What does Brexit mean for us?


The British people voted yesterday to leave the European Union.

The vote stunned the “elite” around the world.

And the move has shaken the European Union, a largely disconnected governmental bureaucracy made up of tens of thousands of “officials” occupying nearly 95 fancy buildings in Brussels that impose laws, taxes and regulations with little to no accountability. The Brussels “gravy train” is made up of lobbyists, bureaucrats, and ‘charity’ or NGO groups that enrich themselves. Many “officials” make between $200,000 to $400,000 a year!

Sound familiar?

Yesterday’s vote is a stark reminder that the voice of the people cannot be repeatedly ignored.

The elites would have us believe that the future requires more consolidation of power in the hands of big governments, and elites like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their progressive allies that believe they know what is best for everyone. But the British people proved by their overwhelming vote that large bureaucracies and elites gathered in distant cities will not dictate the future.

Movements connected to the heart and soul of the people can and will rise up and win.

In short, Brexit is a win for subsidiarity!

Subsidiarity is an often neglected but very important principle in Catholic social teaching. It teaches that social problems are best handled (as much as possible) by the institution which is closest to the actual problem itself. After all, your neighbors, the local parish, or the charity located in your town often have much more knowledge of the problems on the ground, and the best solutions to cope with them.

But a devolution of power to local control is not at all what elites like Barack Obama and billionaire George Soros want. They want rigid blanket policies handed down from far-away capital cities. They like being in power. They like control. They snobbily believe ordinary people need to be looked after and controlled.

A flourishing local culture with institutions crafted by people across generations becomes a “problem” to these elites. A problem they think must be “transformed” so it’s in harmony with their utopian vision of a global culture, controlled by science, technology and a secular humanist ideology.

The Brexit vote is a wake up call for big government elites around the world. And it could be headed here next.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has already announced that he will resign. Scotland is calling for another vote on whether to separate from the United Kingdom. And it’s not just in the British Isles. Other countries in Europe are likely to revisit their membership in the EU. There will likely be renewed calls by the Catalonia region to secede from Spain. We might see several changes to the map in Europe.

A quiet revolution of the people is catching fire. People are fed up with big unaccountable governments dictating their lives, ruining their jobs, taxing them into oblivion to enrich special interests and cronies.

In some ways, Margaret Thatcher’s shocking win in 1979 foreshadowed an electoral shift in the United States a year later.

Perhaps history is repeating itself.

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  1. Subsidiarity, exactly.
    Lets keep an eye for the elite globalists, which are found in both parties.
    I was surprised and disappointed to learn the Bushes were part of it.
    Now we know better. From all the major candidates running we had only Trump, Ben Carson from the outside. Even we have doubts about Cruz.
    Definitely NO to elitists/globalists Rubio, Fiorina, the Bushes

  2. What I explained to my mother was missing from the Catholic Vote article on Brexit:

    Mom: Given the historical importance of the Brexit vote I have been reading quite a lot of analysis from different points of view, so the Catholic Vote piece offers another perspective which is always of value in consideration of complex issues such as this.

    The author’s laments in the article about the growing EU bureaucracy spending on themselves is of course true, but also similar to what ails nearly every government in the world…including that in Washington DC and is equally bad for leftist and rightist governments around the world. The author is elated that a vote “against the elite” has sent a message … but doesn’t recognize three key issues.

    One being, what better government that doesn’t include “elitists” will result? Have you seen the blokes who headed the “leave” movement? They are “idiots” who took advantage of discontented, uninformed (poorly educated) individuals that represent the worst possible “leadership” alternative. I seriously doubt that there has been any thought given to plans for a better tomorrow. It is always easier to tear down than to build up. In the aftermath I fear a worse political “solution” than before.

    Secondly, there is no mention of the cost to the economy, which is likely to impact in a slowing of the English economy…loss of jobs…lower pay…lower real estate values…international companies moving their headquarters from London…increased budget deficit to pay pensions…travel restrictions for Britons. Where is any commentary on these very real consequences that are being flashed at us in declining stock markets globally? In the aftermath those who voted “leave” will be hurt the most by the economic consequences. The “local solutions” that the author speaks about relate to social/community fabric which is most quickly frayed by economic hardship that can’t be solved at the local level.

    Thirdly, remember that Churchill strongly believed in creating a unified Europe as the solution to avoiding another major war. The Marshall Plan was part of the economic integration solution which has worked to keep the peace for the last 70 years. Moreover, the likely consequence of Brexit will also be the end of the UK…with Scotland and Northern Ireland divorcing themselves from the once Great Britain…now soon to be known as Little England.

    So the article has some legitimate complaints regarding the EU. But it doesn’t tell at all about the downside which will adversely impact the very people the author is championing. Nor does it say there were alternative ways in which the UK could have worked to pressure for changes in Brussels…give them an ultimatum to “fix it or well be gone.” Unfortunately, this is a case of the Prime Minister miscalculation of political sentiment which resulted in England “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.
    Lastly, the Brexit vote was strangely an issue supported by the leadership of both the Labor and Tory parties. I am not sure why the Catholic Vote author is so unilaterally “anti establishment”. Those who voted to leave were largely the older and less educated population in rural England. Those who voted to remain were from London/Scotland/Northern Ireland and more educated and younger. Thus the youth will have to bear the burden of a decision about the future made by an older generation who will not have their futures hurt by this ill-advised vote. It appears that those wishing for a return of the days of “good ol’ England” voted with their hearts…but not their brains.
    Sadly they will suffer the consequences of their own ignorance…I believe they have “thrown the baby out with the bath water”.

    Again…thanks for sharing.

  3. Vladimir Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union / Russian Empire at a rapid rate , Donald Trump is saying he’ll take us out of NATO and CV is cheering European disunity in the name of “an often neglected but very important principle in Catholic social teaching” God help us!

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