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Stephen Herreid is Managing Editor Online at CatholicVote.org, and Executive Producer and Host of the CatholicVote Radio Hour. He is a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus. Follow him on Twitter @StephenHerreid.


  1. There is an incredibly obvious reason why the majority of refugees from Syria are Sunni Muslim. Sunni Muslims are the vast majority of the population in Syria.

    Christians in Syria are allied with the al-Assad government. This should be obvious to anyone who claims to be paying attention. The Syrian Army is not attacking Christians. The Russian Air Force is not bombing major population centers. The war is being fought by Sunni Muslims against the federal government.

    The US has admitted 12,743 Syrian refugees as of Nov. 1, 2016. Out of 4.5 million total refugees. This is .2 percent of the refugee population. No reasonable person would claim this is a random sample.

    By your logic, you must admit the US bishops and government are discriminating against Shia Muslims, as the US has taken in even fewer of them than Christians. This wouldn’t be logical, though, because Shia are allied with the government.

    Finally, in your support for Trump’s immigration policies, you don’t explain why the US government should not give Shia Muslims, a religious minority at 13 percent of the population, the same level of support as Christians, at 10 percent of the population. Here we clearly see the racism and xenophobia in Trump’s policies. This isn’t about religious minorities. Your lack of support for Shia refugees is quite telling as well.

    Facts matter.


    • Stephen Herreid on

      Most of what you write doesn’t conflict with what I wrote, since I didn’t even mention the Assad Regime and this article was mostly about ISIS.

      My first thought on your comment is that you don’t really seem to think ISIS is as great a threat or as important to address as the Assad Regime / Russia.


      • Lol yes, rather than attack my argument, make baseless claims about the person making the argument. Clearly, you have refuted my argument by putting words on my mouth that I never said.

        If you think the Syrian Civil War has no impact on refugees, then there’s no point in having a serious discussion with you. I don’t know that else to say. You simply are denying historical facts.

        In your wild claims that I don’t care about ISIS, you probably should address the fact that the Syrian government has essentially allowed the group to occupy parts of Syria, in order to conveniently label all rebel groups fighting the federal government as terrorists.

        You might consider that Assad’s nominal ally, Turkey, has been bombing the Kurds fighting ISIS.

        You might consider that Iran itself is fighting ISIS in Syria.

        Or you can ignore facts and claim that ISIS had somehow created all the refugees.

        • USCCB is engaging in a subtle form of human trafficking through the refugee re-settlement program. Recently, Catholic Charities tacitly admitted that they need the re-settlement program in U.S. to continue for monetary purposes. Catholic Charities is asking for $8 million because Trump halted refugee re-settlement in U.S. – this implies that they need to continue importing/trafficking human beings into America for profit! Indeed, that is human trafficking, a lowest of the low point for the USCCB.

  2. Do you know if money given to the Knights of Columbus fund actually go to help Eastern Christians? The advertising implies that it does.

  3. “Welcoming the stranger” vs. “eradicating our enemies”… Hmmm… which one sounds more like the gospel?

    I think it is absolutely legitimate to do all we can to help persecuted Christians and to support Middle Eastern churches that are helping refugees that desire to stay in the area. But on the basic idea that supporting military (more) intervention will somehow lead us to peace, I think that flies in the face of the gospel, reason, and experience.

    • Isis absolutely needs to be eradicated ! if any group deserves a Just War against itself, it would be ISIS….

    • So you were against the Crusades? Military defense is not only acceptable, but necessary at times, and THIS is one of those times.

    • Stephen Herreid on

      If I could, Vincent, I’d pay your way to Iraq so that you could give a public lecture to the victims of ISIS and rebuke them for calling for military action against their persecutors.

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