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Carly Hoilman is a columnist at CatholicVote.org, and a freelance culture writer and editor based in the greater Philadelphia area. She is a wife, mother, Catholic convert, and alumna of The King's College in New York City. You can find her writings at CatholicVote, TheBlaze, Conservative Review, and Faithwire. Follow her work on Twitter @carlyhoilman.


  1. What’s the big deal about men saying, “my body, my choice?” No one is mandating that men take birth control pills if they don’t want to. It’s the male contraceptives that give men the choice — of using them, or not.

    • The “big deal” is that the body of a man isn’t his.
      He didn’t create it; it was provided to him.
      And so a man of integrity will admit that he can’t use his body in any way he pleases, but only in the ways consistent with its in-built human nature.

      Now, since right reason is such a rare commodity, this must be taken a few steps further in a kind of reverse order.
      A child’s best interests requires a mother and father vowed to one another in a single lifelong commitment; while other arrangments may appear to work to one degree or another, they always result in more harm to the child in statistically valid, well-conceived studies.
      A single stable male-female life-long commitment must be in place before sexual relations because a child sometimes results, but unpredictably, so every instance of male-female relations must be preceded by that single lifelong commitment.
      (There are aspects of sexual relations that call out for a single lifelong commitment, but that’s another thread of thought.)
      The sexual relations must be male-female because that’s how human nature is constructed, and open to life for the same reason (the plumbing for pleasure and procreation are intertwined).

      So, “the male pill” is a lie every male user tells to his human nature, and threfore to himself.
      Lies always exert a detrimental effect, whether the liar admits the lie or not, or even whether his intellect formulates it – his being will know at some level that he lies.
      On top of that, a human being suffers some negative physical consequence every time that person steps out of their human nature.
      For example, women who get an abortion on average suffer a higher rate of breast cancer and emotional trauma.
      This is true even in highly liberal countries like Finland that are very supportive of abortion.

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