Why Trump Scares Them


In this crazy election cycle Trump’s prospects seem to rise and fall, but they never seem to go away. And that scares the daylights out of the most powerful people on earth.

A Trump win scares me because I don’t trust him. At all. He talks about abortion like someone who is doing a bad imitation of a pro-lifer. In fact, he talks about a lot of issues that way.

But it scares the United Nations’ news center, I think, for different reasons. They represent globalist secular elites who fear Trump’s voters as much as him.

I like Trump’s voters — the ones Hillary Clinton called “deplorables” on more than one occasion. She thinks his voters are backwards; sexist, homophobic and racist. What that really means is that his voters are not cosmopolitan internationalists. After all, they tell us that we are in a “war on women” when we defend the right to life and that we are haters when we say what Hillary Clinton said about marriage in 2000 — “Marriage is as it always has been, between a man and women.”

So I scratched out some reasons what the powerful fear from a Trump win.

A Trump win scares secularist elites because it would change the Obama narrative.

After Obama’s win in 2008, many registered surprised approval at what America had just done: looked past a foreign name and elected the first black president. There was a sense that America was atoning for its racist past and growing past its nationalism to choose an international figure as its president — after all Obama, had gathered 200,000 people in Berlin the summer before the election.

Well, what will it mean for that story if the same voters who elected Obama pick Trump next? It would change everything. The Obama election would show not that we are intent on erasing racism, but that the rumors of our racism were greatly exaggerated. Suddenly the politics of 2008 would look less like America making a deliberate globalist choice, and more like America hoping that Obama really meant the “outsider” and “change” parts of his message. That original narrative would be damaged more than it already has.

A Trump win would mean efforts at re-education are failing.

Public education in America has descended through layers of mist to where it is today, from Values Clarification to No Child Left Behind to Common Core and from a competitive position worldwide to, well, not so much.

But something more will have gone wrong if Trump wins. Our education system is designed in many cases to do more than teach reading, writing and arithmetic: It is also supposed to reset public opinion. By teaching nontraditional, value-neutral political correctness it was supposed to produce citizens who shrug off icky America-first patriotism and crazy religious superstition in favor of a new relativistic morality. And it sure seemed to be working.

But a Trump win, by voters who are public school alums, would suggest that as often not, America’s public education system will have produced Trump voters. Which leads to another thought …

We should all fear the counterattack if Trump wins.

Democracy is supposed to put the citizenry in the driver’s seat. It is supposed to be government of the people, for the people and by the people. That is why the onset of democracy worldwide in the 20th century made so many world leaders fearful. They didn’t want to trust the rabble with that much power. It was too dangerous.

So the powers that be have slowly eroded the powers of the people, to keep us at bay. In America, you can see this in the diminishing power of our representatives in the legislative branch of government and the growing power of the judicial branch, which alone took away the right to life of the unborn, and the executive branch, which alone took away religious freedom from the Little Sisters of the Poor and many others. You even see it in the electoral system, which curtailed the power of voters to elect Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

For the “rabble,” a large part of the appeal of Trump is that he so deeply offends those who are taking their freedoms away.

We will likely see the elites fight back and further erode the power of the people, no matter who wins. They will never want us to have this much power again. For me, it is thrilling to see the people make a grab for what has been taken away from us; but it is chilling that we are wasting the moment on Trump.

So what is left? An appeal to an even higher power. What we can, and must, do is pray.

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Tom Hoopes, author of What Pope Francis Really Said, is writer in residence at Benedictine College, in Atchison, Kansas, where he teaches in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department and edits The Gregorian, a Catholic identity speech digest. He was previously editor of the National Catholic Register for 10 years and with his wife, April, of Faith & Family magazine for five. A frequent contributor to Catholic publications, he began his career as a reporter in the Washington, D.C., area and as press secretary for U.S. House Ways & Means Chairman Bill Archer. He lives in Atchison with his wife and those of his nine children still at home. The views and opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Benedictine College or the Gregorian Institute.


  1. Trump is definitely style over substance. Trump’s policy positions place him squarely as Pro-life and more supportive of 1st Amendment protections than any nominee in modern history. But, his style rubs some the wrong way. He comes across as an arrogant jerk. This is also why he’s so popular because he throws it right back to the elites that claim to run the country.

  2. I agree. I’m so frustrated that even the Bishops are still confused as to who to vote of???
    How can that be? Trump was a private citizen and is being ripped apart by the media and our fellow solid democrats are eating it up. How ignorant can you be? Do they not know their history? The Democrats are the party of racism. The social justice promoters want us to give to the poor in the form of more taxes as Hillary wants. That sounds so noble but how noble is she really? Her Clinton foundation gave under 5% to charity and the rest to her daughter in the form of payroll and lined their pockets. How will that help the poor in America?
    She is so pro abortion. She pushes the woman’s rights to kill their unborn even at full term delivery, she believes in bathrooms where men can enter under the guise of being trans gender…She will appoint liberal supreme court judges and on and on. HOW CAN THAT BE ANY WORSE THAN TRUMP????? LOOK AT HIS PLATFORM….THEN JUDGE. HE IS THE BETTER CANDIDATE IN ALL AREAS ESPECIALLY HE IS PRO-LIFE. GOD HELP US WHEN OUR OWN CLERGY ARE CONFUSED.

