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Stephen Herreid is an Associate Editor of the Intercollegiate Review and a contributor to TheBlaze.com. He has been published at Crisis Magazine, Aleteia.org, CatholicVote.org, The Intercollegiate Review Online, and other publications. Reach him at sherreid@candidworldreport.com. Follow him on Twitter @StephenHerreid. Obianuju Ekeocha is Founder & President of Culture of Life Africa.


  1. You make it sound as if the Mexico City Policy has contributed to an increase in abortions, but that’s not what the data you presented shows. MSI is merely reporting on abortions it performed. Your article, which is relatively free of data and statistics, doesn’t indicate how this either impacted the “back alley” abortion rate or the abortion rate across the continent as a whole.

    The World Health Organization statistics indicate that abortions were on the rise on the continent during the Bush years, when the Mexico City Policy was in place.


    Perhaps it would be wise to not simply cast political blame for things that are obviously complicated. Asking a lot for this site, I know.

    • Stephen Herreid on

      You don’t see anything inherently absurd and immoral about an organization that seeks to solve the problem of unsafe abortions and poor medicine by aborting children?

      How about the fact that the organization has whistleblowers claiming it breaks the law in order to abort children?

      Finally, what about the fact that the organization is so intent on aborting children that, when offered massive funding from the U.S. on the condition that they cease providing and promoting abortions, they turn it down. Doesn’t sound like they’re as interested in providing other medical services as they are in providing abortions. They’ve made their choice.

      • None of those facts corroborate the statistical argument you made. That should be obvious. You have attempted to refute the stats I posted by saying the organization is bad. Seriously?

  2. Okay, so we are banning funding for abortions. So what are we going to do to actually help those pregnant women? What are we going to do to help the children that are born?
    Mr Herried, I will challenge you – Cash out all of your retirement money and donate it to Catholic Charities for their work to actually help women and children.

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