, think Benghazi lying to the parents at their children’ coffins, never helping the 4 Americans who were begging for help, that’s murder. Killing babies at late term because of her fondness for Planned parenthood and saying this is a womans’ right. What about the babies right. The devil has a very cunning tongue.
    No Ms. Hamilton I will vote for a man of integrity and one who believes in life and truly loves our country. Hillary’s ‘foundation’ gave 10% of their profits to charity. The rest went into her pockets and sold out our country. No, Mr. Trump is not a smooth mouthed politician. He is a gruff businessman who wants to get things done. He has withstood all the media lies and criticism. He will appoint good judges. This will preserve our country, America, the home of the free, the home of the brave.
    God Bless America and God bless Mr. Donald Trump. He has my vote.

    • Everything that I have read by Rebecca Hamilton has been completely in-line with the teaching of the Catholic Church. She most certainly seems to be a Catholic to me.

  5. Marty Heinritz on

    As a Catholic I am searching for guidance this election. This article helped. Hillary has shown a concern for the poor and capitol punishment. While I am opposed to abortion to my core and despise the Democrat support of it, I am repulsed by Mr. Trump’s actions as well. He owns a casino and he is friends with immoral individuals pedophiles, he is being charged with child rape. He is a disgusting person. I will not abstain from voting. Very difficult decision.

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