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Lori Ann Watson is originally from Texas and now lives in Florida. She is a teacher of the year-turned-homeschooling mom, and she primarily writes these days to affirm Catholic values in the world and to encourage mothers. Her pro-life picture book for children, Beginnings, is here: http://cvote.cc/2aqhsdm. She blogs about the beauty of Catholicism at www.kitchentablecatholic.com.


      • No, this is not coming from a catholic source but a trump source. Catholics will NEVER tell you who to vote for. This is fake. Im a practicing Catholic and Im voting for Hillary Clinton but wont tell others not to vote him. Even the Devil knows the scriptures or our faith. The lease of two evils is Hillary by far.

        • If you truly knew our Catholic faith (I am a devout practicing Catholic), you would under no circumstances vote for a candidate who supports such evils as pre-born baby killing and euthanasia. HC also supports many other moral evils. She has said religious beliefs have to change. And you are WRONG – many Catholics, including priests are speaking out against voting for candidates such as HC who support these evils that go against Gods moral law and church teaching. If you do vote for HC you will be putting your soul in danger. I will pray for you.

        • Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on

          When you vote for Hillary Clinton, you will be committing a mortal sin. You will be giving your formal approval to abortion, partial-birth abortion, forcing other Catholics to pay for abortions, You will be voting to increase by 650% the influx of terrorists from Syria, and the increase of terrorists from many other sources. You will be voting for a vast increase in the invasion from Mexico.

          The only reason you may have the impression that “Catholics” won’t tell you who to vote for is that you hang out with other pro-abortion apostate Catholics like yourself.

          • Father this is so shameful, I think that at The End the person commiting the sin is the one responsible and in the other hand we have to trust in our Lord, he has the power to stop all this any time but he has given us free will so he is permitting all of this you see so why worry and why make good people feel guilty, I voted for trump and I feel ashamed to my self for doing this, because you see he is a lier and he is
            only saying that he is prolife, to win the church but he is not really prolife since he has some exemptions. I think all this is a scam and we Catholics are looking so bad. Even the pope said a person that wants to build a wall between countries is not Christian. Trump is the devil in person. Someone that instigates so much hate has to be the father of all lies.

          • Thank you Father. As a convert and devout practicing Catholic, I am so thankful for priests who stand up for the faith and our Lord Jesus Christ. I will devote my next adoration hour to pray for you.

          • Bruce Peterson on

            No name says that the pope has said that anyone who builds a wall between countries is not a Christian. This from a man who lives behind walls. Does the pope know that Mexico has built a wall on its Southern border to keep out illegal immigrants? Does the pope understand that our unprotected border allows poor people to be brought into this country to become prostitutes or workers in sweat shops? Does the Vatican have open borders?

        • Of course Jose, children die all the time, why not kill them in the womb. Strong argument for Clinton there Jose. Something Jesus would do…abort children. It’s so democrat like. Don’t want to inconvenience anyone with a little thing like pregnancy huh?

      • Well, in an interview with Catholic reporter Raymond Orroyo, Mr. Trump said he has a friend who chose to not abort and the child has grown to a respectacle young person….which changed his mind profoundly regarding abortion. He believes the right to life is important to him.

      • No. It will be necessary to defend the country. Why would someone with a loving family start a nuclear war? Do you just like to scare people with opinions based on nothing but democratic propaganda? You’re a sheep. You’ve been told what you think. You have no personal integrity. Another lemming drinks the Clinton Kool Aid. Looking for a welfare check from the good taxpayers of this country Charlie?

    • This is the first that I’ve heard that the corporal works of mercy were mere suggestions!

      And I could have saved so much time and money had I just taken the ‘meh, no thanks!’ road.

  1. Lori, you leave little wiggle room for many Catholics. You need to paint with a finer brush when you say “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion”.
    “That’s absolute, objective teaching. It draws a clear line and tells us never to cross it”.
    “Each voter who casts a ballot for Clinton will (if Clinton is elected) enable her to expand the evil of intentional killing, and these voters will fail to do all that they can to hinder her goals”.
    Is this not going over the church/state separation line? Does this position not demand a clear definition of “Pro-life”, which many Catholics interpret to mean “with exceptions”. If we read the church’s position correctly… “A woman who deliberately destroys a fetus is answerable for murder. And any fine distinction as to its being completely formed or unformed is not admissible among us.” That says there are NO exceptions for rape, incest or medically determined to save the mother’s life. Per Catholic Culture.org.

    You label Clinton a one-issue candidate. You make her look like she actually performs the abortions herself… ghoulish! You say nothing about Clinton’s post graduate years of devotion to children, where she changed many young lives.

    Contrast that to Trump’s focus and devotion to only one person… himself. If he wins it will be a first. A billionaire moving into public housing being vacated by a black man.

    • Lori is right…there are no exceptions. Killing an innocent person is never justified. Rape and incest create an innocent person. As regrettable and terrible as such situations are, Truth is still Truth.

