Will the Left’s Olympic Insanity Scare Sane Liberals to the Right?


An interview with CRTV White House Correspondent Jon Miller from Episode 22 of the CatholicVote Radio Hour!

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  1. “Sorry, but we don’t do diplomacy with people who publicly execute their citizens, enslave their own citizens, put their political dissidents in prison camps…deny their citizens basic rights, deny them Internet, and kill our people…”
    This is an interesting quote from Jon Miller. If all this is true, I have the following questions:
    1. When President Trump visited Saudi Arabia and said nothing about the myriad human rights violations of the dictatorship there – public executions, disappearances, denial of basic rights, media restrictions, etc., CatholicVote said nothing, Jon Miller said nothing, CRTV said nothing. Why?
    2. When President Trump made a key foreign policy speech outlining Shia Islam as the US’s major challenge in the Middle East – which just happens to be aligned with Saudia Arabia’s foreign policy, despite the fact that ISIS, al Qaeda, etc. are all Sunni groups – why did you all say nothing? Why would we be aiding and abetting the foreign policy of an evil dictatorship?
    3. When President Trump turned on Qatar, because Saudi Arabia did so, even though Qatar has been a major US ally in the “war on terror,” i.e. the majority of US Air Force aircraft are stationed there, only to have to backtrack when someone apparently told him that we can’t just do whatever Saudi Arabia wants in its quest for Sunni dominance in the region, why did Jon Miller tweet out the President’s message, without any mention of the US engaging in diplomacy with a murderous dictatorship?

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