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  1. When I was a young Catholic the church held an annual Bazaar where all forms of liquor were on raffle wheels. I manned a liquor booth. The gamblers were mostly drunken men stumbling to the wheel for another spin and hopefully another bottle. I complained to my Mother why the church would condone such behavior? Her response was “the church has to make money or they will not exist”. That was enough to cool my jets on the integrity of the church. Why should I be concerned? The naivety of my Mother and the other volunteers who give the church a pass on alcoholism and gambling, (bingo and other games of chance).

    The satirical nature of this blog might lead one to believe as mom does only to discover that it is very serious and the wrong message.

    • MORGANB The article is not advocating for alcoholism. It is advocating for the enjoyment of beer. Beer can be an awesome blessing from the Lord if used properly. What this blog in general wants us to understand is how to enjoy beer the right way!

  2. The Church teaches that drunkenness is a sin … a serious sin.

    Drinking is not a sin … unless you knowing that you cannot handle it … or unless you overindulging to the point of becoming dangerous to others or to yourself.

    The Church does not go overboard on disciplining this behaviour … but relies on our good, or bad, judgement on the matter.

    GOD BLess us all.

  3. Point 1. Most people, including myself – Catholic and non Catholic – are too young to remember a time when it was safer to drink beer or wine than a cup of cold water. I refer to the time before human inquiry (guided by the learned members of the Catholic church) revealed the existence of microorganisms, and the destruction of same by the high heat of boiling water. Boiling water is necessary in the production of many alcoholic beverages. Therefore, alcoholic beverages, along with teas, coffee, broths, stews and soups (also boiled) were the main source of human fluid intake, and were often part of basic daily rations, even of children. Some even regarded beer (and other alcohol) as salutatory to one’s health. This is why the blessing of beer exists, along with blessings of water, salt, bread, and other foods.

    2. Excessive consumption of alcohol has always been frowned upon by serious Catholics. The question of why drinking to excess seemed to be given a pass in some times and places, is best addressed to those people permitting it, or appearing to condone it. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, some of those people are probably unable to answer those of us alive in 2016 for their views, but they are certainly answering to God for them.

    3. I believe everyone should always remember that not every person who claims to be Catholic is, and even if they are, they may not be fully educated in the faith, or practicing it to the fullest extent possible, just as with anyone who professes a religion. In other words, do not confuse the teaching of the Church with individuals who may or may not be knowledgable of – or fully in conformity with – those teachings. “Just sayin” (as the kids today say)

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