    • Morgand,

      There is no wiggle room. Catholics who vote for Hillary are participating in murder. They are complicit with this crime. Lori does not label Clinton a one-issue candidate but correctly identifies her support of intentional abortion as an absolute sin. All the other issues are secondary. All complaints about Trump are irrelevant.

      Dan Lauffer

    • “Is this not going over the church/state separation line?” No. The First Amendment restrains the government from favoring one “establishment” of religion over another, or hindering the free practice of religion. It does NOT limit the churches in relation to government, much less civic affairs.

      • Jesus died for our sins. We are to live in the present. And we should vote the Bible. Isn’t that right?Why is there a question about who we should vote for. We vote as we understand what God would want us to according to the word. Hillary Clinton is for partial birth abortion and Donald Trump is pro-life.
        There are many more issues, but I think the choice is clear as a Christian.

    • Morgand, you cannot equate someone doing a good deed with their enabling others to commit murder. I am sorry but this a one issue election. The issue is sanctity of life.
      I need not “perform” an assisted suicide to be guilty of the associated death caused by it. If I give you the drugs, tell you how to inject them and them do nothing as you inject them ultimately causing your death I am guilty of your murder.
      The excuse that you may be terminally ill does not decrease my guilt anymore than a child conceived through rape or incest diminishes the murder that takes place when they are aborted.
      The “Church of Nice” always wants us to find the good in a person no matter how flawed they may be so I am sure you can find something redeeming that Hillary has done to round off the evil edge a bit.
      This is a person who has said “Deep seated personal and religious beliefs need to be changed” in order for her to achieve her agenda..I have a difficult time casting a vote for a women who dedicated her Master’s Thesis to Saul Alinsky. Alinsky dedicated his book “Rule for Radical” to Lucifer.
      Please make the right choice.

    • Hillary is a liar…! and for you to actually say she has done so much for children you bypass the fact of all the evil she had done to children, the unborn, and how much more she will do to future unborn children who will be killed at the behest of her laws which she will pass if, God forbid, she is elected she will pass laws to make abortion available at any time during pregnancy up to the point of birth…! NO one should vote at any time for any Democrat…! Period…!

      • Amen Her history in corruption and lies
        Only add to her list of why nots
        She used her “Clinton foundation ”
        “Donations” to pay for Chelsea wedding and living expenses
        It’s all about her and hers
        The blood of the unborn is crying to us to STOP this evil woman! We will be found guilty of their blood on OUR hands, if we do not stop her

    • The bottom line on abortion is that two living human beings enter the abortionist’s office and only one living human being leaves.

      That’s all there is, Morgan.

      You can rationalize your sublimation of this fact all day, every day, but that’s what it is.

      HRC’s support of abortion assuredly “changed many young lives”, hasn’t it?

    • “Is this not going over the church/state separation line?”

      Lori Ann Watson is not a Catholic cleric speaking from the pulpit.

      The more you post, the more you come across as a DNC shill.

      • Good point Ram! What is this thing called the “church/state separation line”???? I’m aware there is something which says congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….What does Lori have to do with congress?


      I support much of what you say, partic H.C. track record with children’s causes, etc. The better of the 2 running, for Pres of our great country is hands down her… She would beat all of the orig 9-10 candidates who ran..DT doesn’t have a clue about anything he is asked partic about our country, what we need, plans to make better many areas in the US..She HAS A PLAN, MANY PLANS AND WILL SUCCEED once given the opportunities….

    • Yes, and what ever happened to the 2nd Commandment which is as important as the first of Loving God with our Whole Heart, Soul and Might? Love one another as I have Loved You, is quite important when aiding molested women and assisting them in protecting their bodies, minds and souls! We hope and pray daily that our actions will be directed towards those two commandments as much as we possibly can, so just how do we show love for the Trump type, I guess just pray for him instead of voting for him? Everybody has some hope and perhaps Clinton seems to act in some areas we don’t see as loving, but can we truly judge her? We can also pray for her as well as work with our other lawmakers to create the laws we do desire for the governing of our beautiful country. May God Bless America and guide us thru not only these elections, but continue to turn our hearts to loving and caring ones which our Dear Pope Francis is trying to instruct us to do. God Bless.

    • Morgan you are very mistaken about Trump. He has out of his own pocket been sending aid to all recent flood areas and victims. If he only cared for himself he’d be bragging about it.
      He recently said he had a spiritual awakening. I’very seen a very different man, since.
      “Change has to come from outside this broken system. The fact that the Washington establishment has tried so hard to stop our campaign is only more proof that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime.”

      “I am asking the American people to rise above the noise and the clutter of our broken politics, and to embrace that great faith and optimism that has always been the central ingredient in the American character. I am asking you to dream big,”

      Donald Trump ~ Gettysburg 2016

    • Trump has employed more people, payed more wages and helped more families have money to raise their children then Hillary ever did. In fact she never did.

    • You are confusing or mixing ideology with theology !! Can’t have it both ways . I don’t think that trump is anywhere near as narcissistic as Hillary.. Besides that, whatever Trump is or isn’t in no way justifies what Hillary does.

      Lying and stealing are also morally wrong !

    • Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on

      You are merely repeating fantasies when you talk about Hillary’s devotion to children.

      You repeat an absolutely baseless smear when you say that Trump is devoted only to himself. You don’t even pretend to provide evidence.

      You are pro-abortion. This is why you support Hillary, and it explains why you are a liar.

      A vote for Hillary Clinton is a mortal sin because she tirelessly announces that she will commit millions of murders once in office.

  2. Then write-in the Pope as your choice of President. If you think for one minute that Trump is going to seek change, in any way, with Roe v Wade then think again. He is already despised by the vast swath of woman across the country and, with his outrageous misogynistic attitude and comments (see the NYT and Washington Post in today’s papers), there is no possibility that religiosity will suddenly overtake this utter sham of a gentleman.

    • And you think we don’t see the disgusting Corruption of Hillary supporting her husband ,not “locker room talk” which probably he does, but of actually raping women?

    • Oliver Oombahfah on

      Bravo, Rich! Trump will do NOTHING to overturn Roe v. Wade. At least the number of abortions has decreased under Clinton and Obama. At least that’s saying something.

    • So you don’t think God is powerful enough to overtake this man? I do. Trump does not deny there is a God and honestly, some crude remarks made years ago are a blip in the big picture. He’s not actively seeking to take away religious freedom from Christian faiths.

  3. It’s people like you Lori that will ensure that Republican’s will never overturn Roe v. Wade, your vote is simply too easy. Please recognize that after the election this topic will go back on the shelf where it will stay until another politician needs to use it. If you think I’m wrong, do some homework and look at how eager George W. Bush was in 2000 when he, and the Congress, had the majority. Guess which legislation never made it to the floor? I’ll let you figure it out. While I believe in the Church’s teaching, I don’t believe in politicians’ promises, no matter what party.

    • Judson E. Crump on

      Tex is absolutely right. Does nobody at Catholic Vote remember that there’s been a Republican majority on the Supreme Court for over 30 years? That since 1980, 7 justices have been appointed by Repblicans and only 4 by Democrats? They’ve had 30 years to overturn Roe v. Wade. They have consistently chosen not to. There is a reason for this. The minute Roe v. Wade gets overturned, there would be absolutely no morally acceptable reason for any Catholic to ever vote Republican.

      Also, consider this: if, as you say, voters are putting their souls at risk by voting for Hillary, that amounts to millions of people risking eternal damnation every 4 years. Do you honestly think that if there were a moral crisis that massive that the Pope would warn us about it? If we were risking grave sin by voting for Hillary, the Pope would have mentioned it at least once by now. But what did he say about voting? Pray, consider their policies, and vote your conscience.

      Either the author really just hasn’t thought about this much, or you’re a paid political hack trying to scare good Catholics into voting for your corporate lobbyist sponsors.

      • So because “congress” won’t overturn the brutal murder of the unborn, you stop fighting? God knows their name even before they were born.
        Yet you give in to this horror

    • TEX please look at BOTH sides of this coin. You might be correct that if Trump gets elected this issue may get shelved. But I might also be right that if Hillary is elected, she will do everything in her power to use your tax dollars to promote and expand the intrinsic evil that is abortion.

      She is already on record making statements to the effect that religion is going to have to change to bend to the secular world view. Not something I want my president pushing.

  4. You are correct. Until Catholics become militant in their Faith and transform society by their militancy and demand for a Christian society we will continue to get people like Hillary, and pseudo-Catholics like Biden and Kaine.

    We are commanded to restore all things in Christ, not to pander to the lesser of the evils.

  5. Those without sin cast the first stone.
    Both are sinners, we are sinners.
    One is for agressive abortion. The other is not.
    Vote Trump/Pence 2016.

  6. I wish you would add “also a NO vote for ANY Democrat, since the Democrat platform is evil. Remember, voting for a Democrat brings us Judges, Senators, Congressman, Mayors, Council people etc. on the same evil purpose.

  7. This article is wrong. It simply is not true that a Catholic cannot, under any circumstances, vote for a pro-choice politician. As stated by then-Cardinal Ratzinger:

    “A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.”

    It cannot be seriously disputed that a person in good faith could conclude that Trump — both in terms of him personally (see, for example, the latest Trump outrage) as well as his positions — presents “proportionate reasons” for voting for Clinton. I am not saying everyone must come to that conclusion, only that a Catholic in good faith could come to that conclusion.

    Moreover, putting aside the present election, the quote from then-Cardinal Ratzinger makes clear that the statement in the article that “Nothing can balance a bad stance on human life” is false.

    This is typical of “Catholic” vote, which is not really Catholic in the true and full sense of the word, but is actually only a subset of politically conservative Catholics cherry picking Church teaching to support their personal preferences.

    • Greg you are wrong. The church allows for you to not vote for either candidate but would never permit a vote for Hillary UNLESS another more damaging candidate was our only choice which would be unlikely. In this election voting for Hillary could not possibly be allowed for Catholics. I would not vote for Hillary or someone more heinous than her. That would be a no vote year.

