Donald Trump’s letter to CatholicVote


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Brian Burch
P.O. Box 259837
Madison, WI 53725

October 1, 2016

Mr. Burch,

Thank you for writing me on the critical issue of religious freedom and the growing concerns of Catholic voters. Like you, I understand the many ways this issue impacts millions of Americans, especially those cared for by Catholic hospitals and charities or students educated in successful Catholic schools today. Religious freedom is our First Freedom, and it must be respected.

Our current president has not respected American’s First Amendment rights. Many believe he has declared a war on Catholics. And my opponent promises to be even worse!

I grew up in New York City. I have tremendous respect for the role of the Catholic Church in helping build New York, as well as other cities and communities across the country. Dedicated Catholic priests and religious leaders have built hospitals, schools, churches and charities while Catholic workers helped build our roads and bridges and started countless thriving businesses.

As President, I promise that I will protect the rights of Catholics to live their faith, to serve their communities, and to act on their beliefs without fear. This approach one would think is just common sense. And I don’t care if people call it politically incorrect.

The priorities that the next President will need to establish are not known at this time. Protection of the nation and its citizens must come first. Getting the economy back on track must be near the top of the list. Preserving and protecting the rights of our citizens must also be in the mix. If Congress considers legislation such as the First Amendment Defense Act or the Conscience Protection Act a priority, then I will do all I can to make sure it comes to my desk for signature and enactment.

Very respectfully,
Donald J. Trump

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About Author is a lay-led movement of committed Catholics who are passionate about living out the truths proclaimed by Christ and His Church in the modern world. We are joined in this mission by many individuals of other faith traditions (and no faith tradition) because the common good we seek is universal to all men and women of goodwill. As patriotic Americans, we believe that life, faith, and freedom are precious rights, and that the family is the foundational unit of society.


  1. All Catholics, and all Christians, should vote for Donald Trump if for no other reason than the above letter. It is about time OUR rights were taken into consideration. Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer at the White House but let 50,000 Muslims pray. in DC. Maryland is allowing Muslims to pray in public schools but we can’t mention God, the Bible or Jesus. Remember that bakeries, florists and other businesses, schools, hospitals and individuals have been attacked because of our religious Faith. VOTE TRUMP AND BRING COMMON SENSE BACK INTO THIS COUNTRY

    • I was viewing (D) Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate tweets – Sent correspondence to >
      ATTN: Ms. Kirsten Gillibrand after President Trump appointed Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
      Am I to understand in 1973 when Roe was passed making abortion legal, we the people had a vote in this outcome? (9) SCOTUS (all men) legalized abortion. What I don’t get is how many little women don’t have the same civil rights that their counterpart female does in ROE and how many less little women are marching in 2018 at the Women’s Marches for women’s rights. Democrat Senators BLOCKED PROVEN, PAIN UNBORN CAPABLE CHILD PROTECTION ACT. And now Democrat Representative’s are supposed to have empathy for immigration children separated from their migrant parent’s? Where were these Democrat Leader’s during Gosnell’s trial? The most horrific late term abortion case in my lifetime?? Where was CNN MSNBC as a matter of fact??? What do we hear about Planned Parenthood’s GROSS NEGLIGENCE after the Gosnell Case revealed Gosnell operations went on under the Gov. Healthcare radar, two administrations, Bush and Obama’s. So you want women to sit back here and not ask you these question’s? Not speak up?? Well hear my voice as many other American women will to speak up after (D) Hillary R. Clinton said on The View “Full Term Healthy Newborn have NO CIVIL RIGHTS”. Clinton can speak for herself but the American people will have THEIR VOICES HEARD FOR THE VOICELESS. Thank you for reading.
      Footnote: Abortion & The CONSCIENCE of the NATION Author President Ronald Reagan copyright 1983. President Ronald Reagan wrote:

  2. Theodore Seeber on

    That is the beginnings of a game changer. We need to keep the pressure on, but this indicates the one positive in Donald Trump’s way of doing business- he does listen. He still might disregard our concerns, he still might turn on us after the election- but he’s at least aware of our concerns, which is more than I can say for the Democrats.