  3. I wish Catholic Vote would stop damming Mr.Trump with faint praises. Give the man some respect he is running for US President at great risk to his life, the life of his family, reputation and property. A person would have to be nuts to run for political office today. He really does have everything to lose. I’ m embarrassed by fellow Catholics critizing his Christian faith , yes Protestant but still very wrong to do. Maybe if more Catholics, priests and bishops supported him he might be open to conversion to the Catholic Faith. We should be thanking God for this ” life boat” in a Trump/ Pence Republican ticket for our country. I pray that Catholic Vote will have uplifting and positive articles to encourage voting for Mr.Trump and Mr. Pence. We are 37 days till Election Day.. It is time to unite with these two brave men for our Nation’s sovereignty against the Globalist New World Order.

    • Susan, I like you have struggled with Trump as Commander-in-Chief and his total lack of elective experience, but perhaps more importantly, think about your statement, “Give the man some respect ” needs further study. Please recall for me when Trump has ever offered anybody “respect”? He is so narcissistic, unable to say he is wrong. Although she is not free of lying, Clinton does not compare as a consummate liar.

      We are Republicans who live in a largely GOP gated community. Conclusions in both the family and community are that Trump is not a conservative. However, the vitriol of hate against Clinton has reached epic, un-Catholic like proportions. Some thoughts on whom to vote for…

      Trump: (NO) shyster, Con artist, selfish, gamed the IRS system in 1998 for $619M in Federal taxes; refused to pay his largely Hispanic workers on the three casinos in Atlantic City, NJ and his golf complex at Mara Largo, Fl.; It is also interesting to note that none of his children who help run his businesses have expressed any remorse over their father’s actions in hurting people.

      Clinton: (YES) She was called a liar by the FBI after her deposition on Emailgate. Her history while in government service is called into question. But, she does not measure up to Trumps lack of discipline and temperament.

      We have notices that the Catholic Church has swung in favor of Trump for his perceived dogma.
      Their reliance on Trumps “threads of hope” that he really is Pro-life is an unacceptable short string. When asked by Chris Matthews a few weeks ago if a woman should be arrested and jailed for having an abortion, Trump said “yeah”. Then after prodding he said “NO”.

      Is he for school vouchers? I doubt it.

      Is he for SCOTUS appointments that are right wing? I guess so. But, is that fair? You might ask the Republican leadership of McConnell, Cronyn, Grassley and Blunt if they consider the Senate block of Judge Garland fair?

  4. I actually never struggled with supporting Trump. Apparently you don’t struggle for supporting Hilary who is not only for abortion but also for late term abortion. She didn’t protect our ambassador or workers and military personnel at our consulate in Benghazi… did you watch 13 hours? She wiped out 33,000 emails many were classified. The movie Hilary’s America tells all on the Democrat party founding ties to the KKK and Planned Parenthood. The movie also shows Hilary’s mentor Saul Alinsky a Communist agitator ., wrote the Book Rules for Radicals. Clinton Cash documentary on You tube is all about her and Bills pay to play foundation scams. There is also another movie out on Hilary and Bill Clinton playing in movies this past weekend. Hilary when she was a young lawyer representing a rapist also mocked a 12 year old child that was raped and said it was her fault.. check out on you tube .. It is actual recording of Hilary’s voice. The interview was over 6 moths not a few weeks ago with Chris Matthews. What Trump said was just fine and I enjoyed how he called Matthews out on his so called Catholicism. No Hilary , is a liar and crooked to the bone! Many of the bishops in this country are judas and they will reap what they have sowned.
    Trump is a “God send” he has the guts ., the street smarts to fight the globalists elites in both parties.,that is the “discipline and temperament ” that is required. That is why he resonates with patriotic Americans. He is the real deal! Many many people are surrounding him and Pence with prayer.
    I could go and on about Hilary and how horrible and destructive she would be as President of the US but maybe Julian Assange will come out later this week with the rest of the finer details.

    • Your support of Trump might all be for naught. The reason… he is mentally unstable to hold this most powerful job. His temperament and his demeanor reveal a psychological disorder know as bipolar dysfunction. He is narcissistic, he cannot accept fault for anything and he cannot say that he is sorry. Add to that his constant vitriol and rage when demeaning women. “Crooked Hillary, fat pigs, her looks are terrible, a 10 with no breasts is impossible, I grabbed her y the p***sy.

      The man is really crazy.

  5. in my estimation, this election will determine the path our country will take for the next fifty years solely on the numerous Supreme Court appointments that will probably occur over the next four to eight years.
    Catholics , like myself, ponder wether we can trust either candidates . My analysis is as such
    Can we Trust Trump to push Congress to promote school vouchers , rulings to protect life or the santity of marriage ? We don’t know. However we do know he has developed a list of excellent conservatives he would appoint to the court and his running mate is a man who is respectful of Christian idoligy.
    On the other Hand we have Hillary Clinton, she tells you in Your Face that a fetus has no rights until the day of birth. That a woman alone has the right to choose. She and her running mate, who claims to be Catholic, is very pro abortion and gay marriage .
    On one hand we have Trump who has bought Praise of Jesus back into political discourse while the other side just speaks political correctness and redistribution ideology .
    To me the choice is clear.

  6. If Trump wins it sets the signal that the world is ready for neo-fascism. Right wingers have blinded many with conspiracy theories, fear based politics, and glorification of tribalism–so much so that people believe a vote for him is not a vote for Satan.

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