  8. “Some of us are still conflicted about Donald Trump…..”. I understand “Can’t Vote For Hillary”, but “Still Conflicted About Donald Trump”??? Seriously ? When will CatholicVote finally say “No Catholic can vote for Donald Trump in good conscience”? When he gropes a Pregnant woman in the _____, and therefore an unborn baby is also involved? When he recommends that a pregnant woman has an abortion because she looks too fat? Even then CatholicVote will only be “still conflicted”. God help us !

    • Priscilla Gray on

      As Fr Pacwa says, you vote for THE pro-life agenda. PERIOD. You needn’t be in love with Trump. It’s not about personality. It’s about murdering the unborn.

      • except trump is very much in favor of the death penalty. it says no one can ask for the killing of another, nor can a legitimate authority support that option. it doesn’t say” unless the person committed a grave crime”. as the poster writes, it is pretty clear and absolute, no killing. period. so you can’t vote for a pro-choice candidate, regardless of what they practice in their personal lives( effectively a religious test for office), but neither then should you vote for any pro- death penalty candidate for the very same reason. under these rules, Catholics actually have very few candidates at any level who they can vote for. so long as “pro-life” catholics continue to not hold Abortion and the death penalty as equally wrong (which by the very quotes op posted they are), then they seem more like pro- religious test for office/ forced pregnancy to me than actually pro-life.

    • Don’t vote for him, but do pray that he will open his heart to help us make changes with Clinton as our leader. There’s always hope?

  9. Spot on Correct.
    But you will never get clarity such as this from the USCCB.
    One candidate is indifferent to the Church but not an enemy of the Church. The other candidate absolutely despises the Church and the core teachings of the Faith.
    The archbishop of Philadelphia and many other bishops perform theological gymnastics to make both candidates appear equally poor.
    They are not. And the bishops know it.
    But follow the $$$, dear pewsitters, follow the $$$.

  10. The premise of this article is false, namely, the assertion that under no circumstances can a Catholic vote for a pro-choice politician. Or, in the words of the author: “Nothing can balance a bad stance on human life.”

    As then Cardinal Ratzinger wrote: “A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.]” See http://www.priestsforlife.org/magisterium/bishops/04-07ratzingerommunion.htm

    Accordingly, if sufficient reasons exist and the person’s intention is not to support abortion, then a Catholic can vote for a pro-choice politician.

    I put this in a comment earlier today which also made the point that Catholic Vote is not fully Catholic but really just a subset of politically conservative Catholics that cherry pick Church teaching to support their positions. Proving my point, they deleted my comment. I hope they have the integrity to leave this comment, but highly doubt it.

  11. I was born into a Catholic family, educated at a Catholic High School and attended one year at a Catholic University. i began to question the Church when I was about 13. Became an Agnostic in my early 20s. If you pay any attention to history you must admit that the Catholic Church is responsible for killing more humans than any other organization on earth. Human life sacred? What about the Crusades, the inquisition, the colonization of the Americas. The church is and always has been power through guilt. Morality is relative to the society where in it exists. No government, no religious organization should legislate personal choice.

    • You’re so wrong. You don’t have the facts about numbers of people killed. Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao were responsible for the deaths of many millions. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge managed to kill 1.5 million Cambodians in 4 years!
      The Inquisition, which was established by the State and implemented by the Church, was responsible for about 10,000 deaths over 600 years. Same thing with the Crusades, which were fought to reclaim the Holy Land from the Muslims who had conquered it. And the Native Americans. I’m not saying that killing anyone is a good thing. But the Church’s role in these things is small potatoes compared to the atheistic, Communist regimes of the last century.

    • That has nothing to do with this conversation or the issue at hand. This is typical athiest/agnostic/former Catholic speak as an attempt to dilute or distract the matter at hand.

      Every religion has a history of killing and war. This wearisome complaint that religion causes more wars than any other factor – not true.

      The Crusades were not simply unprovoked aggression – such as the Holocaust or The Great Leap Forward – they were defensive moves to protect Christendom from Muslim invasion. Muslims had been attacking Christians for more than 450 years before the First Crusade.

      While there’s no denying that campaigns such as the Crusades and the Thirty Years’ War foundationally rested on religious ideology, it is simply incorrect to assert that religion has been the primary cause of war. Out of the more than 1700 wars chronicled throughout history, only 123 were religious in nature.

      That means that all faiths combined – minus Islam – have caused less than 4% of all of humanity’s wars and violent conflicts. Further, they played no motivating role in the major wars that have resulted in the most loss of life. Like:

      Joseph Stalin – 42,672,000
      Mao Zedong – 37,828,000
      Adolf Hitler – 20,946,000
      Chiang Kai-shek – 10,214,000
      Vladimir Lenin – 4,017,000
      Hideki Tojo – 3,990,000
      Pol Pot – 2,397,000

  12. George Kadlec on

    Archbishop Fulton Sheen made the perfect distinction between someone who is bad, and someone who is evil. A bad person does bad things — steals, lies, cheats. An evil person seeks to destroy goodness, virtue, honor, decency, morality and truth.

