The trouble with Malia’s spring break trip to Mexico

Despite State Department warnings for all Americans to avoid travel in Mexico due to drug violence, 13 year-old first daughter, Malia, is spending her spring break with friends in the country’s southern most state, Oaxaca.  To be fair, Oaxaca is relatively safe. But today, once-safe resort towns, such as Acapulco and Cabo, are experiencing border town violence because cartel wars are escalating and metastasizing.

When I was a young co-ed at Arizona State University my spring break trips to Mexico were preceded for weeks by my mom’s stern warnings of the dangers lurking south of the border.

That was 20 years ago, long before beheadings and disappearances replaced alcohol and roofies on the list of parental spring break fears.

I’m fully aware that Malia’s school-sponsored trip to Mexico included a robust entourage of 25 secret service agents.  But if the commander-in-chief wagers that Mexico is safe enough for his middle schooled daughter, what is a 19 year-old thrill-seeking college student to think?  Just as importantly, what about his well-meaning parents who are trying, as my mom once did, to discourage their kid from spring breaking in Mexico?  They have one less arrow in their quiver now that US State Department warnings appear more subjective.

Is it too much to ask for the President to live up to his 99% rhetoric and at least pretend that government issued warnings apply to all Americans –  including the privileged children of the most exclusive and elite private school in America.



42 thoughts on “The trouble with Malia’s spring break trip to Mexico

  1. cubmom5 says:

    It’s scary isn’t it? Why encourage people to go where it isn’t safe? and she has 25 bodyguards so even Cabo would be safer with her there.

  2. someone says:

    The taxpayer funding is not the major problem with this. The problem is what IDIOT school sends 13 year olds to Mexico! How stupid and irresponisble can you be? Furthermore, what parent would allow their 13 year old daughter to go to Mexico!? Now we know what the problem with this country’s education is. That’s one elite school you know that’s not worth the money.

  3. Migdalia Gonzalez says:

    The president do not care about the taxpayer money this is why pay for Malia and her friend trip because maybe this will be the last trip with all 25 secret service, I pray to God for in Nov. every thing will end.

    1. cubmom5 says:

      Pray but also do something PLEASE!! VOTE. and get everyone you know to vote. And keep praying because that IS the most important thing but also tell people to vote.

  4. Daniel says:

    This would have been a much better article if it was presented without all the distortions. Like the “travel warning” … I wonder if Rachel read it, because it most certainly does not advise “all Americans to avoid travel in Mexico” as the article states. In fact, travel to Oaxaca is very much in line with the ACTUAL travel advisory for visitors to Mexico. (Kind of strange that your article links out to a story with quotes from Santorum, rather than to the travel advisory itself). Leading with that false claim that Obama is disregarding the state department advisory damages your credibility. And characterizing the trip itself as some kind of spring break party when in fact it was more like a class field trip – come on.

  5. Russell says:

    Nice to see 69 dislikes. Not that I believe 69 people didn’t like what I had to say. I suspect one or two people who are upset that there are a few of us who read the advisories, got to the truth and they don’t like that because it takes away their reason to whine about the President.
    Sad, bitter people.

  6. Meggie says:

    Excellent observation. I wonder why so many people here “dislike” a purely factual remark? I guess this is the Obama-bashing forum rather than the truth-telling forum.

    1. GREG SMITH says:

      Meggie – The closer and nastyier we get to the general election the more this forum – which has been really great – deteriorates. Too bad. -Greg PS: America agrees: Families- especially kids, are off limits.

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