Want to Stop Sexgate 2017? Stop Feminism


Last spring, I was riding the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn when a fight broke out between two teens and a middle-aged hipster. As the altercation escalated, I noticed an elderly woman sitting inches away from the teens’ flying fists. I instinctively grabbed the woman, who had a cane, and shielded her behind where I was standing. I was five months pregnant at the time.

While this happened, I looked across the subway car to see a handful of able-bodied men just sitting and watching. I blamed feminism.

After all, why would these men give up their seat for a young woman who is their equal in every way? Why would they protect an elderly lady if they viewed her as a strong, independent woman capable of defending herself?

Many of the social ills of our day can be traced back to feminism, and the recent explosion of sexual allegations against high-profile men is no exception.

Wolves in Feminist Clothing?

Earlier this week, the food magazine Eater broke the news that world-renowned chef and restaurant mogul Mario Batali had been accused of “inappropriate touching” by four different women.

In a statement to Eater, Batali, who has co-hosted ABC’s The Chew since 2011, indicated that the allegations were credible.

“I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt,” he said. “Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways I have acted.”

While the tone of Batali’s statement stands out as more apologetic than those of other men accused of sexual misconduct over the past few months, one thing that many of these recently outed sexual abusers have in common is a reputation for “championing women.”

Just weeks after the initial allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, Batali gave an interview in which he praised gender equality in the cooking industry and discussed his reasons for hiring an all-female staff at his restaurant, Del Posto.

“It’s not because they have a vagina,” Batali told Page Six at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in October. “It’s because they’re the smartest people for the job.”

Many might say that men like Batali, Weinstein, and Senator Al Franken used feminism as a way to mask their disregard for women. But the alleged actions of these individuals are actually perfectly consistent with feminism—an ideology that degrades women while claiming to support them.

Feminism is Misogyny

Since the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s, modern feminism has sought to destroy sexual differences by abolishing the idea that women and men are fundamentally different and should be treated differently.

Ironically, this means feminism has spent decades working to make sure women won’t be honored or cherished for their femininity, but rather only to the degree that they resemble men. In the process, feminism has also attacked the sacred vocation of motherhood by portraying it as a stumbling block to female progress.

Modern feminism prizes virtue signaling over virtuous living. In the medieval tales of knights rescuing damsels from fire-breathing dragons, feminism would say that there’s no need to rescue the damsel, because she’s perfectly capable of fighting her own battles.

Instead, men can earn their feminist badge from the comfort of their own hometown by marching in a pro-women rally, or by retweeting Planned Parenthood. The result is a generation of white knights who don’t actually honor or cherish women (or even give up their precious seat on the subway).

Because feminism set the bar so low, creeps like Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and Mario Batali have been able to dominate media, politics, and entertainment while earning the title “pro-women” because they decry the mythical wage gap and support abortion. Feminism taught these men that it is far more important to say the right thing than to actually do the right thing.

Feminism Destroys Healthy Masculinity

Not only does feminism degrade women, but it also discourages men from acting truly masculine. And the whole point of masculinity is to benefit women.

Feminism tells us that women can do anything men can do. Upon learning this, many men come to believe that they have nothing unique to offer women, even in the way of physical protection.

Consider the countless men who knew about the sexual exploits of Weinstein et al and said nothing. Why didn’t any of these individuals feel a personal obligation to stay the hand of the abuser?

Simply put, feminism turns men into dweebs.

Over the past four decades, we’ve seen what happens to good men under the reign of militant feminism. Male politicians who defend the unborn are portrayed as oppressive patriarchs who want to regulate the female body. Husbands who want their wives to stay at home and raise their children are seen as insecure control freaks. And those once-heroic knights who bothered to slay dragons on behalf of distressed maidens are mocked by moderns as antiquated and sexist.

Feminism has been so successful in its efforts to abolish sexual differences that many would-be good men have abandoned masculine virtue for sheepish complacency.

Anyone who is horrified by the revelations of sexual abuse in Hollywood, Washington, and beyond should be equally horrified by the feminist ideology that facilitated such behavior. Feminism is the disease, not the cure to America’s sex problem.

The views expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of CatholicVote.org


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Carly Hoilman is a columnist at CatholicVote.org, and a freelance culture writer and editor based in the greater Philadelphia area. She is a wife, mother, Catholic convert, and alumna of The King's College in New York City. You can find her writings at CatholicVote, TheBlaze, Conservative Review, and Faithwire. Follow her work on Twitter @carlyhoilman.