    Like goodness, there is a hierarchy to evil as well. Not all evil is equally malicious, just as all good is not equally sublime.
    By this Saintly Archbishop’s definition Tim Kaine can be defined as evil. Of course, by extension, Hillary Clinton is the same. Mr. Trump has a long way to go to come close to these two. A Catholic who practices their Faith has not other option but to vote to limit evil.

    When listening to many of our Bishops speak on the matter I am reminded of what St. Athanasius said, who was the first Doctor of the Church and known as the Father of Orthodoxy “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops.”

    “If abortion is not wrong then nothing is wrong.” – Mother Teresa

    • As a retired Pastor and College Professor I could not have said this any better. Thank you for laying out the distinction between bad and evil.

    • I’m trying to make sure I understand the distinction. So, basically what Archbishop Shean was saying is that evil is a more decisive thing than badness? Badness is more like weakness, whereas evil is comes from a more hardened intent to thwart the good. Badness, on the other hand, is more like failure to cooperate in the good? Would you say that describes the distinction he is trying to make?

  13. Social Justice issues are in and of themselves pro-life issues according to the Church. We must stop splitting hairs here. Otherwise, call the pro-life movement what it is: pro-birth only.

    The author is in direct contradiction with Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) when it comes to reasons we can or cannot vote for a candidate:

    “When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.” -Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

    So the argument goes that we need “proportionate reasons”. Lest the imagination fail us, here are a few examples of such proportionate reasons:

    1. The other candidate shares the same opinion on abortion.

    2. The other candidate, while seeking to make abortion illegal, has other stances that are more pro-death than the abortion candidate.

    3. The anti-abortion candidate has little to no ability to actually make abortion illegal and has other unacceptable positions on matters of social justice (real pro-life issues).

    The real sin comes from intending your vote to promote sinful legislation. It would be just as much a sin to vote for a candidate to promote their views on racism, oppression of the poor, defrauding a laborer of their wages, etc. but where are the homilies / articles / blogs about these issues?

    Would the author advocate for a candidate who wanted to make abortion illegal but bring back slavery? I certainly would hope not but the article seems to boil everything down to checking off one box and one box only: making abortion illegal. I guess articles like this are the fruit of decades of homilies that focus solely on abortion and ignore other life issues worth voting on.

  14. If you can’t vote for Trump or Clinton may I suggest you look at Gary Johnson? “But he is pro-abortion!” you might say. Yes but he is a different flavor of it. At the federal level he is a constitutionalist, small government libertarian. He thinks Roe vs Wade is a case of government over reach and he is for having abortion and many other life issues left up to the states. So although he is pro-choice he would not likely do anything to further abortion at the federal level and would actually be more likely to get the feds out of the issue altogether and appoint supreme court judges that would be favorable to overturning RvW.

  15. Jesus Christ, Messiah the living son of God, gave clear instructions regarding sin in the church, in his own words found in the Gospels. . They are to be driven out if they don’t repent from their ways. Welcomed back when they do. Because of the Bishops being no better than temple Pharisees, “Seekers of Smooth Things” they have allowed wolves among the ship. Spreading false doctrines, and causing many to stumble.

  16. If people think that voting for a criminal is somehow superior to an egotistical maniac, there’s no reversing the brain damage. It’s unconstitutional to fund abortion. Nothing in the 10th Amendment gave the federal government to do such an evil thing. Now through the years of legislation, somehow a workaround was put in place that goes against the grain of the 10th Amendment, it still doesn’t make it right. I know people who turns yes’ into no’s and vice versa to justify whatever they want including abortion.

    Matthew 5:37Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)
    37 But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

    • Trump is a good man and a better human being than Hillary will ever be… he is honest in his remarks and does not talk behind doors one way and then lies to the public when on the campaign as Hillary is doing. Trusting Trump is easy, distrusting and not voting for Hillary is even easier…!

    • If you think like MorganD does, then you’re doing likewise.

      We know that HRC believes abortion is a social good. We KNOW that.

  17. Lori – I was so happy to find your article. In my opinion, any person of faith who doesn’t heed your advice when voting does so at their own immortal peril. Jesus was clear about hypocrites. It is so easy for Catholics to fall under the spell of the pied pipers of death and their twisted logic (as expressed by some in these comments). And we should remember that to decide not to vote (because you don’t like Trump either) is, by default, also a vote for death. All Catholics must vote for the presidential candidate who most closely matches their values and who has a chance of winning. Unfortunately, that only leaves Trump this time around.

  18. Free Will, god gets to judge not us! and what about gun violence, protecting the poor from the rich, protecting god’s planet etc.

  19. First, the republican platform and the candidates at large are pro-death penalty, have no social conscience, and Trump specifically has been pro-choice most of his life. His current stand is nothing but convenience, and he will not fight for one single unborn life. Second, all those being true, I will choose a candidate who promotes and has defended women and children her entire career, promotes social justice, and specifically has not confessed to sexually assaulting women.


    for republicans an unborn child has the right to live, after birth they have no right for equality, welfare, foodstamps, healthcare, etc… every basic needs of a human being.


    for republicans an unborn child has the right to live, after birth they have no right for equality, education, welfare, foodstamps, healthcare, etc… every basic needs of a human being. HYPOCRITE MUCH!?!

