Talking Back to Atheist Billboards


As atheistic movements grow more bold, they are putting up monuments and anti-shrines and billboards. Here are some images of atheist billboards and what I would say to them, if they could hear me …


Please don't indoctrinate me with religion

Indoctrinate you? As painter George Braque said “Art disturbs; science reassures.” I cannot limit myself to teaching you the reassuring facts of science and the “carpe diem” philosophy of the world — I must introduce you to the truths that challenge: These include beauty, sin, God, the afterlife, and the often difficult necessities of love. I don’t want to indoctrinate you; I want the truth to set you free.



Wait … I thought atheists were against indoctrinating their children? At any rate, make sure your family knows that the choice isn’t between Mormonism and atheism. Find a religion that takes revelation seriously.


 tell your familiy

Again with the indoctrination of families thing! But my family also feels free to call me on the foolish things I say. So they will remind me that the man on the right is a historical figure from 2,000 years ago who transforms lives to this day, and that the one on the left is a figure from mythology.


reason is a virtue

Faith in our day has had to come to the rescue of reason, as smart  people have pointed out. Without faith, people start believing crazy things like: Despite DNA evidence, a human being is not a human being until it is born … or: you can change yourself from a girl to a boy with your mind.



Yikes. The chattel slavery shown in the picture was brought to an end in the West by a guy named William Wilberforce (look him up).  “Slavery” in Paul’s letter is not chattel slavery. It was more along the lines of the many relationships of economic servitude we have accepted in history: butlers, live-in maids, serfs, indentured servants, apprentices, the military, wards of the state, prisoners, and, heck, the mortgage-debt-owing modern worker. The Church has done a pretty good job parsing slavery all along.


God is an imaginary friend

Think about it. Isn’t your real objection the fact that he is real and is a judge? If he were an imaginary friend, he would be harmless. He is neither imaginary nor necessarily a friend.



Oops. Studies show religious people have better sex lives.



We don’t have to imagine no religion. The communists of the 20th century showed us what the attempt to get there looks like.


idiots 2

Okay, this one is made up. But alas, aren’t we all idiots, compared to the infinite wisdom of God?

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