  1. In regards to the abortion issue, you are in no position to police another woman’s body. Yes, it’s her body.. You don’t like abortion? That’s fine, that’s your choice. Your beliefs that you preach to others however are not needed. Unless you are her doctor then you cannot tell another woman how she needs to handle her pregnancy. That’s not your place and the fact people can’t see this is mind blogging. Worry about what is going on in your own life.

    Feminism was never intended to make women think they are men or to act like them. It was to give them the same opportunities that men have. We may be different but we are equals. It was also intended to give women a voice in their lives and give them options on what path they want to go down. You want to be a wife and mother? That’s fine. The woman next to you doesn’t and why should she forced herself into something that’s not going to make her happy? Just like how you think every woman doesn’t want to work or shouldn’t work, the same thing can be said when it comes to marriage and being a parent.

    Feminism of yesteryear is not and never will be the problem. The movement has gotten hijacked by a bunch of unhinged misandrists. It’s no longer feminism.

    You want to stop sexgate? Then teach men how to handle themselves around women. None of these stories would have happened if men just kept their hands to themselves.

    • Cassandra-

      Women do not abort themselves, rather it is the fetal human that’s subject to the procedure. Thus, it’s not her body that people are concerned with RE: abortion.


      • To be clear, Cassandra, I agree with everything you wrote *except* the part about permitting abortion.

        It is not an appendix – it is a baby. Abortion is always murder, and no one should be permitted to engage in this legally (and force the rest of us to fund it with our tax dollars via Planned Parenthood, etc.)

    • This in part is a reply to the statements written by Cassandra. I applaud the author of this article. My comment is long, but it’s mainly because I have spent a great deal of my life in the service of others and with many hats.

      Policing a woman’s body?? You want to kill? You are correct; it is your choice, just like anyone else. In the feminists’ attempts to equalize everything according to their definitions, they somehow neglected to include the injustice in such barbaric practices which eliminate human beings. As a viable member of humankind with a voice, it most certainly affects my life! Why? Well, study the research on the steady growth and intensity of violence in this country. It’s like an epidemic which starts with one invasive organism that works adversely on the livelihood of all, and to which leaves a trail of destruction in its path. Whatever is in the hearts of women to consider this action is not up for scrutiny nor judgment; however, the action is wrong whether you choose to believe this or not; like this or not, or feel compelled to tell others to believe that killing innocent lives is okay.

      You could also choose to look at it another way. If we were a people who truly loved humankind, then our efforts would certainly attend to those hearts and minds of men and women because that’s where love starts with emotion and then rationalization. Our actions would promote the quality of life with actual works with the respect for life. When reason is in conflict with the natural tendency to care for our brothers and sisters, consequences are not for the benefit of all.

      I know the general media doesn’t like to report the devastation resulting from the compliance and blasé acceptance of chemical ingestion affecting hormonal disturbances or the convenient resort – the physical termination of life of those whom have not yet a voice. They are way behind the times when if just recently, they started reporting the increase in breast cancer incidents linked to the pill, after decades of reports were squelched by the power houses in the abortion industry. And those same participants in this industry spend oodles of money to keep the cycle moving with extortion practices. They’ve even named it ‘health care’.

      The contraceptives and growing number of abortificants were supposed to prove that freedom for women to have sexual encounters without consequences would also ‘up the ante’ for equalization with behaviors of men who were presumed to escape any detrimental accountability. Hence, a new deceit evolved in the horrific description of a fetus as a ‘parasite’ and scientifically an incorrect label. Those who investigated such hypotheses were once again slammed and the lies were enough to procure even deeper involvement into the downward spiral of normalizing death for the most vulnerable.

      The supposition that all pubescent members were surely going to participate in sexual encounters merely promoted an increase in this same activity. Every so often, leaks come out with reports that increases in diseases connected with promiscuous sexual encounters still exist. Those too have become more of a social acceptance and only notable concerns once money is attached to maintaining medical attention to these diseases. For example, in this country, smoking has become a social stigma whereas, the choice to have abortions deemed a right. Many health insurance carriers charge extra premiums for those who smoke or diagnosed obese, yet permit abortions to be included in premiums for all to share cost, even at the extent of over stepping a conscience respect for choice. Ironically, abortion is the guarantee that life will be terminated by its action; the others merely influence a stronger possibility to shorten it.

