What Will Pope Francis Say to Trump When They Meet?


Word on the street is that President Trump will meet with Pope Francis within the next few months.

The prospect of these two coming face to face no doubt has some people drooling with anticipation as they imagine the dressing down the American president will receive at the hand of the Catholic pontiff.  By the same token, there may be others who harbor secret fantasies about the Pope getting harangued by Trump.

To be sure, both men seem to share a certain enthusiasm for letting people know just how they feel about things.  What they don’t share are the same views on a few issues that happen to be quite the issues right now.  Like immigration, refugees, etc.

Hence the frenzied glee among those hoping to see a fireworks show once Pope and President have exchanged the required gifts and pleasantries.

Not so fast, says Fr. Raymond de Souza.  In an informative and insightful article, Fr. de Souza reminds us of one issue that many of us haven’t been giving as much thought lately (for the best of reasons) but that could have Pope Francis slapping Trump’s back and thanking him.

That issue, of course, is religious freedom.

Remember how bad it was getting?  Remember how bad it would have gotten if on November 8 it had gone the other way?  Remember how bad it can still get if we aren’t vigilant?  Fr. de Souza reminds us, and makes a compelling argument that Pope Francis and Donald Trump share the same very strong opinion on a very important issue.

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  1. Still piling on Clinton! Did she look presidential? Yes! Did she do anything Catholic? Yes! At the annual Al Smith dinner she mentioned Catholic Charities and their good work, She acknowledges Cardinal Dolan. What did Trump do? He got right to his natural diatribe of blasting Clinton. Some contrast and he still is not near presidential!
    I suggest that the Pontiff challenge Trump for his credentials, slam him for his perpetual mis-direction and lying and loading his cabinet with ultra-right talking heads.

    • Morgan-

      President Obama was hostile to the Church. Period.

      Mrs. Clinton had nothing on offer to tell us she’d be any different. She’s a more rabid abortion advocate than any candidate had ever been. Cecile Richards decorated her campaign stages.

      The Pope knew HER credentials, I bet.

    • Clinton did something Catholic? What can you possibly mean? The only thing she has in common with most Catholics is that she doesn`t attend Mass on Sundays, either.

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