    • I don’t think he will ignore our interests.. He is not one given to creating a European version of a banana republic. You are right that he listens, and that quality will extend to all areas of presidential concern. I can’t say the same for Hilary who only listens to those who help her make boatloads of money and satisfy her totalitarian ambitions.

      • Donald Trump promises to honor religious freedom yet he wants curb the immigration of Muslims, even if they see refuge from persecution in their home countries. Refugees are allowed to enter the US if they are Christians though. Does it sound familiar? In the 1930s the US congress denied German Jewish refugees to enter the US unless they use the quota reserved for German citizens out of fear that (1) German spies might enter the US and (2) to avoid as being seen as a puppet of the AJC. Denying people asylum because of their faith is religious discrimination.
        Donald Trump also called for US citizens who happen to be Muslim, to have a note on drivers license saying that they are Muslims. In the 1930s and 1940s, Jews living in Germany or German occupied territory were not only forced to wear a yellow star but also had their identity papers stamped with a red “J”, thus identifying them as Jews (in addition to include the name Sarah or Israel to their name). Again, this is a violation of religious liberty.

    • Margaret Ronzino on

      Maybe if you changed the channel you’d know that Democrats are concerned about everyones rights and freedoms!

    • He’s a horrible liar, bigot , racist and fraudulent ” Christian “. I know no Christian that would say that they’ve never asked God for forgiveness . He has stated this.

    • The democrats are just trying to distract people from the real issues at stake in this election. The democratic party supports anti-God positions such as Homosexual marriage and abortion. Voting democrat is not an option at all. They are desperate and that’s why they are trying to attack Trumps character by releasing old videos of lewd comments he made. What does lewd comments from 11 years ago have to do with any of the issues about this election? NOTHING. If you stand behind Paul Ryan and the establishment Republicans please take me off of your mailing list.


    I agree with Theodore Seeber’s observation. At least Mr Trump is hearing the cries of the Catholic and Christian population.

  4. Will Catholics ever accept Trump for what hi is… a CON MAN? He wants to, all of a sudden, protect Religious Liberty, (for Catholics only?). He could be one of the Protestants that the Catholic Church converts, sort of evangelizing an evangelical by applying the New Evangelism. Catholics don’t give a hoot about Protestant existence, Trump doesn’t give a hoot about Catholicism. When interviewed on MSNBC by Chris Matthews recently, Trump was asked if a woman having an abortion should be considered a criminal and arrested and jailed? After much thought, Trump said “yeah”. When Matthews pressed him further he uttered “NO”. He remained silent on reversing Roe v Wade which would indeed make an abortion a crime and place both the woman and her doctor subject to the criminal justice system.

    You see the man’s mettle when he cannot help himself but go on the defensive.
    “This approach one would think is just common sense. And I don’t care if people call it politically incorrect”. That statement is not presidential!

    God save the union.

    • So you are for Clinton? Who has lied, cheated, and killed her way to where she is? Who has promised money to PP? If it’s a choice between someone at least promising life and someone who is promising death, I choose life.

    • Morgan-

      I don’t know if Trump owes you money or what, but this letter is a lot more than Catholics would ever get from the Democrats.

      They regard the Church as an impediment to be overcome-nothing more, nothing less.

    • The Church has, for at least two centuries, condemned socialism as being destructive of individual dignity and freedom. Liberals have viewed that as being inimical to their desire for totalitarianism. Trump does not espouse totalitarianism. Hillary does.

    • Marianne Ashton on

      Majority DO like that he is politically “incorrect.” Trump values all lives, not just those that are politically expedient. He is not elected to be a dictator (although Obama certainly has tried). With the Republican majority elected by the People, pro life legislation will I indeed be passed. Startling with the defending of Planned parenthood.

    • Roe v Wade does no such thing. What Roe v Wade stands for is that the government has a compelling interest in the life of the unborn AFTER it has reached viability (12 weeks), AND that it may enact reasonable legislation to protect that right. It does not of itself create ANY criminality, that being left to the individual states to decide.

      Trump’s letter is more evidence of his flimflam disregard for the truth. Obama has not declared war on Catholics, and there is absolutely no suggestion that Clinton would take up that charge. Clinton respects the First Amendment.

      The whole “I don’t care if its politically correct” line is just a non-sense. The constitution protects the right of observance, not Trump’s empty rhetoric.