      The complaint that too many women were having babies without the support of marriage has been used in order to promote more abortions and comprehensive birth control, and to the point of sterilization chemicals in the market, as well as ease in distribution to the very young who have just begun their own process of development into adulthood. Surely, these are all acts of love and caring – NO! The slogan, ‘Abortion on Demand Without Apology’ reveals more of the defiance toward life than the nature to nourish it. ‘Without apology’ is a sure sign that one in fact, does NOT care. Yet the deceit argues that caring most assuredly means it’s okay to make a choice to exterminate life, and don’t worry, it won’t impact you or anyone else adversely.

      So how does avoidance work? Eventually it spreads its poison into areas unknown to rational minds that operate according to beliefs which include self-indulgence and immediate gratification. The results manifest themselves in what some exclaim, ‘Unbelievable!’ or ‘How can anyone do this?’ as violence perpetuates through domestic violence, increases in mental health concerns, anger and hatred. More resources are then needed to support the trials many women are having with pregnancy failures after bio-chemicals have instructed the body to change the natural process.

      There is something else that becomes a real concern – why did it become necessary for the feminist movement to propagate a trail of extermination for a cause in seeking equality and recognition? In efforts to expose unfair power practices affecting the lives of women, when did we cross over to live the same behaviors we blamed on men? The essence of reproduction lies in the existence of both sexes. Making abortion legal in order to control the process by means of destroying life, does not change the immorality of the act. Of course, morality seems to have gone by the wayside to excuse many actions relegated with other wrongful choices for pleasure or under the appearances of control. Is that the booty? Did we somehow think that in order to attain equal recognition, we needed to set pleasure and power as goals? And when and where did we receive such power to change the order of natural occurrences?

      Whether or not feminism ‘intended’ to produce dysfunctional relationships between and among men and women is something we have had a chance to monitor, as well as modify from the issues originally proposed to bring justice in many unfair practices in the work force. Where were those feminists in supporting women in pockets of industry whereby women were asked to barter jobs for sexual favors or sustain the abuse in disrespectful touching and verbal innuendos?

      When women come forward now after years of repressing these events, why is it a concern when the essence of the sexual revolution was to eliminate repression of sexual behaviors and their actions, so as to become equalized across the board? For what ever reason, in accepting this behavior to exist surely demonstrates that differences exist naturally and that behaviors are the actions with which we can work to change, and not the nature of the genders.

      The possibility of degradation is a reason women have given for choosing not to come forward from the beginning. Perhaps their precarious link to the opposite sex in choosing job over mutual respect may be the force which will attack them. So, they waited for the women’s advocacy team? Many women have come forward to dispel the lie that contraceptive use and/or abortion have little to no adverse consequences. They come forward to expose an erroneous ideology and tragic attitude only to be bashed and degraded, more often than not by women who call themselves sisters. How long will it be before the safety net of women’s support will also be present for them?

      Many women in the same situation have said, “No”. Their circumstances most probably never received significant attention. Certainly, there were no prestigious advocates to defend their allegations for unwanted advances. It more than likely cost them their jobs; I know it did for me. There was no prestigious legal army to defend the injustice. Instead, many women claiming to be feminists chose to deal with the presence of this behavior, rationalizing some other positive traits of their accused perpetrator because their choice was also to get what they wanted as well. So, we have both men and women going after what they want in the name of ‘feminism’, ‘free and uninhibited love (lust)’, and all seeking to maintain power over the other. Not only does this exacerbate disrespect for persons, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby we remain in a continuous and constant battle over power. A huge contradiction evolves because women have an innate nature to love and care for humankind in ways much different, yet very compatible with men. That is the feminine essence of women. When we have reached the point whereby we take our own lives and wants in precedence over the respect of our part in the lives of others, we have become what we said needed to change.

      I don’t know about any other woman out there, but I would rather come forward and admit that the underlying premise in the quagmire of the equalization of the sexes pushed by immoral actions is very wrong. Once, accepting this, one can move to change behaviors so that respect for both the differences and similarities among men and women would also allow increased respect in attaining mutual recognition and compensation in the work force and in areas of occupations. Of course, I still believe that it is a sign of self-respect to admit to wrongful choices as well as the humility that comes with providing the ways and means for all to learn a better way in caring for our earth and its people.

