The question nobody is asking about the black mass in Oklahoma


First, a brief recap of events:

A few weeks ago, a Satanist group announced plans to perform a black mass in Oklahoma using a consecrated host that had been stolen from a Catholic Church.

In response, a legal team representing the local bishop obtained a court order directing them to return the consecrated host.

According to reports, the host was returned to the archdiocese by a lawyer representing the Satanists.

Now, the Satanist group has again announced plans to hold the black mass, supposedly without a consecrated host this time.


So here’s where my brow furrows and I get a confused look on my face, because, ahem…


Maybe I’m missing something, I don’t know.

But seriously, come on.  Are we all just going to accept the Satanists’ word that the host they returned was the consecrated host?  Why would we ever accept their word on that?

First of all, unconsecrated hosts are fairly easy to come by.  The devil worshipers could have just obtained one of these and returned it to the archdiocese, claiming it was the same one that was stolen.  Barring the use of some secret authentication rite that I’ve never heard of, there is no way anyone could know the difference.

Secondly, we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking of Satanists as some kind of really evil Protestants.  Satanists believe in the Real Presence.  That’s why they want to use a consecrated host.  They know what it is, and they hate it.  But they also believe it, and having the real thing is almost as important to them as it is to us.

Finally, and this is kind of important – they worship Satan.  You know, the Father of Lies, the Great Deceiver, the Prince of Untruthiness?  Why would anyone ever take them at their word that the host they returned is the stolen consecrated host?  They openly profess allegiance to the archenemy of all Truth.  So we just trust them?

One could say they are simply acting out of fear, that they don’t want to face the consequences of disobeying a court order.  I don’t buy that.  They know as well as anyone that the order carries no real threat, since nobody can prove otherwise if they just give back an unconsecrated host.

The efforts to have the black mass cancelled should continue, as should the prayers.  But I don’t think we should assume there is no consecrated host involved.  Logic would seem to suggest the opposite is more likely.

Yet everyone seems to be giving them the benefit of the doubt.  And that makes total sense, because people who worship Satan and hold black masses are completely trustworthy.

I don’t get it.  Please, tell me – am I missing something?


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