    • “Catholics don’t give a hoot about Protestant existence” ???? First of all, what does that mean? And if it means Catholics don’t care about the rights of other faiths, it’s flat-out wrong.

      Further, reversing Roe v Wade would NOT make abortion a crime. All it would do is return the issue to legislatures to decide, most likely on the state level. (And that’s where it belongs.) Plus, there’s no evidence that a woman would be criminally liable for procuring an abortion. Before Roe v Wade, a woman was treated under the law as a victim of abortion, and only the abortionist was held punishable.

    • Morgand, you are a die hard liberal that wants a “one world order dictator, sharia law instead of our constitution to govern our great country and the world., as well as 8 more years of Dictator Obama’s Failed policies. I hope you re-consider who you are supporting for president.

  5. I am voting Gary Johnson. Trump and Hillary are both horrible choices, and neither plan to stop abortion. Trump is a fraudulent opportunistic excuse of a Christian, and Hillary is so far backsliden that she might as well be an athiest. Gary wants to end the wars and bring our troops home, lower taxes, and rebuild our infrastructure. And building a multi Trillion dollar wall isn’t going to do anything if the government refuses to crack down on illegal immigrant fake indentities, and issue deportations. The government knows about all these illegal immigrants flying in and never flying home but they do nothing. We need a president who can tackle corruption and rebuild our infrastructure. The pentagon can’t account for $6.5 Trillion of spending in their last federal audit, and Hillary and Trump are both corrupt. Millions of people have been killed by this mess in the middle east and neither candidate will even address the genocide. This has to stop, the two party system is completely broken.

  6. We got the same sort of letter from Bush II, Bush I and Reagan. Yet not one of them changed the status quo on the moral issues. Those worsening of these issues have often received the support of a GOP-controlled House before and since. The Supreme Court has been under Republican Majority since the 70’s yet not one inroad to a betterment of life, only more denial of the natural law. Now you expect me to believe another Republican, one without even a voting record who owns casinos with strip clubs in them will change a thing? Sigh. Catholic Vote, I don’t doubt your intentions but I do question your lack of the gifts of discernment. If Mr. Trumps wins, and I hope he does over Mrs. Clinton, even though in good conscience I do not believe any Catholic could rightfully vote for either, I honestly do not believe you will see a change on the 5 non-negotiable issues. Just more of the same and even to some extent, other more negotiable human rights issues ignored completely.

  7. 'SconsinPatriot on

    MorganD – So you’d rather cast a vote for Hillary who supports killing a full term infant, right up to birth? I’ll take my chances with Trump, thank you. God HAS been known to use people to fulfill His plans…several come to mind.
    Trump/Pence 2016

  8. I’m a practicing Catholic….voting for Trump…my grandchildren’s future depend on it. Hillary is a Liar,most everything she does is contrived…think about it…would you want her to lead this country? Remember when they called Americans STUPID,,,..well she up the ante by calling us DEPLORABLE !!

  9. Not sure God would have chosen to use Trump? But a strange conglomerate of voters in the Republican primary did , so we gotta go with him now. I am actually voting for constitutional conservatism, freedom caucus principles. Trump is their only chance to be heard.

  10. There is NO reason to vote for Hillary if you are a True Roman Catholic. Afterall, like Obama who had the audacity to believe a baby who happens to live after an attempted abortion should be killed. She, too, is all for late term abortion.

  11. Donald Trump: “As President, I promise that I will protect the rights of Catholics to live their faith, to serve their communities, and to act on their beliefs without fear.”

    Donald Trump: “The press is going out of their way to convince people that I do not like or respect women, when they know it is just the opposite!”


    • Jonathan Molineaux on

      Yeah you really can’t defend this in any sort of way. While I’m not for abortion, this is not the man Catholics want or need for a president. The fact is that we have to find other ways to decline numbers in abortion. People will do it regardless of if it is legal or not. Just like people will get their hands on guns. I was born and raised Catholic. Although I’m not a practicing one anymore I still hold many of the teachings I learned in Catholic School near and dear to my heart. These include loving my enemies and caring for those in need. Trump espouses to neither of these. If we truly want to end abortion we have to think more critically about the issue and the old practice of no contraception does not seem to really be working.

