This is a New Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal, with New Battle Lines


It’s no secret that the mainstream media is treating the new Catholic sex abuse scandal differently. Imagine if instead of investigating Cardinal Law, the Boston Globe defended him and investigated whistleblowers!

But it goes far deeper than just “conservative vs. liberal.” According to Stephen, the new battle lines are between Heaven and Hell.


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  1. I think your overall view suffers from rather too much optimism, even naivete. While there IS potential for much good cleansing, the example of these last 16 years demonstrates why such will only happen after a long, pitched battle.
    During my college days in the 90s, pop culture and academia, especially academia, put ample effort into normalizing homosexual behavior, radical feminism, embracing promiscuous sexuality. They would not admit to the “dark side” of this, repeatedly insisting they only sought “freedom” for “two consenting adults”. They vigorously promoted essentially what priests have done. If they had any integrity, those same progressives, secularists, and humanists would admit to this, then seek to help heal the scourge they helped start. Instead, since 2002, they’ve mostly seized on these scandals as cause to blast the Church for failing to embrace their permissive intentions.
    With that in mind, I’m hard pressed to chastise bishops much; they can’t rationally turn blind eyes toward the hypocrisy inherent within demanding “justice” for victims of priests or that bishops or cardinals resign. No bishop can honestly have an expectation that an Attorney General will inherently seek justice; they have not done so since 2002 and have no cause for changing course. I have seen no effort being made to investigate similar concerns raised about various public school systems, yet I’ve heard whispers about teachers and staff for these almost as long as for Catholic priests. …And I’m not even a parent or married, to be likely to hear about such misconduct.
    It’s possible we may wind up being cleansed of this plague in the long run, yet I think there’ll be much more nonsense before we begin to see Light triumph.

  2. The problem with this logic is that the Boston Globe had actual tangible evidence, primary sources, to support their case. Cardinal Vigano has hearsay and nothing more. Unfortunately, his hearsay is very illogical and thus hard to believe.
    Either way, does it matter? If Benedict, Vigano and Francis all knew and didn’t make the info public, then they are all complicit.

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