Top ten most popular posts on the CatholicVote Blog in 2013


Thanks to all of our CatholicVote readers this year. We strive to provide a forum for Catholics to discuss the important issues of the day, learn a little about our faith, and have a laugh now and then, too.

Here are the top ten articles from the CV Blog in 2013:

10.  Love: More than just a chemical reaction?

9. The truth about men and women, love and porn (in two minutes and 37 seconds)

8. Mamas don’t let daughters grow up to be Disney stars

7. Two words that Catholic need to stop using like now

6. Top 10 awkward facts about the atheist monument

5. Same love ain’t about love

4. 21 ways Catholics break up with each other

3. How to become an annoying Catholic in eight easy steps

2. 31 things you thought about during Sunday Mass but won’t admit

1. Military priests face arrest for celebrating Mass in defiance of shutdown

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