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Amber Athey covers media and breaking news for The Daily Caller and is a columnist for CatholicVote.org. Prior to joining TheDC, Amber reported on instances of liberal bias and abuse for Campus Reform and was a member of the 2016-17 Koch Associate Program. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Government and Economics from Georgetown University in 2016. While in school, Amber chaired the GU College Republicans and the Club Field Hockey team. Follow her on Twitter @amber_athey.


    • If a cut in taxes reduces the benefits coming from the Government, there is nothing to stop us as Catholics from living up to our responsibility of Subsidary. That is we are to take care of the poor at the lowest and most personal level where we can do it successfully. Who would argue that Government agencies are the best at feeding the poor or caring for the elderly. Personal, human interaction of love and family happen at the lowest levels of helpin. That’s what Jesus wants. Not a priest like Fr. Martin who just happens to command the microphone.
      Turn it down Jim you should be asking do your insights make sense, not screaming we ought to believe.

      Dcn Ron Horan

      • I am all in favor of Catholics acting as you suggest and when their actions reach the point that there are unspent surpluses in the public accounts because they poor are being served by individuals, those surpluses can be applied to tax cuts for corporations and the ultrarich.

  1. Re condemnation from Catholic leaders: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    I missed the part of the Gospel where Jesus said: I was hungry and you had the government feed me.

    Is it possible that conservatives are more generous with their money because they don’t expect the government to do their giving? The last time I checked, paying taxes wasn’t voluntary.

  2. Louise Riccobene on

    I do not consider those mentioned above to be Catholic “leaders”. They get a lot of attention for their progressive views from progressive media sources but are not “leaders”. I thought this was going to be about the views of the USCCB, who are our leaders and most of them lost their sense of direction long ago.

  3. The last sentence speaks to the real problem, I think…..
    Liberals mistakenly believe that there are NO conservatives who are “people who truly have the best interests of the poor at heart”!!


    The GOP tax reform is awful. The biblical standard for policy reform is this: “Do not quench the Spirit.
    Do not despise prophetic utterances. Test everything; retain what is good. Refrain from every kind of evil.” 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22

    The national debt is being increased to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy, not to help the poor. The richest 10% have 85.6% of individual family wealth. Much of this wealth has never been taxed. Much of it is unrealized capital appreciation that will never be taxed, especially if the Estate Tax is eliminated (the House and Senate bills differ).

    The “evil” can be seen in the destruction of family life. 90% of the U.S. population only has 14.4% of family wealth – a slice of the pie that was 50% larger back in 1989. It is even worse when we focus on the poorer 50% of the population (over 150 million people) that now share just 0.5% of family wealth. Congress is increasing the national debt by twice the wealth owned by half the population. Studies show that family wealth is the most important correlate of children’s later success in life. Things have gotten so bad that only 26% of young adults from the poorer half of the population will marry. This leaves the rest to a life of promiscuity and 20 million new cases of STDs each year.

    Tax reform must be measured by the restoration of family wealth for 90% of the population. Reduce the C corporation rate but tax dividends and interest at normal rates. Replace the job killing payroll taxes with a VAT. We can have reform without being evil.


      Hello!!! The bill has not been reconciled between the two houses. Instead of wailing and weeping and gnashing your teeth, why don’t you do the grown-up thing and wait to see what actually get’s signed into law?

      • Br. Joshua Micheal, O.SS.T. on

        You mean wait for congress to pass another bill that no has had the opportunity to read or even debate in committee. The way this was pushed through the Senate, with hand written notes in the margins and a serious lack of collaboration, is shameful. I want congress to do its job and come up with tax-reform that will be fair for Americans across the economic spectrum. Starving the poor and the middle class to feed the already full bellies of the rich is not a tax system I want.

        • Phil Steinacker on

          With all due respect, Brother Joshua, it is clear you fail to read regularly over time from a wide enough range of sources to realize the lie put forth by Democrats about this tax cut.

          Your first line addresses the fact that the bill is “pushed through” via a short-cut process called “budget resolution”, without acknowledging that which it’s the exact same method used by Democrats to push through Obamacare without having to survive the filibuster which would have killed it. BTW, you are wrong – it WILL be read and debated in committee – in the conference committee formed by the House & the Senate. No shame about it – you just don’t like the result.

