The President’s Plot to Exploit the Pope



This is what the millennials might call “beyond beyond.”

This is beyond President Obama’s typical Chicago-style politics.  This is beyond the more vile tenets of the Alinsky catechism.  Hell, this is beyond the bozo Soviet nonsense that John Paul II had to put up with.

No, what we have here is special.  We haven’t seen such a raw, naked attempt by a secular head of state to manipulate a pope in centuries.  This here is Borgia crap, and not just any Borgia crap.  This is top-shelf, vintage Borgia crap at it’s finest.

You see, President Obama has hatched a plan. It is a simple but elegant plan, in which he hopes to create the illusion of a rift between the American bishops and Pope Francis and to exploit and broaden the already existing divisions among Catholics in this country.

So how does he plan to do it?

By putting on a spectacle and forcing Pope Francis to star in it.

Here’s how it will unfold.  When Pope Francis visits the White House next week, he will be greeted not only by President Obama, but by a group of selected individuals who openly live or preach lifestyles directly contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The cast of characters in this contrived stage drama will include:

Sister Simone Campbell, the pro-abortion Catholic nun and Obamacare champion, who organized the “Nuns on the Bus” tour and worked with the Obama White House to undermine the U.S. bishops and sow confusion during the debate on the Affordable Care Act.

Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal bishop who recently divorced his gay partner, and who has accompanied President Obama at several religious events, including the 2014 National Prayer Breakfast.

Mateo Williamson, a cross-dressing woman who identifies as a gay man (and if you even paused for a second over that you really need to get with it).  Williamson is the former co-chairman for the Transgender Caucus of Dignity USA.

Vivian Taylor, a male transvestite and former Executive Director of Integrity USA, a homosexual and transgender activist wing of the Episcopal Church. Taylor was apparently told to bring several friends.

So that’s grand.

But why?  What does President Obama hope to achieve by luring the Pope into this cheap theatrical production?

At least three things Obama is hoping for:

1. To force Pope Francis into “accepting” these individuals.  Of course, Pope Francis will accept them because they are fellow human beings with human dignity, and Pope Francis is a good and holy man who loves every person as a child of God.  He will greet them with a smile and be courteous and respectful.  But the perception Obama wants to promulgate is the one we are used to by now – that Pope Francis is accepting the behavior of these people, even though he is not.

2. To project the narrative that the “conservative” U.S. bishops are at odds with Pope Francis.  The bishops have been outspoken regarding issues of same sex marriage, religious freedom, and the problematic aspects of Obamacare.  By selecting individuals who represent the ideas the bishops have been fighting against to appear in a scene of warm greeting with Pope Francis, the President hopes to say, in effect, “See, look who’s side Pope Francis is on.”

3. To drive a wedge between Catholics in this country.  Of course, the wedge is surely there already, but Obama wants to drive it deeper.  He wants the liberals to claim victory by declaring Pope Francis supports them and only them, and much more importantly, he wants the conservatives to concede as much.  He wants them to grumble, to be scandalized, and to blame and accuse Pope Francis. He wants them to race to their blogs and raise hell.

President Obama’s ultimate goal of course is to weaken and ultimately cripple the strength and influence of the Catholic Church, the greatest source of resistance in this country to his regime of religious persecution and state-sponsored and state-mandated moral relativism.

This is what he wants.  The media will gladly help him.  So will some Catholics.

Will you?


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