The One Person Who Can Help Trump Win


To avoid a Hillary presidency (and the subsequent annihilation of all that is true, good, and beautiful), I plan to vote for Trump—but I’ll fill in that ballot reluctantly this year.

My disappointment with Trump isn’t that he’s unconventional; unconventional politicians can be a good thing. But I have a hard time getting behind leaders who seem motivated by power or victory; I want to knock on doors for a person who seeks first to please Someone greater than himself. I want to promote a candidate who’s been faithful to everyone entrusted to him and who’s real and whose speeches move us to love America—not hate each other.

There is someone who could help Donald Trump win, though. He could win our support, win the election, and help America to “win” in the world. There is one person who could help him make all those promises a reality…

But it’s not Steve Bannon, and it’s not Mike Pence.

This person is more than a VP pick, a business associate, or a campaign advisor. He’s more than a family member affirming to us all that “The Donald” really is a good guy. This person is the One who makes men rise and fall—and elevates or sweeps away entire nations right along with them. He set the earth spinning on its axis, and Isaiah says He “has cupped in his hand the waters of the sea and marked off the heavens with a span.”

He holds Trump’s future—and ours, too—in the palm of His hand. And He could help Trump “win”—not only in November’s election, but in everything else, as well.

I think the reason many of us are having a hard time “getting on the Trump Train” is because we just can’t perceive a sincerely converted heart in him yet, and that makes it hard for us to trust him with—ya’ know, the welfare of the entire world and all. But our good God has His plans for each of us, and which of us can know what His ways are for the nature—or the timing—of Trump’s conversion?

Since he’s the Republican nominee (and the election of his opponent would mean the utter destruction of everything we hold dear), if we can’t quite bring ourselves to fill our yards with Trump signs yet, let’s pull together in another way and pray hard for his faith every time we pray for our own. God sent a child to lead St. Augustine to Romans 13, and the man was converted in an instant. Christ sent St. Paul a bolt of lightning that spoke, and Paul “did a 180” right smack-dab in the middle of the road to Damascus. The Lord really does work miracles; He still knows how to pour grace into any heart He chooses, and we have to believe that the prayers of millions of Americans who love Him wouldn’t go unheard or unanswered.

One of the readings in Mass Sunday—Moses’ conversation with God after the people of Israel worshipped the golden calf—really hit me. The LORD was ready to open a big ol’ can of “whoop-you-know-what” on the Israelites (and for good reason!), but Moses persuaded Him not to punish them. It left me wondering—if one man could convince God to spare an entire nation, couldn’t we, an entire nation, convince Him to turn the heart of one man?

Our country’s first president is commonly pictured at Valley Forge on his knees, asking for strength, guidance, and blessing from the One who gives and takes away. That’s where I hope we’ll see Mr. Trump, too…because, if he wins the presidency, he’s going into battle for us and for every American generation that comes after. It’s a battle we can’t afford to lose, and every human person needs God’s blessing to truly “win”.

Even Donald Trump.

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Lori Ann Watson is originally from Texas and now lives in Florida. She is a teacher of the year-turned-homeschooling mom, and she primarily writes these days to affirm Catholic values in the world and to encourage mothers. Her pro-life picture book for children, Beginnings, is here: She blogs about the beauty of Catholicism at


  1. Mrs. Watson,

    I suspect that St. Paul was somewhat surprised on his journey to Damascus. I doubt that he had even prayed that God would help him to understand these fanatics that he was persecuting. God had other plans for Saul, thank goodness and, as Paul, he was able to spread the Gospel – the Gospel where we can find everything that is true, good and beautiful – in words inspired by our Lord.

    But Saul was already a believer. He was an observant Jew. I don’t believe that Saul was free from wrestling with a few demons before he completely succumbed to God. For three days, Saul was blind. For three days he did not eat or drink. I hope to find out, one day, what Saul was thinking of and praying about during those three days! We know that Saul accepted God’s plan for his life and that, when the scales fell from his eyes, he was baptized.

    I love to pray. I had an excellent spiritual director that really helped me to develop my prayer life. I hesitate to say that he taught me to pray so I use words like “develop,” “encouraged” and “enhanced.” I have been praying about this election for a long while, it seems.

    No matter how many prayers that I, you and others that read your message, may pray, I think that it may be presumptuous to pray that Donald Trump will, in the next two months or during a potential presidency, be open to conversion. God certainly changed Saul’s beliefs – with a bang! and maybe three days of prayer but it’s not clear that Trump even believes in God, although he’s called himself an evangelical, a Christian and a Presbyterian. Not often and maybe only when he addresses “Christian” audiences.