    • Sierra Buckley on

      There is nothing in your link but trumped-up hearsay from a left wing reporter repeating the reporting of other left wing reporters.. You expect people to believe that? Where’s the tape, and how do we know it was Trump? But even if it were, consider this:

      Hillary is good at hiding her evil intent and vicious personality behind a practiced politician’s facade, aided and abetted by a leftist media that hides her outbursts and the trail of people she mows down in her ruthless ambition.

      If Truman were running today, his endless gutter language would make Trump sound like a prayerful monk. Was Johnson, whose lies about the Gulf of Tonkin resulted in 50,000 American deaths, a good role model? Was Kennedy, whose infamous womanizing, including an underage intern, a good role model? How about Bill Clinton’s endless philandering; and his wife’s enabling of Bill and her shaming of his victims? Isn’t she a fine role model for women?

      The current world of elitist wimps with their safe spaces to hide from imagined micro-aggressions and trigger words is a house of cards. It has become so impossible to avoid offending some snowflake somewhere that even ordinary, public etiquette is turned on its head. The PC police want to make sure that politicians say nothing of substance.

      The words quoted in your link are what every teen has heard every day in high school for more decades than you’ve lived. Lots of people (both male, female, and every variant) talk that way in private, and everyone knows it.

      But if those words are unacceptable, then putting them out in the public view, and repeating them over and over, is as shameful as saying them. Accordingly, your link is a good example of vile gossip.

  12. Mary Ann Goldsmith on

    How can you trust this man??? I can’t support the Democratic ticket because of their abortion support. However, I don’t believe you can believe anything Trump says. How can you ask voters to support him when he exhibits no Christian values. I will write in a name and pray for this country.

  13. Hillary Clinton, has repeatedly and clearly stated she wanted to allow complete freedom in regard to abortion, no longer holding accountable those who basically murder their own children, how can not only catholics, but any person vote for her knowing that ?. It is promoting murder that goes unpunished, even “encouraged” by the government !!.

    That makes her unfit to become president of the United States, however I think this does not mean Trump is any better. Sure he seems to be pro-life, however he has so many times said one thing and then done something else.

    The real test is , will he hold his promise if elected president, or will he only be using catholics and other christians as a mean to obtain the presidency ? Also, his economic plan of taxing trade and punishing companies for investing outside the US does not seem to really help the economy or in creating jobs (rather it would seem to destroy them).

    I think catholics should carefully consider if endorsing Trump will “really” help toward the common good of the USA, and without question deny any vote for Hillary, until she changes her policy on regard to abortion and religious liberty.

    • Hillary Clinton supports a woman’s right of choice. She does not assume a right or wrong to this choice. That is up to each individual and, as a Methodist, it is her belief that the individual assumes the decision of abortion for her/himself. If you want a theist as President, write in any religious leader you choose but know that Donald Trump will never serve in that capacity. And, if you have children ( daughters in particular ) you will, for the rest of your life, need to explain how it was possible that you supported a misogynistic sick man to your family. Good luck with that.

      • What Trump said at that show is obviously wrong, he has acknowledged that and has apologized for it. That is why each catholic, must make their own decision if Trump deserves the vote or not, just as stated in my previous comment. That indeed is a private choice that each catholic and voter must do on their own.

        Clinton’s “woman’s right of choice” really means murdering an innocent child who in any case is always innocent of the events that lead toward the pregnancy and also has a right to live. A decision to abort is never made only for the pregnant women, since the unborn baby is also involved in it. Basically their parents or doctors decide if the unborn baby is “worth” of living or not, murdering him/her if the abortion is carried out.

        I have never heard Hillary apologized for supporting abortion, that is why it is easy to see why Hillary is unfit to be president, unless she changes her policy on abortion and religious freedom.

        If you have children, you will have to explain why you supported the mass murder of innocent children by endorsing a pro-abortion president.

          • Morgan,

            There are two questions at issue here. One is medical (Is there ever need for an abortion to save the mother’s life?) and the other is moral (Would an abortion in that case be justified?) The answer to both questions is no.

            There is no medical situation whose only solution is a direct abortion, as many doctors have testified.

            Morally speaking, furthermore, it is never right to directly kill an innocent person, even if good results are foreseen. We do not say that a baby’s life is more important than the mother’s. We do say that they are equal.

