The Consequences of the HHS Mandates


Over at Public Discourse I have a piece on the consequences for religious liberty if the HHS mandates are allowed to stand.

I disucss the possibility that the mandates could provoke a schism in the American Catholic Church.  After all, under the pressure of the fines to be imposed on those who don’t play ball, some Catholic institutions might choose to go along, thus putting themselves in public opposition to the bishops.  I also discuss the ways in which the mandates would reduce faithful Catholics to second-class citizenship.  They will have to pay a price to enter the public square: either surrender their own principles, or pay the fines imposed for adhering to them.

I conclude by asking what has become of American liberalism’s supposed commitment to pluralism, and whether the America of the mandates would be recognizable to anyone as the free country we used to cherish.

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Carson Holloway is a political scientist and the author of The Way of Life: John Paul II and the Challenge of Liberal Modernity (Baylor University Press), The Right Darwin? Evolution, Religion, and the Future of Democracy (Spence Publishing), and All Shook Up: Music, Passion and Politics (Spence Publishing), and the editor of a collection of essays entitled Magnanimity and Statesmanship (Lexington Books). His articles have appeared in the Review of Politics, Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, Perspectives on Political Science, and First Things. He is a regular contributor to the online journal The Public Discourse. Holloway was a 2005-06 William E. Simon Visiting Fellow in Religion and Public Life in the James Madison Program at Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. in political science from Northern Illinois University in 1998.

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