    There are a number – and I don’t claim to know how many – of Trump supporters who are suspicious of Catholics and the Church. To paraphrase, they hate what they THINK the Church to be. The alt-right folk are anti-Catholic just as the KKK were and still may be. Those “half” of Trump’s followers that Clinton called out, the people with the beliefs that she actually named, are likely anti-Catholic just as they were anti-Mormon during Romney’s bid.

    I’m sure that I am much older than you and I remember when Donald Trump first hit Manhattan. I don’t read tabloids but, nonetheless, staying abreast of Trump’s very public grave sins, the same sins that he seems to take pride in, disqualify him as a candidate of any character. The only thing good that I can say about Trump is that he seems to love his five children, from three marriages, and they seem to love him in return. Maybe if he paid his documented and undocumented employees and contractors for the work that they performed, I would feel that there might be some good in him. Maybe – and I know that this is the most unlikely wish of all – but maybe if his ego did not blind him so as he continues creating (like the scales on Saul’s eyes? But Trump’s have never fallen away) lies out of whole cloth and dismissing evidence contrary to his lies, maybe I could think that he might be capable of honesty.

    The saddest thing about any Trump conversion is that, as the boy who has been screaming about the wolves at the door, anything that he may say is going to sound suspicious: immense lie upon stupendous lie upon gargantuan lie upon monstrous lie – the lies that we are accustomed to and that some of us accommodate as being just as unimportant as a camel easily jumping through the eye of a needle (and, yes, I’ve heard all of the ‘explanations’ – from Needle Gate to hyperbole, etc.).

    Believe it or not, a Clinton presidency would not bring about “annihilation of all that is true, good, and beautiful” nor would a Trump presidency. With a Trump presidency, with all that he’s promised to do an hour after being sworn in or the day that he’s sworn in, he would miss all of the inaugural balls! I just cannot fathom how a Trump presidency would, or could, work.

    I know that Clinton has a “likeability” problem. I know that there are “trust” issues, but that they outrank Trump’s are a mystery to me. I do not know what drives career politicians; one hopes that there is a bit of public service remaining even as they age. I think that Clinton has, over her career, actually believed that she could “do good,” although there a few things that I wholly disagree with her are “good.” That is a noble reason, though, to do good. But Trump? If his “charitable foundation” is a mirror of the man, he wants glory without giving. He seems to believe that if others believe that he’s “doing good” that he really doesn’t need to actually do anything.

    Trump has a much larger “likeability problem” with me than Clinton. As so many members of the media have pointed out, “politicians lie.” And as a politician surrogate for her husband and now, as a presidential candidate, Hillary the politician has lied. She has been much less than “transparent” on a number of issues and yet much more transparent on some issues than we could ever expect with Trump. But, as Trump is quick to remind us, he’s a businessman and not a politician. He’s not so much changed the meme from “politicians lie” to “businessmen lie” as to “Trump lies and lies ad infinitum.”

    We need to expect our leaders to be smarter than we are, better informed and yet humble enough to know that they don’t, in fact, know everything. We cannot expect them to know more about terrorist groups than those who gather intelligence on such groups on a daily basis.

    Even though I will be voting for Clinton, not depending on Trump making a White House conversion in his 70’s, I will continue to fight against the culture of death that she so joyously embraces. Abortion will not be repealed, but we need to continue the fight to make abortions less common (oddly enough they are becoming less common as the years pass) and to continue to oppose any mandated participation in abortion and contraception. We have to have Republicans in the majority in the House and Senate. We need them to pass legislation that would allow us to act upon, and never against, our conscious religious beliefs.

    We need to continue to oppose mandated participation in same-sex “marriages” but, at the same time, we need to open out arms and hearts to our LGBT brothers and sisters. We need to make certain that we do not approach sinners – including Donald J. Trump! – just as we would expect to be approached. Speaking for myself, I am a sinner. I confessed my sins today. I received the Body and Blood of Christ today. I feel at peace. I feel clean. I feel closer to God.

    Finally, we need to be Christians. As Christians we are, naturally, Catholic. Our Church the Universal Church, the Church that is guaranteed to withstand evil, to never err in our doctrines, forever protected by the Holy Spirit. Decades ago, I suppose, I first saw those WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) wrist bands. At first I thought of them as trite: most of the people that I knew that wore them were charismatic or Pentecostal and that type of worship, honestly, frightened me. Yet I came to believe that when prayerfully engaging God in making decisions that there was not a better question to ask of oneself and of God.