            You may never directly kill either one of them. If, in spite of the best medical efforts, one or both of them die, nothing morally wrong has been done, because an effort has been made to save life, but has failed. That is far different from killing.

          • Am I allowed to kill anyone I don’t like so long as it is in private and I have exercised my right to “choice” beforehand? I was taught that that is premeditated murder.

    • It isn’t going to matter. All of the “NeverHillary” gang have known that he’s a crude misogynist… and it hasn’t mattered to them. Now we just have it on tape. The only thing that I wonder is if when it’s time to have “the talk” with his son, he’ll just lead by example, showing him that as ‘a star’ he’ll be able to get almost any woman he wants.

      There are many people who call themselves Catholic but who disregard the Pope’s advice and who keep riding on that one-trick pony of abortion, disregarding all else. “Lock room banter?” Not in any locker room I’ve been in. Yes, we talked about girls but we knew that guys who talked about girls using those words were losers.

      But it doesn’t matter. All Trump supporters have known that he’s a crude misogynist but at least he’s not “a woman,” as Giuliani reminded us. We’ve known all this while that Trump is right in there with the basket of deplorables who actually believe that – this time – he means it when he’s says that he’s Pro-Life. I haven’t heard him even use the “personally opposed” answer – it’s a strange logic: it really doesn’t matter that Trump has a checkered past on being for or against abortion – what matters is that Hillary is a woman who has been consistent for 40+ years in her support of women being able to have the “right to choose.” Those words still make me feel nauseous – a right to choose life over murder.

      These polls are jumping around daily. I don’t believe that this latest gaffe will prove to be of much damage. I sent in my absentee ballot yesterday. The rest of you need not go to the polls to vote for Trump because my vote for Hillary will only cancel your vote!

      And just think of how proud your parents would be of you voting for a man who has shown such character, respect, humility and intelligence! Had my father ever heard me speaking of a women using those words, I would still be writing an essay on women and respect. Over this election season I have realized that my distaste for Trump is so great is because he lacks any of the characteristics that I admire in others, particularly my father, and the morals that I have tried to live by in my life. I had a rough start but I have tried to live a life that would please God. I look at Trump as a man who has never tried to live a life beyond pleasing Trump.

      This is a man who in his eulogy to his father spent the greatest time praising himself.

      I sincerely believe that, had I voted for Trump, I would have been committing a mortal sin.

      • My dear long winded C. B. Briggs, did you ever hear of an intrinsic evil? That is what abortion is…the taking of life of an innocent human being (Science tells us that within 24-48 hours the innocent human being has a unique DNA). It is not that Trump has no faults, or commits no sin. We all are guilty of that. The question is: Do you want to vote for intrinsic evil and the person who will require that every one, including churches, schools, etc., accept that evil as a good? (She has said that religious beliefs concerning this issue, and several others, MUST be changed) It has been called devolving deviancy downward. Making good bad, and making bad good. This is the Hillary you would vote for. Do you rejoice in the first steps of religious persecution?

        • Was it intrinsically evil when proabortionist Obama gave the commencement speech at catholic Notre Dame, or how about attending unapologetic lifelong proabortionist Ted Kennedy’s catholic funeral. Stop guilting people into voting for candidates on singular issues when the shepherds struggle as much as the sheep. Instead, which candidate would represent the integrity of the president and a melting pot of beliefs and ideals. Both Hillary and Trump are pathological liers, but only one is predicatable. The Donald would say anything to get elected. He has not convinced me that he is pro-life anymore than he is promarriage (x3). I will vote my conscience as a Catholic and American. Let us pray for a conversion of heart of our polticians who fall short, as we all fall short, shepherd and sheep alike.

