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We just warned Governor Rauner…

If he supports a new law to authorize taxpayer funding for abortion — Catholics will oppose him next year. This is no empty threat.

H.B. 40 is a new spending bill that has already passed out of committee in the General Assembly and could be called for a vote as soon as this week. The bill would allow for state taxpayer dollars to go directly to funding abortions for qualified Medicaid recipients — for any reason. The law would also mandate that insurance for state employees cover abortions.

In a statement released to the media yesterday, I was clear:

“If Governor Rauner signs the bill as written, we will urge our members along with every pro-life voter in the state to support an alternative candidate — or to abstain from voting for his re-election. And we won’t be the only group doing so.

“Governor Rauner pledged to remain neutral on social issues. He repeatedly said he does not have a social agenda, yet is already defending himself in a lawsuit for breaking this promise. If Bruce Rauner signs his name to this abortion spending bill, he cannot be trusted with another term as Governor.”

Illinois Catholics must unite now.

This weekend, letters from every Illinois bishop will be placed in bulletins across the state opposing the legislation. A copy of the letter from Cardinal Cupich can be read here.

KEY: Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other extremist groups know Illinois voters oppose taxpayer funding for abortion. So they are hiding their real goal with language in the bill that would ‘protect abortion’ if Roe v. Wade is overturned. This is a classic bait and switch strategy. And of course, they are using President Trump and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to sow fear and spread their lies.

Time is critical. The bill could be called for a vote as soon as this week. If passed in the House, it will sail through the Senate and sent to Gov. Rauner to sign.


Please contact Governor Rauner’s office and tell him you oppose H.B. 40. And tell him if he supports this bill, he cannot count on your support next year.

Springfield Office of the Governor
Phone: 217-782-0244

Chicago Office of the Governor
Phone: 312-814-2121

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  1. I don’t know why there’s no online petition, because I would sign that, but I don’t want to call the office. 🙁 Still, I support this bill, and pray for the veto of abortion funding.

  2. Bruce Rauner if you support the bill that Illinois needs to be paying for abortions I will not vote for you next year . I helped you to get into the office and I thought you were going to do wonderful things for Illinois and this disappoints me if you vote on this bill please vote no no no no no .

  3. Mary Jean Mowbray on

    Please veto any bill that would use taxpayer money to fund abortion. This is of utmost importance to all of us who value life.

  4. Pat Constantine on

    Please Govenor,

    I ask you, do not use tax payer money to fund abortion. This is the most basic right of all life, is life itself. If women who are so desperate to take the life of their baby maybe we should help them emotionally and find better alternatives for them. These services everyone would be willing to support and are not run by the government. I respectfully ask you not to support any bill that would support abortion much less use tax payer money to fund it. Especially when our state is already in financial trouble.

    Pat Constantine

  5. Please veto the HB40 bill so I may continue to support you as governor. We are asked to not kill. And to ask us to use our tax dollars to end life instead of help mothers and children in all ages of their life is not right. I urge you to not spend tax dollars or demand those who in faith and conscience cannot support this bill or its demands to be protected also.

  6. No…this is Wrong. We have to protect life in and out of the womb. We have to follow Jesus and obey God and his commandments.

  7. Carol Tomaselli on

    Brian, thank you for continually contributing in Relevant Radio and having a voice on social media as well!

    I called the number listed. Is it enough? They didn’t even take down my name when I called. Is that normal protocol?

    Just curious…

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