      Feminists hold the original group of women as models for the beginning of many changes that have in fact been very successful. However, they also have withheld specific statements from these same women who proclaimed that abortion was ‘child murder and the exploitation of women and children’. We have a huge problem in sex-trafficking in this country as well as increased domestic violence. Susan B. Anthony advocated to learn what makes women turn to abortion and worked with her sisters toward this for the benefit of all; whereas Margaret Sanger already said she had her answer and deemed abortion and inducement of contraceptives necessary actions in order to get rid of riff-raft. Perhaps her own personal experience had a lot to do with her recourse for such a profound choice, but that would mean that she forced her ‘personal’ ideology onto a whole lot of women. I don’t remember a strong appeal from professed feminists for the strong stand Susan B. Anthony and other original feminists held for pro-life while they sought to expand the original ‘intention’ for abortion.

      With the premise and ‘intention’ of providing safe recourse for a very small percentage of women determined to seek an abortion at the hands of anyone willing to do this, the supreme court decided to pass Roe V Wade with stipulation that ‘intention’ was in the matter of life and death circumstances. Since then, the abortion industry has sought, through its propaganda to modify the ‘reason’ to include abortion on demand. The term, hijacking is real in this sense. It seems that the warnings by the original feminists were no longer considered.

      Norma McCorvey is hailed as a heroine in the abortion movement, but they fail to report the fact that for most of her life after this precedential case, she worked to expose the fallacy of abortion as a ‘good’ choice for women. This same group would not allow her to reopen her case – so much for respecting choice! Norma McCorvey was a heroine because it takes a lot of courage to admit a mistake and then humbly commit to working to correct it. She was another vulnerable person persuaded by a powerful lie. When, as intelligent human beings, do we re-evaluate the actions of feminists who proclaim abortion as a right and hold them liable for such deceit? We demand transparency, yet we fail to investigate. We proclaim a personal choice, yet demand public support. That is what is mind boggling!

      I have said ‘No’ to circumstances involving trading sexual favors for job procurement along my journey of many years in working. I also say ‘No’ to women who trade life for the same reason. Ironically, I continue to be punished in the same way by the power houses which have propagated along both genders. As a woman who lived at one time agreeing with the guidelines of the feminist movement in the 60’s and 70’s, I have had to eat a lot of humble pie, so to speak. Many call me a hypocrite because of my acceptance of the ‘intentions’ of the feminist platform, and the same also label me a traitor to an ideology to which I grew in disagreement because it supports wrongful choices and works to indoctrinate the message to normalize and expand killing. One major consequence in accepting the truth in what love looks like and how it shows itself is the absolute freedom I live to be completely out of the cycle of continuous contradiction toward my nature as a woman to nurture and promote life, rather than control and/or destroy it. All of us who share in this appreciate the clarity of personhood as women, and as feminists we work to bring truth to other men and women who are still held hostage by the power lies create.

      Would following my choices or those who share them, eliminate the wrongful choices for all? – Of course not. None of us will ever be perfect. Why do you think robotics have become popular? Somehow in our efforts to do the best we can, we also have translated it into another fallacy that we can also become perfect, and in that sense, we have forsaken the ‘do the best we can’ part. A realistic goal is the focus on doing the best we can to seek out the truth, to offer options, and to avail better choices for men and women to carry on life.

      Your mention of ‘intentions’ regarding our original foremothers bring forth positive actions and behaviors only when the original ideas are set for the benefit of all. If it was ‘hijacked’ by those who wished to carry out a reverse for power, then the rhetoric you stated in the beginning of your statement only reinforces that same premise because victims still exist, only we rally around choice. According to feminists, it’s okay for women to exploit the vulnerable in exterminating life, but not right for men to do this. How about, it’s very wrong for anyone to secure power by means of immoral actions? Why do you think the original feminists sought to warn their sisters of the consequences of abortion? Their intentions were to work for justice, not power and control.

      Men do not live and grow isolated from women; the same for women. The social construct molds the behaviors of both in their interactions with each other. This begins within families and guided by laws innately attuned for the propagation of life. It’s a natural process. Choices are abundant because we all have free wills. Injustice presents itself when any of those choices lead to consequences which interfere or prohibit the free will of others or those choices promote harm. Free doesn’t mean ‘easy’ or ‘without accountability and responsibility’. Free also does not give permission to cause harm. We cannot teach anyone anything if we ourselves think that we have control over the free will of others, or we are allowed to judge what is harmful or not to another person, including the life we create. As a society, we haven’t even begun to learn what Susan B. Anthony advocated within a platform to truly care for women.