        • As much I respect and am in full support of us Catholics to be against of the abortion part, we cannot just wipe away all other issues for it either. Neither Candidate is fit when it comes to Christian values. And who are we, that we are suddenly allow us to forgive to the one sin but the other candidates sin is not forgiven or called evil. Suddenly we are the greater sinners.
          The way how Trump is telling to us his policies does in no way indicate any direction except extreme unpredictable directions. To advocate for Trump is highly risky and dangerous. The potential for war, death and suffering is greater than with any other candidate. To accept the way how Mr. Trump is practicing to others insult publicly, a person that cannot truly apologize, a person that abuses in language and practices abuses to small corporations, a person that does not practice true community or true public service, a person that taks any opportunity to turn everything for his ego and the list is going on…and we just accept this? He is writing us a letter, because it fits in his opportunity and we think he is actually listening? He is not listening to anyone except himself. The debates showed us that. How can we just look away on this and accept it just for a couple of “our” catholic great values. That’s how easy satan is getting us? We accept all the pure none-Christian behaviour? And we do it again? It was our Catholic Church that endorsed Hitler in the beginnings. Not again.
          The evil is out there, yes, but we are trying to justify the greater evil and be blinded by it.
          I grew up in Germany and was taught in many different ways very well how Hitler was able to do what he did. In many occasions I am sick to my stomach and frightened when I hear Mr. Trump speaking and making statements as it every time reminds me on such person. Hitler rose because public accepted his craziness. There were bad times and he took the opportunity. He promised the churches to be loyal and he did the opposite when was in power. Unfortunately history repeats itself too often.
          We need to ask with Jesus’ words ‘who has the greater sin’? It could be us.
          We need to pray and pray and listen to the spirit alone.

    • He wasn’t in office when that happened. Not that I agree with it. Hillary is so much more scary. Like your religious freedom? Do you agree with legal murder? Do you like to go to the dr when your sick? She isn’t fit to be in office.

  14. My letter to Donald:
    Dear Mr. Trump,
    For months I have been agonizing over whether I can vote for you. You and Hillary are both liars. You will both say almost anything to get elected. The fact that you picked a man with integrity and sound values as your running mate (whereas HC picked a cafeteria Catholic) tipped the scales very much in your favour.
    Regrettably, with the release of today’s news – your “hot mic” comments from some years ago, I’m pretty much back to agonizing. Deep in my heart I am praying that you will do the decent thing and resign your candidacy. If you do that, millions of Americans will be forever grateful to you for bringing Mike Pence to fore.
    I know for certain I will never vote for Hillary. She isn’t just a flawed candidate, she has blood on her hands. But if I must vote for you, Mr. Trump, it will be with a heavy heart. You are a despicable excuse for a human being. Unlike Hillary, I don’t believe anyone is irredeemable. So I will pray for you, whether you get elected (more doubtful with every passing day) or not.

  15. the respect for the Church should be the concern of any president but many practice or law that destroy the life of any child during an abortion is a cruelty that the Lord will never forget and forcing the church to pay for abortion is an abuse to Jesus Christ church our country has been put in hands of God and now some president and candidate want to destroy the church that he builded over 2,000 years ago and any Christian or church that accept any candidate that approve all kind of corruption are not following Christianity they are following humans norms and not what Jesus is teaching us thru the Gospel.if Mr: Trump become our president and help our church to be respected as should be the Lord will welcome him with all his attitudes and weakness and defects never forget that Jesus called 12 apostles not because they were rich or good educated just because they were humbles and wanted to open their hearts to Lord Jesus Christ and his church good luck Mr: Trump and your promises will be kept in my heart along with my prayer .

  16. Trump’s latest audio about women needs to offend everyone here. I expect CatholicVote withdraw its support of Trump in the next 48 hours. On the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary no less.

    • I absolutely agree. There is a line, will you support the devil if the devil is pro-life? Withdraw support from Trump.

    • Sierra Buckley on

      Like most people whose jobs were destroyed by sweet talking politicians, crude language doesn’t send me to my fainting couch. All you snowflakes who think Trump’s comments, made in a private conversation, are so terribly unacceptable for a president really live in an over protected world. Truman was worse. He just didn’t have microphones stalking him 24/7. And if the media did hear one of his outbursts, they’d have the decency not to repeat it.

    • It is offensive as well it is offensive for Bill Clinton raping women and Hillary destroying his victims… Trump is sorry for his words, Bill Clinton never apologized for his ACTIONS: raping women and less Hillary never apologized for bulling them.
      So… God chose Paul after murdering Christians… les pray for Trump.
      Because after all, he won’t promote the killing of million of babies as Hillary is promising to do it, as well as she is warning as Christians, “to change our faith” if we want to live in this country under her immoral rules.

