Why Did THE CHURCH Cosponsor the Mock-Catholic Met Gala?!


The 2018 Met Gala featured eroticized clerical vestments, rosaries used as jewelry, a woman dressed as the pope, and scantily clad celebrities using Catholicism’s sacred iconography to decorate their decadence.

But forget the outrage over Hollywood’s disrespect for Catholics–that’s old news! The question is: Why did THE CHURCH cosponsor this event?! That’s what Stephen asks Amber Athey of the Daily Caller in this interview.


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  1. This sits squarely on the hands of Dolan. It never ceases to amaze me at how this “prince of the church” – and I do use the term loosely – is more preoccupied with his optics than scandal towards the flock and the church.

  2. Stephen Golay on

    Within, in this household, the temptation to call the great Augustine in error and the Donatists correct is increasing with every Vatican scandal and insult, with every papal declaration that *the received* is discardable.

  3. Ronald Sevenster on

    There’s a simple answer to the question why the “Church” co-sponsored the Mock-Catholic Met Gala. It is because the official “Church” is as much a mockery of Catholicism and Christianity as the Met Gala itself. The current Vatican, including the Pope, is a bunch of apostates. And the majority of the bishops and priests all over the world are unadulterated modernists. There exist still some pockets of Catholicism, but these are tiny minorities in a sea of heresy and apostasy.

  4. Carmen Gutierrez on

    I never thought I’d come to disagree with you on anything but alas here I am! I don’t think that the Met’s overall goal was to mock Catholic art but rather honor it. Now whether individuals did this respectfully or not is another question. Vogue had a tasteful article and many of the pieces were gorgeous-Joan of Arc was done beautifully at least twice.

    Imagine how many people encountered religious art because of this theme? God can work with just a crack of our heart being open. I think this is an example of how beauty is a way into Christianity for some (strongly promoted by Bishop Barron). And I can think of several artists who produced holy, inspired masterpieces while living unholy lives themselves-Caravaggio for one.

    Of course, I do think Fr. Martin’s “sexy priest” comment was out of line and some of the pieces were scandalous to say the least but educating our culture about the most important and accomplished art ever and frankly, the reason for art, I think was the Vatican’s goal here. This is not people dressing up as nuns or priests for Halloween. I’m going to give them and the Met the benefit of the doubt.

    I respectfully disagree but appreciate the different perspective. I absolutely love the podcast and CatholicVote!! And the kids love the music!

    Here’s a link to the Vogue article with a slideshow of some the pieces alongside their religious inspiration and another slideshow with all of them: https://www.vogue.com/article/met-gala-2018-theme-heavenly-bodies-fashion-and-the-catholic-imagination/amp

    • mm
      Stephen Herreid on

      Thank you for your kind words and your constructive and thoughtful comment, Carmen! Great to have you as a viewer. 🙂

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