  22. Priscilla Gray on

    These CatholicVote people talk a lot and accomplish nothing. Only ONE candidate has committed to protecting innocent life and actually given us a list of judges. Many of us have Catholic and pro-life friends working on his campaign in appointments made by him. The other candidate is downright evil. As Fr Mitch Pacwa said, you are not voting for sainthood. Vote pro-life.

    • Early in the process, Pope Francis warned us that this man is not Christian…. do you remember that reference, as that is what really spoke to me and I watched everything Trump said after that which only proved what was stated. Trump is truly more political than most believe, as he uses free use of any laws he can manipulate to his personal advantages. His real goal is to become the most powerful man on earth?

      • If the Pope said that, which he did not, that would mean that he somehow knows a man’s heart, mind, soul and view towards eternity, which he does not. Pope Francis cannot vote in our election and has no formal opinion and I would be very careful in assuming what he may have said out of anger or frustration was in any way indicating someone of not being a Christian. Donald Trump says he is a Christian and only God knows his heart . If you have read something that you interpret that way, that’s because you are reading it with a left minded bias. What the Pope said about Donald Trump was hurtful to him, and rightfully so. As a Catholic I know that when Pope Francis expresses his personal opinion on a matter of faith or morals (or any other topic), and given that the Magisterium has no definitive teaching on the subject, the faithful Catholic is free to disagree. In this case, I absolutely do. I would not look to a non-US Citizen who grew up in a very, very different political culture, for voting advice.

  23. Chris McCarthy on

    While Roe v Wade will probably never be overturned, are we not obligated to make every attempt to save even a single life? There is very clear evidence, throughout years of policy making and declarations that Clinton will make every effort to eliminate every barrier to kill as many babies as possible. Using our tax dollars and funding organizations like Planned Parenthood. As Catholics we must weigh life above all matters. Donald trump is not a good man, he is self serving because of his social and financial stature he typically goes unchecked.BUT, he has promised to fill our courts with pro-life judges, he will work with congress to limit access to abortion clinics, and in turn save many many lives. The choice is simple, Trump is far from ideal, and therefore sinful, Clinton is evil, nothing is out of bounds for this woman, and she will do anything, and say anything to secure a vote.

  24. Catholic social teaching clearly shows that we cannot vote for either Hilary or Trump (questions about Catholic social teaching in regards to Trump? Check out this letter written by over 35 of the strongest America ethicists and theologians in the Catholic Church: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/432437/donald-trump-catholic-opposition-statement.) Thus, our only choice is to vote for a 3rd party. The Catholic vote in America is incredibly powerful!! If all of us choose a 3rd party, there is a chance! (Here’s another article about the need for a write-in: https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2016/08/trump-kaine-and-more-illusions)

    • A Catholic cannot be excommunicated for voting for a candidate with strong opinions about immigration or global warming. They can by voting for a candidate who, right here right now, is solidly pro abortion.

  25. Make no mistake: we have TWO pro-choice candidates, not one. Trump has been pro-choice all his life and only says he is pro-life NOW – when it benefits him politically, and his words and actions have shown that he does ONLY what benefits him. Given that he lies regularly and switches positions back and forth even within the same DAY, he cannot be trusted. He is not a good man.

    And think about this: the pro-life GOP hasn’t outlawed abortion during these years of a GOP-controlled Congress with a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, years when they could override a veto…they had the chance. But they didn’t act. Why? Because abortion is a way to control voters – to keep voters electing GOP candidates HOPING they’ll outlaw abortion, but they never will. It’s too valuable a political tool. They are using people of faith to keep themselves in power, dangling that abortion carrot in front of us and we buy the lie and vote for ’em. I’m not playing their game this time.

    So I’m with Sec. Clinton. She is better qualified to lead the nation and our best hope to avoid yet another war. Voting for her is not a mortal sin; it never was.

    And by the way, if the church wants to tell us how to vote, they can start paying taxes right now.

    • I’m not buying the carrot argument. If abortion were outlawed, pro life people would still have to continue to elect Republican to ensure it stayed that way. As for how pro-life Trump is, I think that’s a judgement call. To me, he seems like someone who hasn’t really thought it through 100%, but from watching the last debate it looked and sounded like he was genuinely against the partial birth abortion at least. With enough conscience pricks he may take the argument the whole way. Also, if he’s using it as a political tool, he’s doing a horrible job. I for one, wanted to punch him for refusing to answer the Roe v. Wade question more decisively. Also, it seems like the entire Russian country would disagree with you on Clinton being way to avoid war.

  26. Think obout this…who is the number one institution who is pro life? If pp gets defunded…who will donate to her…it’s a symbiotic relationship between her and pp.

