Washington Elites, Media Freaking Out


It’s been a wild few days. Anonymous leaks, a media-driven campaign suggesting overt obstruction of justice, and of course… screeching calls for impeachment of the President of the United States.

Democrats have been drafting impeachment papers since before President Trump took office. Big Abortion and their left-wing allies, including many in the media, have openly admitted they want to destroy the President by any means necessary.

They now smell blood… and the facts don’t matter.

CV’s TAKE: Is President Trump perfectly blameless? No. Is he a criminal that should be impeached or forced to resign? Heck no. The facts at present are plain: ongoing investigations by Congress and the FBI have yet to uncover any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. And those responsible for pursuing the truth have repeatedly affirmed that their investigations continue, unencumbered, as they should.

The appointment of Robert Mueller now allows a widely respected former FBI Director to carry out a fair and responsible investigation without the hysterics we’ve seen the past few days. If there is evidence of criminal activity, obstruction of justice, or collusion with Russia, then the facts will eventually emerge — and appropriate action should be taken.

Until then… we must resist calls to bring the government to a halt over speculation and anonymous leaks. Talk of impeachment at this juncture is simply reckless. The public deserves facts, not partisan hit jobs.

Meanwhile, we have a message for Republicans and Democrats: GET BACK TO WORK!

Like reforming our broken education system by offering kids REAL choices.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is expected to announce Monday new policy plans at a speech in Indianapolis. According to reports, this bold education reform plan would:

  • cut $10.6 billion in existing federal education programs
  • spend $400 million to expand school choice for private and religious schools
  • fund a $1 billion campaign to help public schools adopt school choice-friendly policies
  • reduce overall federal spending on education by $9.2 billion (or 13.6%)

The plan was leaked (surprise!), thus many of the details have not yet been shared. There is speculation that some of the initiatives would involve allowing homeschool educated children more options, expanding online learning options, and providing scholarships for children in failing schools to attend the school of their choice — including private or charter schools.

CV has been in contact with officials working with Secretary DeVos. We have assured them of our commitment to support this initiative.

We’re going to need Catholics to mobilize, and push Congress to move forward on these bold reforms, or nothing will get done.

And most importantly — to fight back against those defending the status quo, failing our kids, and destroying their potential.

I refuse to bow to media sensationalism.

Nobody deserves a pass. Investigate away. Get the facts.

Meanwhile, do your job.

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Brian Burch is President of CatholicVote.org.

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  1. Once Trump was sworn into office my TV became an invasion in my home. The “crooked media” was evidenced by two things. The screen retained the embossed title “BREAKING NEWS” and the commercials got more frequent and louder. All because of the actions of one untrained man. Trump has proven to be a disaster for the country. My wife says “maybe we should have voted for Clinton. I said NO, she’s Pro-Choice. She continued “we were never one issue voters before”. I retorted that Trump is sorta Pro-life and besides he will visit the Pope on his first trip abroad. Could I continue to defend Trump today? He displays a serious lack of presidential presence, class and style.

    He is a consummate liar and he has taught his staff to lie to defend him.
    He will NEVER admit guilt.
    He hugs James Comey, then fires him. Starting a real firestorm.
    He insults everyone… little Marco, lying Ted, crooked Hillary, Rosie O’Donnell’s fat ugly face and many more
    Today on Airforce One, he called James Comey a “crazy and a nut job”.
    He duped Assistant AG Rosenstein into writing a letter to congress detailing why he fired Comey. When Rosenstein held a senate meeting he revealed that he knew of Trump’s position before Comey was fired.
    May I suggest that we now concentrate on our wonderful America and pray of ways to relieve the pressure in Washington. May we also pray for government cooperation and conciliation and less on party and Super PACs.

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