    • And support the person who stood by her male – the one who has been accused of rape multiple times- and wants to expand the killing of innocent babies? Sorry, but no.

    • REALLY ? Will you support Hillary? I sure hope not. I am a Catholic and a woman. I will vote for him to keep her out of office. Why don’t you Google the Didache & see what it says about abortion. How can anyone support continued legal murder ? Ever heard of a will to live ? You should check that out. Please get the facts .

  17. Sheila Scarborough on

    How can Mr. Trump guarantee religious freedom without addressing his total disregard for the basic human dignity of 51% of the United States population? Take anyone of his denigrating comments about women and replace the name of the individual with the name of Our Blessed Mother. Would you still consider this man fit to hold the highest office in our nation? Until he recognizes that his abusive, antiquated, “good old boy, locker room” talk sets the stage for the very same attitudes that harm ALL women, this man cannot be considered for any office. What he needs is serious prayer.

  18. Catholic is nothing but a sham Republican organization pretending to speak for Catholics. Such is the sad state of American Catholics.
    We Catholics have no political party here in the USA. The Democratic Party fits well with Catholic social justice doctrines, but does not represent same on abortion. The Republican Party is anti-abortion, but is 180 degrees from Christ’s teachings on most issues. If it wasn’t for abortion, that party would not have a Christian leg to stand on.

    I am Pro-Life, but I am not willing to toss the other 98 to 99% of Catholic teaching to the curb to appease you modern day Pharisees and Sadducees.

    You act as if the Republican Party were still the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower. It is now the party of Jefferson Davis, Ann Rand & Newt Gingrich, a traitor, a narcissist atheist & amoral whack job.

    It is obvious that you no shame.

  19. Mary Ann Johnson on

    there are 2 running for this election they are Trump or Hilary. One is pro-life one is pro-choice. I believe it is wrong to even not consider voting for Trump. Any discussion otherwise is due to a person is thinking more of themselves than of the unborn, the voiceless. How did Bill Clinton treat woman. Is there a word to describe a man that sleeps around? Trump may have negative & rude words on woman. Bill he did it by actions what is worse action or words? Definitely it is actions, It is also known Hilary had her affairs in the white house too. sometimes you would think politicians think the white house is a whore house, what do they accomplish anyway, the Clintons were so busy sleeping around.

  20. Michael B. Alba on

    Robert m. It would be a contradiction in term for the devil to be Prolife You’re either evil or the good I’ll stick with Trump in spite of his sexual vulgarity

  21. Michael B. Alba on

    Rex. Respect for the born is NOT on the same moral level. Respect for the unborn means Do Not Abort don’t kill the vulnerable Respect for the born in this case means Do Not Be Sexually Vulgar. Not morally. Comparable My conscience tells me to vote for Trump

  22. He has shown himself to be a pathological liar, grossly uninformed regarding scripture and the moral behavior it espouses and he brags about “coveting his neighbors wife”, proposes to murder family members of terrorists, bringing back torture etc.

    He mused about Saddam Hussein’s effectiveness killing terrorists unencumbered of such Constitutional “restrictions” of Due Process.

    He has no respect for minorities, religious or ethnic, women, the handicapped etc.

    Catholics are the single biggest religious voting block in the US.

    Polls indicate 62% for Clinton right now. So he is pandering for your vote.

    A President can start a war, order a drone strike and also commute a death sentence. Unfortunately, a President can not commute a single abortion.

    Reject this vile, petty authoritarian dictator admirer and wannabe and work to change the minds of others regarding abortion.

    Donald Trump is a con man. Don’t be fooled by false promises. He has been publicly pro-choice his entire life. He is now prolife for political convenience.

  23. The love of money vs the love of service. Which one describes your candidate? Which one describes your God, the basis for your faith?
    Love, compassion, forgiveness. Do these adjectives reflect your future leader?

    Hypocrisy looms large in false Gods and even larger in false leaders.

    Vote for the person that represents the poor, the meek, the ones in need.

    We must not let words and promises supersceed action.

    When we hire for the position of president let’s make sure the resume fits the job requirement.

    A platform of hate, fear and lies. History is full of these miserable people. We must not repeat this history. Progress depends on moving forward with progressive understanding and empathy.


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