  27. The Church instructs the faithful on voting in order that we make the best choice with the candidates we are presented with. Killary has not only advocated killing babies up to the time just before birth, she has had people killed and let those representing our country in Benghazi to die. We may as well elect Al Capone for president if she gets elected. Trump is not if the establishment and the very reason I will vote for him. There is a chance we can make a difference if we vote for him. None at all if voting for Killary.
    Overturning Roe vs. Wade is going to be a task that requires way more than a President being elected. It requires a revolution. We as Catholics for the most part pick and choose items from the cafeteria now. We don’t use our voices or get involved in making a real stand against abortion. We throw up our hands and say that if the Pope wants to tell us what to do he should pay our taxes. If one does not like the Pope or his authority then join a church you can live with. We need members that are fully committed to Catholicism not the Burger King have it your way Catholics of which there are too many. We will never be effective at overturning evil until we pray fast attend confession and Mass regularly. Christ didn’t come the first time to tell us what we wanted to hear and he won’t the second time he comes. We aren’t voting for a Saint. No President has come close to that. We vote for who has the opportunity to help the most lives. And right now that is Trump.

  28. But how does one reconcile the comment: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? … with a culture of life?

    • Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on


      When Hillary said she is in favor of ripping babies out of the womb, stabbing them in the neck with scissors, sucking out their brains, collapsing the skull, and pulling them out dead, she was not making a joke.

  29. Why Catholics CAN vote for Hillary and other pro-life candidates:

    Church is Not a Party Boss

    Miami Archbishop John C. Favalora snuffed out an attempt by the Alliance Defense Fund, a consortium of conservative Christian groups, to encourage pastors in his diocese “to join their Pulpit Freedom Initiative by preaching a sermon ‘that addresses the candidates for government office in light of the truth of Scripture.’”

    Issued on September 12 in the form of a letter, Archbishop Favalora’s statement to his flock is titled, Why we don’t take sides on candidates. His words are measured and calm.

    Favalora said the group, which advocates for what it terms “Christian legal issues,” is attempting to challenge the Internal Revenue Services’s rules restricting non-profit organizations from advocating for particular political parties or candidates.

    Favalora opined that scriptural truth “is not that easy to attain. What is more “true” in terms of scripture: The Old Testament passage that says ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ or Jesus’ admonition to ‘turn the other cheek’?”

    He added that the Catholic church not only values Scripture, but also “2,000 years of oral and written tradition.”

    He said the church cannot be compared to a “party boss” and will not tell people how to vote.

    “When church leaders speak on issues such as immigration, poverty, health care, abortion, war or embryonic stem cell research, we are not telling people how to vote. We are reminding them of the moral teachings that should inform their lives, and as a result, their votes,” he wrote.

    Favalora said the church “will speak in support of legislation that we consider to be morally sound and beneficial to the whole community” regardless of party or candidate. “That is our duty as teachers and successors of the apostles.” favalora.jpg

    “Your duty as Catholics,” Favalora wrote, “is to listen to those teachings before making rational, informed, conscientious decisions regarding whom or what to vote for.”



    • Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on

      Favalora is pro-abortion. He knows he cannot get away with saying so, so he does the next best thing–just like many other Yellow-Dog Democrat pro-abortion bishops–which is to blather about “conscience,” as though that justifies voting for mass murderers.

  30. I have a question on how this applies to the death penalty. If, by your logic, a Catholic cannot in good conscience vote for anyone who supports policies which violate the sanctity of life, how can you justify voting for Trump when he supports the use of capital punishment? Does the killing of convicts not also violate the sanctity of life?

    • Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on

      Have you ever seen or read about an unborn baby who had murdered someone?

      The Catholic Church does not teach that inflicting the death penalty is murder. In Evangelium Vitae, immediately after recommending that the death penalty be used only rarely, JPII said that the situation with abortion is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, because in abortion the victim is ALWAYS TOTALLY INNOCENT.

  31. William Glenn Johnson on

    Since there is great concern on this thread about who to cast votes for in the Presidential Election, I am repeating my opinion column for Roman Catholics. As in the past two presidential elections, many parish priests and unfortunately too many bishops lack the spine and conviction of their principles to speak out in defense of Church teaching and historical doctrine. As a former diocesan Theology teacher (and still certified by the bishop), I am not reluctant to speak out in defense of the Unborn.
    – William Glenn Johnson, Cleveland – October 2016

    Can A Catholic Vote For Clinton/Kaine?

    Attention Catholics: A vote for Clinton/Kaine (with full knowledge and approval of their declared pro-abortion platform) is a grave mortal sin and would in-effect be an action of self-excommunication.

    This is a very serious matter for Catholics and may even require direct confession and absolution from a Bishop.

    A Catholic cannot vote for, and in effect participate in, intrinsic evil. The Clinton/Kaine position and documented policy on ABORTION is intrinsic evil. Voting for Clinton/Kaine is approval of these heinous acts.

    Just to set the record straight: Kaine is confused on the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on Capital Punishment. Kaine has professed that the Death Penalty is the equivalent of Abortion. This is FALSE!