          As for fair tax-reform, your sense of fairness is not shaped by authentic Catholic teaching but rather, it seems infected by faux Catholic sensibilities driven by the socialist-minded values of the Left.

          That there was a small cut for the rich is fair because they pay the most taxes by far. Arguing over whether they should be denied a cut is a prudential consideration – NOT objective fairness. What is fair about not allowing those who pay the most to get a small amount of the relief coming to everyone else?

          As for starving the poor and middle class, this is simply false. Stop swallowing the rhetoric of the Left and read the details of the bill by those who know the facts. I won’t bother with the details; they are available for those willing to read sources not associated with the Left, and to be honest about what they find.

          Finally, it is your use of the tired, worn socialist rhetoric in your last sentence which betrays your ignorance and/or your attachment to the rabid ravings of the left. Such language renders your arguments not credible, Brother, and demonstrates how the Church has been infiltrated by George Soros-type acolytes rather than saints.

  5. Liberalism is a sin. It is man centered only! Always has been and always will be. One doesn’t need anymore proof than to observe the Conciliar’s Church “clergy”, “religious”. They have been spewing the SJW/Liberation Theology novelty, nonsense and heresy for the last 50+ years. The results are in….empty Churches and seminaries run by an aging liberals.

  6. Since the author doesn’t have the courage to actually address the substance of the bill, perhaps the author can now attempt to make a Catholic case for:

    -Taxing income that is directly used to pay other taxes (local, state, property)
    -Taxing graduate students to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy
    -Ending the Alternative Minimum Tax, which would give our President a lower tax rate than pretty much all of us commenting here, despite his declared income in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

  7. The Reverends want to help the poor and helpless? Amen! Once they’re done with their cheap self-righteous pontificating about tax cuts, here’s what they can actually DO instead of moral grandstanding: they can get every parish to open its doors at night to the homeless and give them a dinner or breakfast. I don’t know of a single parish in my vicinity that does this. And I’ve made efforts to get them to. Now let these Reverends DO something instead of engaging in such cheap moral superiority.

  8. Prior to all the gov’t aid for the poor that started in the 1950’s, this was taken care of by the church and their members. Keep in mind, a family that was in need was helped out, including work for the man of the house. After the gov’t took over, the aid started only for women and children. These women can not get aid if there is a man in the home. So think about it. What the church did was help the entire family with food and aid, and the got the husband back on his feet and back to work. Today the aid does not include the man of the house. The gov’t only helps the mother and child. They have seperated the family.

  9. Our bishops should stick to their ministry and avoid politics; it is insulting to us lay folk that they always mouth the Democrat Party talking points. The Party of Death….

    • Correct, who did Jesus give the mission to? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the infirmed and incarcerated. Jesus asked us to take on that mission, Jesus did not ask Ceaser or the gov’t to do that.

  10. I believe that the eminent fathers with their positive and negative comments on the tax bill with corresponding Gospel justifications are doing the Church a poor service. When it came to taxes, Jesus said, “render unto Caesar…”

    Regardless of the tax bill, all Christians have a responsibility to the poor. A particular position on the US tax bill does not relieve the Christian of this responsibility.

  11. To the Catholic Left, Catholicism equals socialism, big government is so very good and all illegal immigrants are saints who should be venerated as such.
    The bottom line, the Catholic Left will never place the Faith ahead of the DNC agenda. Name one who will defend the Faith clearly and forcefully.

  12. I recall a time when the Church had an influence on politics even though the thought of a Catholic president was anathema to the Protestant US. It injected a certain moral stability into the democrat party. Today, the opposite occurs. Democrat politics, especially anti-life and economic leveling infest the Catholic Church, up to and including, our ordinaries. Condemnation of Catholic politicians who support clearly immoral laws is practically nonexistent. Any attempt to do so is regarded and “intolerant” and hate speech. The recent election in Austria shows that voters are fed up with policies of immoral hedonism. Possibly this idea will find its way across the Atlantic to this country.

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