      Value of life has now crossed over to new definitions of ‘quality of life’ with the elderly and/or those with disabilities so that euthanasia under the misnomer of ‘death with compassion’ has already made its debut with the celebration of people determining their own death. That too has become a public issue. Somehow we have assigned all suffering and hardship concerns to decide worth to living. Another contradiction evolves as we offer care to those who wish to commit suicide because somehow they view themselves and their lives as worthless. And the determination of its value is set by ????? Once again, those who follow this trail of death, label those who disagree with this action. They judge us as sadists and yet wish to accuse us of doing the same. There is a difference between discerning the actions one does VS attacking the person. When one believes simply that every life is a precious gift, one usually admits to a responsibility to remain respectful of it until life has passed. Loving and patient care are sources of strength to those who are dying. I work with many who face close death, suffering in one way or another. We have a lot of influence in their attitude and subsequent peace in the process. It is tragic when the most vulnerable are again attacked, abused and persuaded to terminate their lives for the sake of convenience. What an unsettling state of affairs!

      We gather hope from the research and courageous writing, such as done by the author of the article.. Somehow, many women are still able to sift through the design ‘intended’ to confuse and control the essence of femininity. They have developed a moral compass necessary to help navigate a journey toward self-respect, maintaining the freedom for a voice as well as protecting the voiceless. They continue to offer truth in knowledge learned or experiences taught, many times, and like many of us – from our own mistakes in following a lie and our promise to do better in seeking out the truth.

  2. A couple points regarding how to stop the horrible sexual behavior that we are seeing men commit:
    1. If feminism makes men “dweebs” then they really are the inferior gender. If men actually had strength, feminism would not cause them to lose their masculinity. I guess they are quite weak.
    2. No man should have sex with a woman who is not his wife, period. Any man who does have sex with another woman should be punished so severely than it would scare other men and deter this behavior.
    3. Men should not coerce any women. Period.

    I don’t see how blaming feminism is going to fix the horrific behavior of men. We must hold men accountable.

    • “2. No man should have sex with a woman who is not his wife, period. Any man who does have sex with another woman should be punished so severely than it would scare other men and deter this behavior.”

      Uh what? So, does the woman that has sex with a man that isn’t her husband get punished too?

  3. Eliminating feminism isn’t going to fix the problem. See how well women are treated in most Muslim countries, where feminism certainly does not reign and women dress so modestly you can’t see anything beyond their eyes.

    Women are physically weaker, and human nature is fallen. Those two factors alone are enough to ensure that women are not likely to be treated very well in society (see: course of human history). Because I don’t expect human nature to change, I don’t expect the sad situation to improve very much this side of Heaven. Feminism is an attempt (in the case of radical, man-hating feminism, clearly a misguided one) to create justice in the arena of male/female relationships here on earth. Not likely to work, but I can’t really blame them for trying.

  4. Ryeleigh: men have authority only when women give it to them. Without this deference (deference to Holy Scripture, actually) the men must take it by force (making them bullies). The “control” is in the hands of the women. They have withdrawn their respect and reverence for fatherhood, and thus men are in a existential death-spiral. A man’s identity is shaped by the wider culture and the respect of the women and children in his life. Remove that, and he struggles. It’s not that he’s particularly weak; rather God teaches that his natural urges and self-absorption are diminished when his affections are turned to creating, to protect what he has created, and to sustain that creation.

    Women have ripped those things from his hands and distracted him with commitment-free sex, so he devolves into the aimless wreck he is when society rejects his fatherly instincts. Women have done this, and women must restore the relationships. Women are called to save mankind from falling at this juncture in history (cf. Vat 2 Closing Document on Women).

  5. If you want to be a doormat, no one’s stopping you. Better women than you prefer to use our intellects and earn respect instead of pretending to be weak morons in exchange for the mess of pottage that is male “protection.”

  6. Respectfully, I think sexism existed long before the rise of feminism. I accept the fact that chivalry and basic politeness may be challenged and intimidated by feminism. But women were being treated with indignity and disrespect, not to mention downright sexual harassment, long before feminism became a part of society.