    Roman Catholic teaching and doctrine on ABORTION is the equivalent to the murder in the highest degree – the murder of a helpless innocent child.

    The Church teaching on the Death Penalty is eloquently explained here in the writings of Saint John Paul the Great:

    “It is clear that, for the [purposes of punishment] to be achieved,the nature and extent of the punishment must be carefully evaluated and decided upon, and [the state] ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society. Today however, as a result of steady improvements in the organization of the penal system, such cases are very rare, if not practically non-existent. —Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 56, emphasis in the original.”

    Mr. Kaine is confused and creating scandal by espousing an intrinsically evil philosophy and policy.

    Sen. Kaine’s claim that while he is personally against ABORTION, he must bow to the law of the land.

    What if we applied Kaine’s argument to NAZI Germany? Could we condone the actions or inactions of NAZI officials who were personally opposed to the Death Camps and Gas Chambers but participated in the genocide because it was at the direction of der Führer – Adolph Hitler?

    It was the law of the land – yes?

    The Church considers ABORTION as the most serious of murders very much on the level of the Holocaust.

    Roman Catholics must give this the most serious consideration before voting for the Clinton/Kaine ticket. It could very well be their ticket to Hell.

    – William Glenn Johnson

  32. Let’s keep church and state separate. How long has roe vs wade been a law? There’s a whole lot of other issues to worry about. And we can’t go back to back alley abortions. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN.

  33. As a Catholic my vote is with Gary Johnson. While he is pro choice he has passed anti late term law, His views on immigration are better than Trump or Hillary. He is the only anti war conservative in the race. #GoogleGaryJohnson

  34. I am Catholic and will be voting for Hillary. God gave us free will and that is what pro choice is. Tim Kaine statement during the debate was spot on. We need to be better people. The church also feels contraception is sinful? How are doing with that? Why are you home schooling?

    • You are not Catholic. I am very sad to hear you say these things, but please don’t say them under the guise of being Catholic, because you are not. As a matter of fact, why would you even call yourself Catholic when you obviously don’t agree with the main tenets of the faith? On what do you base your assertion that God created us to exercise free will? Of course, He has given us free will, but it’s not the purpose of our creation. For example, Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could exercise our free will in accepting or rejecting his free gift of salvation. He died for our sins. He died so that we may have salvation. It is salvation that He wants us to seek. It is salvation that we do seek. Whether we attain salvation or not is a matter of how we determine to exercise our free will. You’re not seeking salvation by being pro abortion.

  35. I am a practing Catholic, sending my kids to Catholic school. I would like to have voted for Gary Johnson, but there is no way I could in good conscience risk my swing state swinging to Trump. Clinton has absolutely done a ton for children living in poverty, which I know first hand from my daily work. The state should not and cannot legislate based on one faith alone because we are a democracy that includes many. Those who make the free choice argument make a good point. My salvation is between G-d and me, nobody can regulate my actions but me. And those who make the pro-life argument and then turn around and vote against child nutrition programs for the impoverished…it boggles my mind. What is the reason I fighting to save babies if you will then fight against them once born?

    • Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on

      Hillary Clinton is an abortion fanatic. When you vote for her, you will commit a mortal sin. If you never repent, you will be damned.

      I am saying this in charity, as a warning. You can never say you were not warned.

    • Barbara Amella on

      I am an American Catholic woman. I vote my conscience. No bishop, cardinal, pope or other so called “moral authority” figure tells me how to vote. I vote for Hillary.

  36. It’s a woman’s decision and nobody else’s. Unless you, the righteous people, are willing to take care of every child out there.

    • Hortencia
      It’s her choice Correct!
      But it’s OUR money she is using to kill HER CHOICE or her baby
      Wise up. Open your ears and eyes!
      Defend the indefensible!!!!
      Her choice is MURDER

  37. So it’s ok to vote for a candidate who would start a war resulting in the deaths of millions of people, as long as the candidate is pro-life? Not a comment but a question.

  38. It is important to remember that morally and politically are both very separate. By saying that the government should control same-sex marriage, abortion, etc., you are essentially saying that the government should play God. God gave us free will. Moral decisions must be left up to the individual. It is not the government’s responsibility to protect us from ourselves. Also, to those of you who are deciding the damnation of other individuals on this planet: your judgment is a sin, as well. You – nor I – am in any position to judge the decisions of anyone else. We are all sinners. God preaches love above all. Remember that.

  39. I think Trump finally admitted that he is pro-life, cafeteria style where the three exceptions apply. That position after coming from a pro-choice stance. With all of his lies, who can believe anything he says? When queried by Chris Mathews on whether a woman and her doctor should be arrested and jailed? Trump hesitated and uttered “YES”. Then Mathews asked the question again. Trump hesitated again and said “NO”.

    It is my understanding that the church allows for no exceptions for an abortion. I recently received a response to my blog about saving the mother’s life from former US Surgeon General Everet Koop. Dr. Koop said that he performed many births and never was the woman’s life in danger. However I pointed out to the good doctor that statistics show more than 600 women died at delivery every year. Can we imagine what it was 500 800 years ago?.

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