    So I think that we can do more than just pray that Trump welcome God into his life. I think that we should ponder and pray upon the question of “who would Jesus endorse in this election?” It isn’t a trite question, not a question to small for God. As Catholics, we are morally obligated to vote. I received “permission” to not vote as I believed that I would be committing a grave sin if I voted for either candidate. That I would be violating my conscience were I to vote. So I wasn’t going to vote.

    Many things made me change my mind and this website, reading the “Not. Trump.” to the “Trump?” articles changed my mind. Secretary Clinton is, to me, the far lesser evil of the two. I no longer believe that there is anything that Trump can do to lose the race, even if he backs out of the debates which he may well still do: he’s said that he’s having second thoughts about moderated debates, even though he agreed to them last week. Flip-flopping wouldn’t be anything new to him.

    I’ll join you in praying that Trump has a “change of heart” before the election. But I can’t vote to put him into office and continue praying that he has a change of heart. Humility is a virtue that Trump does not have and I do not think, at 70 years old, that he will acquire. I can’t join you in voting for Trump and just keeping my fingers crossed – I’ve never thought of that gesture as prayerful.

    • There we go again… evangelizing around Religious Freedom. One Methodist and one Presbyterian and both doomed to the fire. It took God himself to convert Saul, it may take his power to convert each. But then, we might have another untrustworthy Catholic in the Oval Office.

      Clinton has a record of helping families with children…Trump focused on building an empire and refusing to pay his subcontractors.

      Clinton has pneumonia… Trump appears to have bipolar disorder and needs a psychological exam.

      • Trump upheld his obligations-to his shareholders.

        He wasn’t a public official (and isn’t now) who “helped” people as you say HRC has-with other people’s money, mind you.

        HRC seems very disposed to “helping” people not have the children they’re carrying.

    • CB Briggs – This is excellent in every single way. It’s not everyday that you see such an eloquent, well-thought out position stated on CV, which has sadly become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the far right. Well done.

  2. I find it even more difficult than just personalities. Both Clinton and Trump are pathological liars. Just tonight in Pennsylvania he presented a “maternity leave for pregnant women”. He nor hid daughter Ivanka could tell how the legislation would be funded. He did, however trash a sick Hillary Clinton by falsely saying she had nothing to offer. Which was patently untrue. Clinton, soon after college, concentrated on children’s health.

    Many aged politicians and voters have said that this election cycle is replete with horrors and never before can any election be compared with it.

  3. I will throw up a little in my mouth when I vote for Trump–ok, maybe a lot. I`ll bring a spare shirt into the polling place just in case. I encourage all to do the same.

  4. I know you call your organization, but I am unclear on whether you are associated with the official Church or are just using the name. I would prefer to read the answer to my question here rather than rely on an internet search.

  5. I agree that Donald Trump leaves a lot to be desired but to defeat Hillary and so avoid a demolition of the great work done by the pro-life movement in the US, and no doubt more Catholic organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor having to go to court to defend religious freedom and conscience, the only rational thing to do is to vote Trump this November. A vote for third parties will inevitably hand the presidency to Clinton.

  6. Trump and his terrible vitriol… “She,(Clinton), will kill the 2nd Amendment and confiscate all of our guns; lets take her Secret Service platoon’s guns and SEE WHAT HAPPENS to her; she started birther in her 2008 campaign and I ended it, really I ended it; Barack Obama is an AMERICAN CITIZEN, end of story; I never said I was for the Iraq war”. And on and on. Since we are taught not to lie, how do we vote?

    As an unelected private citizen did Trump break the law by visiting Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss US/Mexican foreign policy on who pays for Trump’s wall?

    Trump and the leadership have destroyed our GOP. We may not vote. Trump is not a Consrvative, bby any shape of he word!

  7. I’ve been Roman Catholic my entire life, and there’s no way I could, in good conscience, vote for either of these. If you can rationalize doing so, you are as masterful at deceiving yourselves as the two of them are at deceiving the electorate.

  8. I am not a Catholic, but rather consider myself to be evangelical. For the last 30+ years, I have been a single issue voter, that issue being the life of the unborn. Sixty million babies lost since Roe v Wade. Twenty million of them were black children. That is genocide. Donald Trump claims he will support pro-life stances and will appoint judges who will do the same. I pray he is being truthful. I know Clinton will continue to support abortion. If in doubt of that read the story of Mother Theresa’s speech about abortion while the Clintons and Gores squirmed in their seats. There is no other issue in this election that even comes close to the right to life. Therefore I will vote for Trump and pray that he will be the next president and that God will continue to change his heart and draw him to Himself.

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