    Men and women who feel they are justified in bullying, harassing, or demeaning another person with unwelcome attention and actions are not the result of feminism. They were always with us. This attitude did not magically spring up 60 years ago. And there were plenty of people who were degraded by others in positions of authority all throughout history.

    Both “keeping one’s hands to oneself,” and speaking with respect and charity to anyone is something that should be taught from childhood and reinforced all through life.

    And not all aspects of feminism are anathema to the Church. There absolutely should be no difference in pay because of gender or nationality for a job well done, for instance.

    God bless and protect all here – Susan, ofs

  7. So let me understand this. Before feminism took hold (mid – 70s?) the incidence of sexual harassment against women in the work force was either non-existent or significantly lower than after? We never heard of it because men back then did not sexually harass women, not because women were inhibited from reporting abuse because they would be ridiculed, shamed or even held responsible? And men, prior to feminism, jumped to report sexual abuse against women perpetrated by other men? We just never heard about it because sexual abuse either didn’t exist or existed at a much lower rate prior to feminism? Whatever the author is drinking, snorting and/or smoking is obviously not the least bit conducive to rational thought.

  8. As a woman who has worked in many fields as a minority, I have experienced men behaving badly. I have also witnessed women teasing that sort of behavior from men. I found that the best way to stop men from making unwanted advances is to tell them to stop. Men don’t like being humiliated. Too often, the very women who wear the most revealing clothing, tell the most sexually explicit jokes, etc , become outraged damsels when the men are punished for some sexual impropriety.
    Rather than seeing the “me too” women as brave or noble, I think that they are accessories to the offenses committed.
    Carly Holman’s essay is 100% right! And well written.

  9. This is absurd. Abuse of power, harassment, assault, violence toward women, etc. have always existed. What’s new here is the accountability. Thank goodness people are finally taking these issues seriously and not excusing these predators for their sins.

    The offending politicians and celebrities who claimed to be “pro woman” are certainly hypocrites. But it does not follow that women caused men to commit acts of coercion, verbal abuse, physical assault, rape, or any other despicable behavior.

    What about the priests who committed child sex abuse in secret, yet publicly portrayed themselves as the representatives of Christ? Were the children to blame for that?

    Whether you intend to or not, you are directly blaming the women who are victims. This is not constructive and will not help convince them of any flaw in feminism. Why not take the time to discuss the beauty of Catholic teaching on women?

    This is a ugly, intellectually lazy essay.

  10. As a Catholic woman who has raised two girls I can say feminism is definitely partly to blame for what’s going on today. God created us to be different. We need to appreciate our differences which makes each sex unique in what attributes they bring. The problem with the type of feminism going on today is woman have worked so hard to become men and we are meant to be women. God gave us the most amazing gift – to carry and birth a child, feed that child from our very own breast and what have women done but turned and killed these very children growing in our womb by either abortion or by using contraception and we blame only men for what’s going on? Should men be treating women this way? Of course not but how any woman can throw this stone at a man when women have repeatedly told them we are here for free sex with no chance of a child and no strings attached. Women have walked in marches with vagina hats on their heads but don’t think of me as a sex object?? That is exactly what these women are making it about. Wake up women! Realize you can do and be whatever your heart desires to be but God made us to have, raise and love children. I embrace my femininity and appreciate being the beautiful woman God wanted me to be. I don’t get why some women think being a mother is not a noble vocation because God gave it to us women because he knows how truly special we are. The only woman I want to try to imitate and follow is our beautiful blessed Mother, Mary!!!

  11. Sexual assault has happened many times BEFORE feminism came along.

    Sexual assault balme b longs SOLELY on the party whomis committing this act.

    And many women, who dressed modesly, who said no, etc were still victims.

    And the young girls who are sexually assaulted? I guess you blame feminism too.

    You would say anything to get the males (who are responsible for the great majority of sexual assaults) off the hook.

  12. Hate filled nonsense from an anachronistic group of magical human scapegoat followers.
    I really miss social justice Catholics, as you lot are a bunch of hate filled outrage junkies.

  13. Simply for the sake of linguistic accuracy, I believe the modifier “contemporary” should be added to feminism. History has provide countless examples of true feminists and women of this era that were progressing rapidly in civil society until feminism got caught up in the rest of the protest movements of the 1960s, and like them was coopted by radicals for their own uses. Lately there has been evidence by younger women of a backlash to fitting all women into stepford molds and many are demonstrating quite an ability to confront the lame leftists of previous generations.

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